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endeavoured to express myself with the most perfect freedom and plainness; yet with the decorum and respect due to the solemn and interesting subjects which have come before me, to the author of the book which I have had so much occasion to notice, and to those fellow christians, who may dissent from the opinions and views which I have expressed.

For the declaration made with emphasis by Dr. Woods at the close of his book, “ that in his honest and serious apprehension, the Unitarian system is indeed another Gospel,I was not wholly prepared; though it is one which we have before been accustomed to hear in different forms from other sources, for which we have less reason to feel respect. We are consoled, however, with the thought, that an excommunication, though 'pronounced ex cathedra, carries not with it now the terror, which it once did. Christians will venture to judge between the rival systems, and will take the liberty to decide, each one for himself, whether the gospel, as it is held by Unitarians, or as it is held by Trinitarians and Calvinists, be the Gospel of Christ.

20 JU 06

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