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SERM. utter errour against the Lord; that is, to pro

nounce falfe judgements, which are contrarie
to the exprefs command of God in his law :
to make empty the foul of the bungrie, and to
cause the drink of the thirstie to fail. The
instruments also of the churl are evil. He de
viseth wicked devices, to destroy the poor

lying words, even when the needy speaketb
right. But the liberal, the merciful, the ge-

the bountiful man, devisetb liberal things, and by liberal things Mall be be efteblished.

The last thing in this text, faid to be required of men, is to walk bumbly with God: or, as the Hebrew is, literally, and to bumble thy-self to walk with thy God. In the ancient Greek version, made before the coming of our Saviour, it is rendered: And be ready to walk with thy God. The meaning, I presume, in the general, is: “ And to resolve to obey all

God's commandments, and to continue e and persevere therein always to the end * of life.”

I shall briefly mention several particulars, comprehended in this article.

First, it is to resolve, to worship the true SERM. God, and bim alone. In the text it is the Lord II]. thy God: meaning the God that has made us, and preserves us : the God that has dealt boantifully with us, who has supplied and provided for us, who has helped and delivered us in times of danger and difficulty.

This, certainly, is one thing intended by the Prophet: to engage the people of Israel, according to the commandment of the law, as well as the dictates of reason, to fear the Lord their God, and ferve him only: even God, the creator of the heavens and the earth, who had brought them out of the house of servants, and had ever since conferred upon them many favours and be nefits.

Secondly, it includes a respect to all God's commandments, and a readinesle to submit to his authority in aļl things; without any ex ception.

Thirdly, this humbling ourselves to walk with God, or walking humbly with the Lord our God, includes dependence on him, trusting in bim, and committing ourselves to bim : believing, and hoping, that he will continue to protect and

SERM. defend us, and afford us all those things,

which are needful and convenient. w

Fourthly, it includes contentment with our state, and worshiping and serving God in a time of affliction and trouble, as well as in a day of ease and prosperity : Blessing him not only when he gives, but also when he takes away: and acknowledging the wisdom and the righteousnesse of all his dealings

with us.

This is implied in devoting ourselves to his service. Under the former particular I mentioned dependence upon God, and committing ourselves to bim. This contentment under afflictions, now mentioned, when they befal us, in the course of divine providence, is acting and exercising that dependence, which we have made a profession of, and performing according to the engagements, we have entered into.

Fifthly, to walk with God includes continuance and perseverance in the service of God, and obedience to his holy laws and commandments, throughout the whole of our life, notwithstanding the temptations we may meet with, and though others should prove


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false to their engagements, and forsake the Serm, Lord their God.

III. Sixthly, it includes serving God with a lowly bumble apprehension of ourselves : confidering the fins we have been guilty of, the defects of our obedience, the imperfections of the ser-, vices we perform for the honour of his name, or the good of others : and that when we have acted according to the best of our ability, we have done no more than our duty, and what we were under many obligations to perform: and humbly and thankfully owning the goodnesse of God in the encouragements he has given us, and the promises he has made of accepting our sincere obedience, and rewarding it greatly beyond it's merit.

II. I shall now add a word or two by

way of application, and conclude. 1. We perceive, that the holy obedience, required of us, is of great extént : comprehending justice, mercie, and piety, with the several branches of each. It can there. fore be no very easie thing, to be truly religious. It must be a difficult, and an high attainment. We have need, as our Lord directs,

SERM. to frive, to exert ourselves, and do our uta III. most, to enter in at the strait gate, One

came to our Lord, defirous to know what Mat. xix. he thould do, that he might obtain eternal

life, and saying, that be bad kept all the сотmandments from bis youth. But Jesus perceiv. ed, *that be lacked one thing. And the event thewed, that his hcart was governed by an inordinate love of this prefent worldand that he was not disposed to do all that is requifite to fecure riches in heaven. Let us consider, and examine ourselves, whether this be our case.

2. Let us feriousy attend to this representation of true religion, and remember, that the things here insisted on are of absolute neceflity.

There is no making up the controverfie between God and finful men, but by repentanice and amendment; or à return to real, and universal virtue and piety,

The displeasure of God is not be appeafed by costly oblations. But repent, and turn to the Lord with all the heart unfeignedly: break off every finful course : cease to do cvil, and learn to do well : feek judgement,

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