A Bibliography of the Works of Sir Isaac Newton: Together with a List of Books Illustrating His Works

Bowes and Bowes, 1907 - 80 pages
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Page 21 - THE FIRST THREE SECTIONS OF NEWTON'S PRINCIPIA, ' With Notes and Illustrations. Also a collection of Problems, principally intended as Examples of Newton's Methods. By PERCIVAL FROST, MA Third Edition.
Page 67 - A dissertation upon the sacred Cubit of the Jews, and the Cubits of the several nations, in which, from the dimensions of the greatest Egyptian Pyramid, as taken by Mr. Greaves, the ancient cubit of Memphis is determined.
Page 6 - Piscium, had exhausted the Society's finances to such an extent that the salaries even of its officers were in arrears. Accordingly, at the Council meeting of the 2nd of June, it was ordered that " Mr. Newton's book be printed, and that Mr. Halley undertake the business of looking after it, and printing it at his own charge, which he engaged to do.
Page 2 - An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture in a Letter to a Friend," the texts criticised being 1 John v.
Page 61 - The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended, to which is prefixed, a Short Chronicle from the first memory of Things in Europe, to the Conquest of Persia, by Alexander the Great.
Page 49 - Committee." (Journ. Bk. Roy. Soc.) The collection accordingly appeared early in 1713, under the title of " Commercium Epistolicum D. Johannis Collins et aliorum de Analysi promota: jussu Societatis Regiae in lucem editum.
Page 16 - Principia; the Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, by Sir Isaac Newton," translated into English by Andrew Motte, publ.
Page 9 - Published ; and hath therefore besought Us to grant him Our Royal Privilege and Licence for the sole Printing and Publishing thereof for the Term of Fourteen Years : We being willing to give all due Encouragement to Works of this Nature...
Page 33 - The Theology and Philosophy in Cicero's Somnium Scipionis explained, or a brief attempt to demonstrate that the Newtonian system is perfectly agreeable to the notions of the wisest ancients, and that mathematical principles are the only sure ones.
Page 36 - To avoid being engaged in disputes about these matters, I have hitherto delayed the printing, and should still have delayed it, had not the importunity of friends prevailed upon me.

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