Gas Turbines: A Handbook of Air, Land, and Sea Applications

Butterworth-Heinemann, 2008 - 750 pages
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Technology: Engineering. General

Gas Turbines
A Handbook of Air, Land and Sea Applications

Claire Soares
Registered professional engineer in Texas, turbo machinery specialist in the oil and gas, power generation, and process industries. Currently serves as managing director of EMM Systems in Dallas, Texas.

. Overview of major components, with a brief history of theory and development
. Important maintenance-related chapters
. Unique offering of manufacturer's specifications and performance criteria and future trends
. One-of-a-kind guidance on the economics and business management of turbine selection, as well as on installation and instrumentation/calibration

No other current publication offers the professional engineer or technician the wealth of useful guidance on nearly every aspect of gas turbine design, installation, operation, maintenance and repair as this bookdoes. Gas Turbines makes the job of any engineer involved in the design, selection, operation and maintenance of most nearly any type of gas turbine more efficient and more successful. The book offers the reader a "big picture" view of how to make the right decisions when planning what type of gas turbine to use for a particular application, taking into consideration not only operational requirements but long-term life-cycle costs in upkeep and repair and future usage.

Concise overviews of all important theoretical bases in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics upon which gas turbine engines depend are presented. The author is an experienced industry consultant, with experience at such leading manufacturers of gas turbines as GE and Rolls Royce and relates how factors affect proper design, correct selection and specifications, and long-term successful operation for the application in question.. The book offers professional engineers hard-to-find manufacturer's data with extensive interpretation and explanation.

Chapter 1: Gas turbines: An Introduction and Applications.; Chapter 2: History of gas turbines.; Chapter 3: Basic heat cycles of gas turbine applications; Chapter 4: Major components; Chapter 5: Cooling and load bearing systems; Chapter 6: Inlets, exhausts and noise suppression. ; Chapter 7: Fuels; Chapter 8: Accessory systems; Chapter 9: Controls, Instrumentation and Diagnostics; Chapter 10: Gas turbine performance, performance testing and performance optimization; Chapter 11: Environmental technology; Chapter 12: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul; Chapter 13: Installation; Chapter 14: Manufacturing, materials; Chapter 15: The business of gas turbines; Chapter 16: Microturbines, Fuel cells and hybrids; Chapter 17: Education and training; Chapter 18: Future trends; Chapter 19: Basic design theory; Chapter 20: References and Resources
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À propos de l'auteur (2008)

CLAIRE SOARES is a registered professional engineer in Texas and Alberta, Canada and graduated with a B.Sc.Eng. and an M.B.A. in 1993. Her career began in computational fluid dynamics working for Brian Spalding in Imperial College, London, on the COBALT project. She then spent about two years working on developing structural patents for the marine and the power distribution industries in England and Canada. Her rotating machinery career began at Syncrude site in Fort McMurray, Alberta, in 1975. She later moved to Esso Resources and conventional oil and gas production until 1981. She then accepted a three-year commission with the Canadian Air Force as Propulsion Systems Manager for all transportation engines in the Department of Defence Transport Command in Canada. After that, she moved to the United States to start work as a senior engineer for Ryder Airline Services Division (ASD was also called Aviall and, before that, CooperAirmotive), where she ran technical support for 250 mechanics and their supervisors, and where she became manager of the V2500 engine repair program three years later. She is now an independent consultant, trainer, and writer and organizes one or two conference sessions annually for the International Gas Turbine Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), where she is a Fellow.

PROCESS ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT HANDBOOK is her fourth book. The first, PROCESS PLANT MACHINERY, Second Edition, was coauthored by Heinz Bloch, P.E. This work and ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY AND ECONOMICS: Sustainable Development in Industry helped provide the present handbook with its broad perspective. TURBOEXPANDERS AND PROCESS APPLICATIONS, her third book, alsocoauthored with Heinz Bloch, was released in 2001. All of her books are used when appropriate as course introduction material for her own and others' courses. Ms. Soares writes extensively for technical journals, such as PETROLEUM ECONOMIST, ASIAN ELECTRICITY, and INTERNATIONAL POWER GENERATION.

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