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74 It is further agreed that should the United States concede upon 75 any articles of merchandise described in the preceding Schedule 76 being the product of the soil or industry of any other country a 77 lower rate of duty than that herein designated for the like articles 78 being the product of the soil or industry of France or Algeria 79 such lower rate shall be applied of right and without delay to the 80 like articles being the product of France or Algeria.

81 It is also agreed that any reduction of the duties provided by 82 the Tariff Act of the United States approved July 24, 1897, upon 83 sparkling wines, or upon the articles of woolen manufacture 84 described in paragraphs Numbers 366 to 382, inclusive, of said 85 Tariff Act, being the product of the soil and industry of any other 86 European country, which may after the date hereof be conceded 87 to such country by the United States shall be immediately 88 extended to the same articles being the product of the soil or 89 industry of France or of Algeria.

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Should either of the High Contracting Parties during the term 92 of this Convention by any legislative action so change the relative 93 conditions of trade as existing at the date of this Convention, to 94 wit, France by increasing the minimum rates of duty herein stipu. 95 lated for products of the United States, or the United States by 96 increasing the reduced rates set forth in the foregoing Schedule, 97 or increasing the existing rates upon other French products, or 98 either Party by imposing now restrictions or prohibitions upon 99 importations from the other, in such case the option ie reserved 100 to the other High Contracting Party to terminate its obligations 101 under this Convention after six months notice to the other of its 102 intention to arrest the operation thereof.

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104 This Convention shall be duly ratified by the respective Govern. 105 ments so soon as practicable and within eight months from the 106 date hereof, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at Washing. 107 ton; and it shall go into effect ten days thereafter, and shall, sub108 ject to the provisions of Article IV, continue in force for the term 109 of five years from the date of such exchange of ratifications, unless 110 one of the High Contracting Parties shall in the meantime have 111 given notice to the other of its wish to terminate the same, in 112 which case the Convention shall be terminated twelve months 113 from the reception of such notice by the other Party. If neither 114 High Contracting Party shall have given such notice before the 115 expiration of five years the Convention shall continue in force 116 from year to year thereafter until twelve months after such notice u7 shall be given,

118 In witness whereof we the respective Plenipotentiaries have 119 signed this Oonvention in duplicate and have affixed our respec120 tive seals. 121 Done at Washington this twenty-fourth day of July, A. D. one 122 thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine.






Average ad valorem rates of duty based upon the statement of imports for consumption of the Bureau of Statistics, Treasury Department, for the year ended June 30, 1898, pages 697 to 887.

The first right-hand column shows average ad valorem rate of duty for 1898 under the Dingley Law; the second column the corresponding rates as proposed by the Treaty; the left-hand column gives per cont of reduction in each section.

Prepared especially for the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate, January 22, 1900, by Mr. Joseph S. McCoy, Government actuary.

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Per cent.


Per cent.
10 2. All alcoholic perfumery, including

cologne water and other toilet
waters and toilet preparations of
all kinds, containing alcohol or in
the preparation of which alcohol
is used, and alcoholic compounds
not specially provided for in this
act, sixty cents per pound and Per cent.

forty-five per centum ad valorem.. 67.72
20 15. Coal-tar dyes or colors, not spe-

cially provided for in this act,
thirty per centum ad valorem

10 23. Glue, or fish glue:

Valued at not above ten cents

per pound, two and one-half
cents per pound.....

33. 15
Valued at above ten cents per

pound and not above thirty-
five cents per pound, twenty-
five per centum ad valorem... 25




S. Doc. 231, pt 8-31

Sections from the United States tariff of July 24, 1897, as modified by the pending French


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Per cent.
10 23. Glue, or fish glue-Continued.

Valued above thirty-five cents

per pound, fifteen cents per
pound and twenty per centum

ad valorem
10 24. Glycerin :

Crude, not purified, one cent

per pound ....

Refined, three cents per pound.. 15 40. Olive oil :

Not specially provided for in

this act, forty cents per gallon. In bottles, jars, tins, or similar

packages, fifty cents per gal

lon ...
10 44. Baryta, sulphate of, or barytes, in-

cluding barytes earth:
Unmanufactured, seventy-five

cents per ton... Manufactured, five dollars and

twenty-five cents per ton.....
10 45. Blues, such as Berlin, Prussian,

Chinese, and all others, contain-
ing ferrocyanide of iron, in pulp,
dry or ground in or mixed with
oil or water, eight cents per

pound ....
10 46. Blanc-fixe, or artificial sulphate of

barytes, and satin white, or arti-
ficial sulphate of lime, one-half

of one cent per pound.....
10 47. Black, made from bone, ivory, or

vegetable substance, by what-
over name known, inclnding bone
black and lamp black, dry or
ground in oil or water, twenty-
five per centum ad valorem

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