A Dictionary in Hindee and English: Compiled from Approved Authorities

Baptist Mission Press, 1846 - 498 pages
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Page 100 - A spiritual parent, from whom the youth receives the initiatory Mantra or prayer, and who conducts the ceremonies necessary at various seasons of infancy and youth, up to the period of investiture with the characteristic thread or string : this person may be the natural parent or the religious preceptor.
Page 378 - Hieraan voegen wij voor de volledigheid nog eene aanhaling toe , en wel uit Shakespear's Hindoêstani-woordenboek sv milgadh: a bard, a minstrel whose duty it is to recite the praises of sovereigns , their genealogy and the deeds of their...
Page 144 - ... he wears a crescent. His hair is clotted together, and brought over the head so as to project like a horn from the forehead. On his head he carries the Ganges, whose course he intercepted by his hair, when this river descended from heaven, so as to enable the earth to bear its fall...
Page 59 - P'htttla \j£.\jjs — a game among boys, who divide themselves into two parties, one of which takes its station on one side of a line or ridge called pala 1'b made on the ground, and the other on the other. One boy, shouting ' Kubuddee kubuddee" passes this line, and endeavours to touch one of those on the opposite side.
Page 35 - Hindus reckoning those of action to be the hand, the foot, the voice, the organ of generation, and the organ of excretion, and...
Page 59 - One boy, shouting kubbuddee hubuddee, passes this line and endeavours to touch one of those on the opposite side ; if he is able to do this, and to return to his own party, the boy that was so touched is supposed to be slain...
Page 21 - The eight siddhis, a superior order of beings ; a personification of the powers and laws of nature ; when they are subjected to the will by holiness and austerities, whatever the fancy desires, may...
Page 64 - Hindu chronology, a day and night of Brahmfl, which, according to some, is a period of 4,320,000,000 solar-sidereal years, or years of mortals, measuring the duration of the world, and as many, the interval of its annihilation.
Page 102 - A householder, a man of the second class, or he who after having finished his studies and been invested with the sacred thread, performs the duties of the master of a house, and father of a family ; a peasant, a husbandman.
Page 391 - Painting, loss of consciousness or sense ; ignorance, folly, foolishness ; it is applied especially to that spiritual ignorance which leads men to believe in the reality of worldly objects...

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