A Candle to Light the Sun

McClelland & Stewart, 5 mars 2013 - 340 pages
“The most mature, sophisticated and sensitive Canadian novel I have read in years.” – Desmond Pacey

“I have deliberately avoided any attempt to go into detail regarding the numerous incidents that lend to this narrative a continuous fascination but have left to readers a complete enjoyment of this intriguing work of fiction. Written with a frankness that is stamped with a sincerity as rare as it is convincing, I have found it a moving experience which I can recommend without reserve as a notable achievement by a Canadian writer.” – S. Morgan-Powell

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À propos de l'auteur (2013)

Particia Blondal, the former Patricia Jenkins, was born in Souris, Manitoba. She graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1946. She died tragically of cancer in November of 1959. She was married, the mother of two children, and was living in Montreal at that time. A  Candle to Light the Sun was accepted for pulication just prior to her death and is her first published book.

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