Le prince noir: poème du héraut d'armes Chandos

Fotheringham, 1883 - 392 pages

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Page 356 - Niort, 1867, gr. 8vo. (Extrait des Mémoires de la Société de Statistique, Sciences et Arts du département des Deux-Sèvres), p.
Page 313 - Jules Delpit, Collection générale des documents français qui se trouvent en Angleterre, n° 376, p.
Page 376 - I little thought on th' hour of death, So long as I enjoyed breath. Great riches here I did possess, Whereof I made great nobleness. I had gold, silver, wardrobes, and Great treasures, horses, houses, land. But now a caitiff poor am I, Deep in the ground, lo here I lie: My beauty great is all quite gone, My flesh is wasted to the bone: My house is narrow now, and throng ; Nothing but truth comes from my tongue. And, if...
Page 388 - MICHEL. A Critical Inquiry into the Scottish Language. With the view of Illustrating the Rise and Progress of Civilisation in Scotland.
Page 280 - Then the Prince caused his chambers to be opened And all his followers to come in, Who in his time had served him, And served him with a free will ; "Sirs," said he, "pardon me For, by the faith I owe you, You have served me loyally, Though I cannot of my means Render to each his guerdon ; But God by his most holy name And saints, will render it you.
Page 369 - Histoire du commerce et de la navigation à Bordeaux principalement sous l'administration anglaise.
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Page x - Je ne scay pas dire toutes les aventures qui leur sourvindrent, car je n'y fus pas, et ceulx qui m'en ont raconté m'en ont dit en tant de diverses manières que je ne m'en sçay à quoy tenir de la vérité. J'ay trouvé en ung livre rimé, que ung jongleur a fait, tant de bourdes et de menteries, que je ne les oseroie dire,
Page 105 - Gascony he reigned seven years in joy, peace and quietness. Now I will tell you no untruth ; for all the lords and barons of all the neighbouring country came to him to render homage. They looked upon him with one feeling as a good lord, loyal and wise, and I may truly say that since the birth of Christ, never was such good entertainment nor more honourable than then ; for every day at his table he had more than eighty knights, and four times as many esquires.
Page 294 - III. in the 36th year of his reign, says : " Beatrice may possibly have been a jugleress, whose pantomimic exhibitions were accompanied by her husband's harp, or who filled up the intervals between his performances. This union of professional talents in husband and wife was not uncommon. In the copy of the ordonnances for regulating the minstrels, etc.

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