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Page 28 - That part of the orbit of a planet in which it is at the point remotest from the sun.
Page 29 - A point in the heavens, in which the sun or a planet is at the greatest distance possible from the earth in its whole revolution.
Page 166 - A fugitive, a runaway; that part of a machine which, by being put into a more rapid motion than the other parts, equalizes and regulates the motion of the rest.
Page 28 - A figure in grammar that takes away a letter or syllable from the beginning of a word. APHELION, â-féilé-Sn, s.
Page 178 - A military punishment in which the criminal running between the ranks receives a lash from each man.
Page 54 - A loud noise; a hollow iron ball, or shell, filled with gunpowder, and furnished with a vent for a fusee, or wooden tube, filled with combustible matter , to be thrown out from a mortar.
Page 147 - The act of contracting or affiancing a man and woman to each other. ESPOUSAL, e-sp6u'zdl. a. Used in the act of espousing or betrothing. To ESPOUSE, e-spouze'.
Page 82 - Comb, com, n. (S. come) an instrument for the hair ; the crest of a cock ; the cavities in which bees lodge their honey ; * dry measure.—», to divide, clean, and adjust the hair ; to lay smooth and straight.
Page 50 - A kind of hard dry bread, made to be carried to sea ; a composition of fine flour, almonds, and sugar.
Page 24 - ANAMORPHOSIS, 4n-S-m6r-f6'sls. s. Deformation ; perspective projection, so that at one point of view it shall appear deformed, in another an exact representation.

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