Narrative of a Journey from Caunpoor to the Boorendo Pass, in the Himalaya Mountains: ...

1846 - 670 pages
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Page 72 - ... of life, or even life itself, when those for whom dominion, pleasure, and enjoyment were to be coveted, have abandoned life and fortune, and stand here in the field ready for the battle ? Tutors, sons, and fathers, grandsires, and grandsons, uncles...
Page 49 - Hindoos of every class, one subject of diversion is to send people on errands and expeditions that are to end in disappointment, and raise a laugh at the expense of the person sent.
Page xiii - Captain Alexander Gerard's Account of an Attempt to penetrate by Bekhur to Garoo, and the Lake Manasarowara.
Page 52 - May her way be attended with prosperity ! May propitious breezes sprinkle, for her delight, the odoriferous dust of rich blossoms ! May pools of clear water, green with the leaves of the lotus, refresh her as she walks ! and may shady branches be her defence from the scorching sun-beams...
Page 94 - The righteous, as the Mahometans are taught to believe, having surmounted the difficulties, and passed the sharp bridge above mentioned, before they enter paradise, will be refreshed by drinking at the Pond of their prophet, who describes it to be an exact square, of a month's journey in compass ; its water, which is supplied by two pipes from al...
Page 254 - Here only began our toils, and we scaled the slope of the mountain slowly ; respiration was laborious, and we felt exhausted at every step. The crest of the pass was not visible, and we saw no limit to our exertions. " The road inclined at an angle of 30°, and passed under vast ledges of limestone. The projections frowned above us in new and horrid forms, and our situation was different from any thing we had yet experienced.
Page 94 - They say it is situate above the seven heavens, (or in the seventh heaven,) and next under the throne of GOD ; and to express the amenity of the place, tell us that the earth of...
Page 93 - ... feet below, whilst the naked towering peaks, and mural rocks, rent in every direction, threatened the passenger with ruin from above. In some parts of the road there were flights of steps ; in others frame-work, or rude staircases, opening to the gulf below.
Page 73 - I hesitate not to pronounce the Geeta a performance of great originality ; of a sublimity of conception, reasoning, and diction, almost unequalled ; and a single exception, among all the known religions of mankind, of a theology accurately corresponding with that of the Christian dispensation, and most powerfully illustrating its fundamental doctrines.
Page 66 - As well as I can judge it is about one mile in length and half a mile in width. In the centre is an island, 235 paces in breadth, connected with the shore on each side by two ancient bridges 235 paces in length each, which, I was informed, are during the rainy season covered with the water of the flooded lake. There is a third bridge also which leads to the island, said to have been built by Aurungzebe, but it is now useless and broken. There are no temples here, but at the most hallowed spots flights...

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