The Legacy of Boadicea: Gender and Nation in Early Modern England

Psychology Press, 1998 - 202 pages
The Legacy of Boadicea explores the construction of personal and national identities in early modern England. It highlights the problems and anxieties of national identity in a nation with no native classical past.
Written in an accessible style, The Legacy of Boadicea
* offers powerful new readings of the ancient British past in Shakespeare's King Lear and Cymbeline
* persuasively illuminates a 'Boadicean' heritage in royal iconography, drama, and the social symptoms of religious dissent
* articulates parallels between the eventual domestication of Britain's warrior queen in Restoration drama, and the social, political and legal decline in the status of women.

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Table des matières

From Mater Terra to the Artificial Man
King Lear and the tragedy of native origins
Cymbeline and the masculine romance
The domestication of the savage queen

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