The Family of God Hodge Podge

AuthorHouse, 2000 - 176 pages

Exiting the compliance and quality "yo-yo syndrome" can be a challenge that many facilities just can't seem to get right. It takes a good, experienced, and knowledgeable coach. This coach must analyze the core root causes, build team, and set a solid game plan in motion. The game plan has to include team, facility and organizational analysis, culture, communication and resident crucial care areas. Learn how to unleash the hidden power of your team. Recognize healthy culture and explore methods of modifying the parts of your culture that are unhealthy and serving as road blocks. Explore methods of improving communication. Communication is commonly the leading cause of compliance, quality and litigation issues. Discover ways to diagnosis the effectiveness of your communication systems and then set about developing a system that works. Move your facility toward consistent performance and a winning record. Establish the Core to build upon the quality of moving your facility to the next level of slow, ever moving, transformation. Begin to blossom into a service that elders and their families trust and want. Establish the Core Building Blocks and prepare your facility for the next challenge coming at our industry "the baby boomers" and their expectations for our industry.

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