Falconry in the Valley of the Indus

London, 1852 - 107 pages

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Page 2 - The Powers of the Creator Displayed in the Creation ; or, Observations on Life amidst the various forms of the Humbler Tribes of Animated Nature ; with Practical Comments and Illustrations. By Sir JOHN GRAHAM DALYELL, Knt.
Page 2 - GEOLOGICAL INQUIRY RESPECTING THE WATER-BEARING STRATA OF THE COUNTRY AROUND LONDON, with reference especially to the Water Supply of the Metropolis, and including some Remarks on Springs. By JOSEPH PRESTWICH, FGS, &o. 8vo, with a Map and Woodcuts, 8».
Page 6 - A MANUAL OF GOTHIC MOLDINGS. A Practical Treatise on their Formation, Gradual Development, Combinations, and Varieties ; with full Directions for copying them, and for determining their Dates.
Page 100 - With hair falling upon his shoulders, a long beard, face and hands, arms and feet, stained with a thin coat of henna, Mirza Abdullah of Bushire — your humble servant — set out upon many and many a trip. He was a Bazzaz, a vendor of fine linen, calicoes, and muslins ; — such chapmen are sometimes admitted to display their wares, even in the sacred harem, by " fast " and fashionable dames — and he had a little pack of bijouterie and virtu reserved for emergencies.
Page 4 - Manual of the British Marine Algae, containing Generic and Specific Descriptions of all the known British Species of SeaWeeds, with Plates to illustrate all the Genera. By...
Page 101 - It was only, however, when absolutely necessary that he displayed his stock-in-trade; generally, he contented himself with alluding to it on all possible occasions, boasting largely of his traffic, and asking a thousand questions concerning the state of the market. Thus he could walk into most men's houses, quite without ceremony; even if the master dreamed of kicking him out, the mistress was sure to oppose such measure with might and main. He secured numberless invitations, was proposed to by several...
Page 1 - NATURAL HISTORY OF THE BRITISH ISLES. This Series of Works is Illustrated by many Hundred Engravings; every Species has been Drawn and Engraved under the immediate inspection of the Authors ; the best Artists have been employed, and no care or expense has been spared. A few Copies have been printed on Larger Paper.
Page 4 - RARE AND REMARKABLE ANIMALS OF SCOTLAND, Represented from Living Subjects: with Practical Observations on their Nature.
Page 103 - ... loci, the Mullah. At other times, when in merrier mood, he entered uninvited the first door whence issued the sounds of music and the dance; — a clean turban and a polite bow are the best " tickets for soup
Page 101 - Oriental dress, riding spear in hand, and pistols in holsters, towards the little encampment pitched near their settlements. But regularly every evening on the line of march the Mirza issued from his tent and wandered amongst them, collecting much information and dealing out more concerning an ideal master, — the Feringhee supposed to be sitting in state amongst the...

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