A Biographical Dictionary of Old English Music

K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Company, Limited, J. Curwen & sons, Limited, 1927 - 537 pages

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Page 9 - Song beeing the common tunne to be sung and plaide upon the Lute, Orpharyon, Citterne, or Base Violl, severally or altogether, the singing part to be either Tenor or Treble to the Instrument, according to the nature of the voyce, or for...
Page 19 - L'Estrange to hear the incomparable Lubicer on the violin. His variety on a few notes and plain ground, with that wonderful dexterity, was admirable. Though a young man, yet so perfect and skilful, that there was nothing, however cross and perplexed, brought to him by our artists, which he did not play off at sight with ravishing sweetness and improvements, to the astonishment of our best masters.
Page 248 - Home, and there find, as I expected, Mr. Caesar and little Pelham Humphreys, lately returned from France, and is an absolute Monsieur, as full of form, and confidence, and vanity, and disparages everything, and everybody's skill but his own.
Page 145 - Baptista,1 who hath proposed a play in Italian for the Opera, which T. Killigrew do intend to have up ; and here he did sing one of the acts. He himself is the poet as well as the musician ; which is very much, and did sing the whole from the words without any musique prickt, and played all along upon a harpsicon most admirably, and the composition most excellent.
Page 380 - Musick is yet but in its Nonage, a forward Child, which gives hope of what it may be hereafter in England, when the Masters of it shall find more Encouragement.
Page 326 - Michael Drayton : Such was old Orpheus' cunning, That senseless things drew near him And herds of beasts to hear him. The stock, the stone, the ox, the ass, came running. Morley ! but this enchanting To thee, to be the music god, is wanting ; And yet thou needst not fear him ; Draw thou the shepherds still, and bonny lasses, And envy him not stocks, stones, oxen...
Page 18 - ... to goe to other company, he could no more heare him play or see him play at that time. Afterwards he came to one of the weekly meetings at Mr. Ellis's house and he played to the wonder of all the auditory : and exercising his...
Page 312 - Musick's Monument, or A REMEMBRANCER OF THE BEST PRACTICAL MUSICK, BOTH DIVINE AND CIVIL, that has ever been known to have been in the World.
Page 440 - Sacred Hymns : consisting of Fifti Select Psalms of David and others, Paraphrastically turned into English verse. And by Robert Tailour, set to be sung in Five parts, as also to the Viole, and Lute or Orph-arion.
Page 320 - The XII. Wonders of the World. Set and composed for the Violl de Gambo, the Lute, and the Voyce to sing the Verse, all three jointly...

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