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THE history of the Sufferings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, has met with the approbation of the devout Christian among every nation, people, and kindred. To render this history more. useful, Dr. Rambach, professor of the University of Halle, near 100 years ago, harmonised and con nected this history into its present form.

THE work being alike distant from religious disputation, as well as political opinion, may be read with advantage by the pious of every deno mination; instrumental, and savingly beneficial to those, who read with faith and prayer.

THE Publisher would beg leave only to re: mark, that as nature furnishes the individual here to his utmost wish, that as the jurisprudence of our country protects virtue and deters vice beyond that of any other; so, like the sun, this great man's Considerations, on so divine a subject, are pro cured from about six thousand miles to the east of our metropolis, to diffuse spiritual consolation and advice to the several flocks of a well directed, learned, and pious clergy.




I HERE present you with " Considerations on the History of the Sufferings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

In the year 1721, I expounded the "Account of the internal sufferings of Christ in the garden," to a great number of students, in the time set apart for that exercise in Lent. After a short illustration of the historical circumstances, I drew from them some inferences, which I enlarged upon, and inculcated on the minds of my pupils agreeably to the circumstances of the audience. In Lent 1722, I discoursed on the "Account of the external sufferings of Christ in the garden." Many of my hearers, having signified their earnest desire to read in print what I had delivered to them on this subject, I judged it proper to comply with their request; and in the very same year, I committed both treatises to the press.

Though such an imperfect sketch met with a very kind reception, and though I received many exhortations to continue the work; I was thoroughly determined in myself to leave the continuance of it to abler pens. In the mean time, I received a call from Jena to Halle; and there I found a desirable opportunity for illustrating the other parts of our Saviour's sufferings, in a public practical lecture which I was appointed to hold every Saturday. I therefore set apart some of the above mentioned lectures for the "Considerations on the history of the sufferings of Christ before the ecclesiastical court of the Jews;" and those considerations, after I had re

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