Brachiaria: Biology, Agronomy, and Improvement

John W. Miles, Brigitte L. Maass, Cacilda Borges Valle
CIAT, 1996 - 288 pages
Identifying and naming Brachiaria species. Morphology, taxonomy, and natural distribution of Brachiaria (Trin.) Griseb. Natural variation in Brachiaria and existing germplasm collections. The agronomy and physiology of Brachiaria species. National requirementes of Brachiaria and adaptation to acid soils. Nutrient cycling and environmental impact of Brachiaria Pastures. Pests and diseases of Brachiaria species. Nutritional quality and animal production of Brachiaria pastures. Reproductive physiology, seed production, and seed quality of Brachiaria. Seed production: perspective from the Brazilian private sector. Genetic, cytogenetics, and reproductive biology of Brachiaria. Manipulation of apomixis in Brachiaria breeding. Theoretical potential of biotechniques in crop improvement. Aplication of biothecnology to Brachiaria. Regional experience with Brachiaria: Tropical America-humid lowlands. Regional experience with Brachiaria: Tropical America-savannas. Regional experience with Brachiaria: Sub-savannas Africa. Regional experience with Brachiaria: Asia, the South Pacific, and Australia. Reports of working groups.

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