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“ I give and bequeath my Lands and “ Estates to the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars “ of the University of Oxford for ever, to have and "to hold all and fingular the said Lands or Estates

upon trust, and to the intents and purposes herein“ after mentioned ; that is to say, I will and appoint “ that the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ox“ ford for the time being shall take and receive all “the rents, issues, and profits thereof, and (after all

taxes, reparations, and necessary deductions made) “ that he pay all the remainder to the endowment “ of eight Divinity Lecture Sermons, to be esta“blished for ever in the said University, and to be “ performed in the manner following:

“ I direct and appoint, that, upon the first Tuesday in Easter Term, a Lecturer be yearly chosen by the Heads of Colleges only, and by no others, “ in the room adjoining to the Printing-House, “ between the hours of ten in the morning and “ two in the afternoon, to preach eight Divinity “ Lecture Sermons, the year following, at St.

Mary's in Oxford, between the commencement “ of the last month in Lent Term, and the end of 66 the third week in Act Term.

“ Also I direct and appoint, that the eight Di“ vinity Lecture Sermons shall be preached upon “ either of the following Subjects—to confirm and “ establish the Christian Faith, and to confute all “ heretics and schisinatics— upon the divine au“ thority of the holy Scriptures—upon the autho“rity of the writings of the primitive Fathers, as “ to the faith and practice of the primitive Church “ --upon the Divinity of our Lord and Saviour “ Jesus Chrift-upon the Divinity of the Holy “ Gþoftupon the Articles of the Christian Faith, “as comprehended in the Apostles' and Nicene « Creeds.

“ Also I direct, that thirty copies of the eight « Divinity Lecture Sermons shall be always print“ ed, within two months after they are preached, « and one copy shall be given to the Chancellor “ of the University, and one copy to the Head of

every College, and one copy to the Mayor of the “ city of Oxford, and one copy to be put into the “ Bodleian Library; and the expence of printing « them shall be paid out of the revenue of the “ Land or Estates given for establishing the Divi

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