The Annual of Scientific Discovery, Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, Volume 6

Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, 1855

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Page 274 - ... consumed by a given weight of animal, within a given time, and the amount of increase obtained from a given weight of food. The results, which formed the subject of the present communication, afforded further illustration of some of the points brought forward in the former one ; but...
Page 377 - These astronomers are of opinion that this fluid ring is not of very recent formation, and that it is not subject to rapid change , and they have come to the extraordinary conclusion that the inner border of the ring has, since the time of Huygens, been gradually approaching the body of Saturn, and that we may expect, sooner or later, perhaps in some dozen of years, to see the rings united with the body of the planet.
Page 162 - A wire laid across from cither of the above-named places on this side will pass to the north of the Grand Banks, and rest on that beautiful plateau to which I have alluded, and where the waters of the sea appear to be as quiet and as completely at rest as it is at the bottom of a mill-pond.
Page 269 - It fully equalled the expectations of all ; so that solidified milk will hereafter rank among the necessary appendages to the sick room. In fine, this article makes paps, custards, puddings, and cakes, equal to the best milk ; and one may be sure it is an unadulterated article, obtained from well-pastured cattle, and not the produce of distillery slops ; neither can it be watered. For our steamships, our packets, for those travelling by land or by sea, for hotel purposes, or use in private families,...

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