Samaria's downfall: or, A commentary ... on the five last verses of the thirteenth chapter of Hosea

R.I., 1660 - 164 pages

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Page 25 - О death where is thy fting, О grave where is thy victory?
Page 106 - I have heard of some that have denied that there was a God ; yet never knew the man but, when he was sick, he would seek unto God for help ; therefore they do but lie that say there is no God ; they sin against the light of their own consciences ; they who most studiously go about to deny God, yet cannot do it, but some check of conscience will fly in their faces. Tully would say that there...
Page 22 - I will redeem them from death: О death, 1 will be thy plagues ; О grave, I will be thy de ftruñion ; repentance (hall be hid from mine eyes,
Page 45 - Plain preaching is the best teaching ; it is the best way to convince and convert men ; and if plain, familiar preaching will not work, certainly by dark, mysterious preaching it will never be effected.
Page 75 - But let- ко man deceive you with vat» mords , for even for thefe things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of di [obédience.
Page 45 - Thac is the beft preaching which fats forth things to the life , and makes them as plain , as if they were written with a Sun-beam.
Page 86 - Thefe prophefie falily , andtoo many love to have it fo , but what will they do in the end thereof, when God iball call them to account for all their Herefies and Blafphemies?
Page 89 - This thing became aßn to the houfe of Jeroboam, even to cut it off from the face of the Earth.
Page 36 - Sacra. omforts himfelf with thuj that God would redeem him from [ the power of the grave , and from the hand of hell , though riches cuino; redeem the rich , yet God would redeem him, Obje¿t.
Page 96 - The Voyce is Jacobs Voyce , but the hands are the hands of...

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