The Battle of Adwa: Reflections on Ethiopia's Historic Victory Against European Colonialism

Paulos Milkias, Getachew Metaferia
Algora Publishing, 2005 - 320 pages
In the 19th-century "Scramble for Africa," when the Europeans carved up an entire continent for exploitation, Africans won a solitary, shocking, glorious victory at Adwa (Ethiopia). The most celebrated military operation involving the Africans and the Eur.

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Table des matières

Chapter 1 Reflections on the Battle of Adwa and Its Significance for Today
The Historic Victory of Ethiopia over European Colonialism
Chapter 3 Continuity and Discontinuity in Meneliks Foreign Policy
Who Was Civilized and Who Was Savage?
A Bulwark against European Colonialism and its Role in the PanAfrican Movement
as Illustrated by The Times of London for 1896
Chapter 7 Racist Discourse about Ethiopia and Ethiopians before and after the Battle of Adwa
Chapter 8 Contemporary Ethiopia in the Context of the Battle of Adwa 1896
The Case of Adwa
Amharic Version of the Wuchalé Treaty
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Page 48 - I said that because of our friendship our affairs in Europe might be carried on with the aid of the Sovereign of Italy, but I have not made any treaty which obliges me to do so, and today, I am not the man to accept it. That one independent power does not seek the aid of another to carry on its affairs your Majesty understands very well.44 The Italians, however, would not budge. Instead, they declared that "Italy cannot notify the other powers that she was mistaken in Article XVII, because she must...
Page 50 - I should like one to be formulated. We are ready for any sacrifice in order to save the honor of the army and the prestige of the Monarchy.
Page 46 - XVII. — His Majesty the King of Kings of Ethiopia consents to avail himself of the Italian Government for any negotiations which he may enter into with the other Powers or Governments (per tutte le trattazioni di affari che avesse con altre potenxe o governi).

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