Cognitive Phonology in Construction Grammar: Analytic Tools for Students of English

Walter de Gruyter, 2005 - 271 pages

This textbook is an accessible introduction to both English phonology and phonology in general. It analyzes some central phenomena of the sound system of two standard varieties of English, Southern British English and General American. The framework adopted is Cognitive Linguistics and Construction Grammar, and this entails in particular that all the elements of the sound system are tightly interwoven with the meaningful units: morphemes, words, phrases and sentences. The book contains chapters on articulatory phonetics, sounds and meaning, alternation patterns, word stress and intonation. Each chapter ends with an invitation to analyze English and other languages with the tools of Cognitive Linguistics.

The book is designed for students as well as teachers of English and linguistics, and while the target readership should already have a background in linguistics, a beginner in phonology will find all the basic concepts clearly defined.


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Table des matières

Articulatory phonetics
Sounds and meaning
Alternation patterns
Intonation and grammatical constructions
Concluding remarks
Person index
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Riitta Välimaa-Blum, Université de Nice, France.

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