Statutes of the Religious and Military Order of the Temple, as Established in Scotland: With an Historical Notice of the Order

Authority of the Grand Conclave, 1843 - 51 pages

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Page 14 - ... has obtained a Diploma from the Grand Master, a red velvet cap ; no feather : sword as above, but the hilt white ivory ; scabbard of red morocco; belt of red leather with gilt buckle: gauntlets as above, with a red cross on the wrist. Badge, as above, with the addition of a small red cross enamelled thereon, suspended from the neck by a red ribbon with white edges about two inches broad, passing through the ring of the badge. 4.
Page xiv - Stuart] in the Palace of his Fathers, with all the best blood of Scotland around him ; he is much beloved of all sorts, and we cannot fail to make that pestilent England smoke for it.
Page xii - Temple possessed independent property, and the han against them being still in force throughout Europe, their sphere of action was necessarily contracted, whilst, on the other hand, the Knights of the Hospital were possessed of great influence and wealth, and stood high in the favour of the Continental Sovereigns. Both Orders were therefore represented in the Scottish Parliament by the Preceptor of Saint John ; and down to the period of tho Reformation the union remained unbroken.
Page xiv - Master, no general meeting has been called, save in your own north convent; Our noble Prince looked most gallantly in the white robe of the Order, took his profession like a worthy Knight, and after receiving congratulations of all present, did vow that he would restore the Temple higher than it was in days of William the Lion; Then my Lord of Athole did demit as Regent and his Royal Highness was elected G.
Page xi - Templi Salomonis." From that Charter we learn that both Orders were then united and placed under the superintendence of the Preceptor of Saint John, and there can be no doubt that such an arrangement was both natural and politic. In Scotland alone the Knights of the Temple possessed independent property, and the ban against them being still in force throughout Europe, their sphere of action was necessarily contracted, whilst, on the other hand, the Knights of the Hospital were possessed of great...
Page 1 - The Religious and Military Order of the Temple" in Scotland consists of two classes: 1. Novice and Esquire; 2. Knight Templar. The Knights are again divided into four classes: 1.
Page xiii - ... portion of his Scottish brethren, about 1572-73. In an old poem of that period he is mentioned as the head of the Scottish Hospitallers. The poem is entitled " The Holy Kirke and his Theeves.
Page 13 - Priories. 2. ESQUIRE. — White woollen mantle, to reach the knee in front, and taper away to the ankle behind, fastened with white cord and tassels : white woollen tunic, reaching to about three or four inches above the knee : tight white pantaloons : buff boots, and black spurs and leathers : white woollen cap : cross-hilted sword, with brass guard and black hilt, black leather scabbard, black belt, and brass buckle : buff gauntlets. Badge, an enamelled black cross with white orle, suspended from...
Page xi - But the fact of the union is established beyond all doubt and cavil by the Charter of King James, of date 19th October, 1488, confirming the grants of lands made by his predecessors, to the Knights of the Temple and St. John. — Deo et Sancto HospitaU de Jerusalem, et fratribus ejusdem MiliticB Templi Salom&nis.
Page 13 - Mantle and tunic as above, but with a red cross patefi on the left shoulder of the mantle, and left breast of the tunic : white stock, with falling shirt collar : pantaloons as above ; boots as above, with buff tops turned over five inches broad, no tassels : spurs gilt, with red leathers : sash of white silk, half a yard in breadth, tied in a knot in front ; the ends edged with a white silk fringe, hanging down, and a small red cross near the extremities : white woollen cap with red leather...

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