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fotografiskt öfverforda på sten och tryckta af P. H. Mandel. Fol. Stockholm, 1866. B.M. ACKERMANN (PAUL).—Dictionnaire biographique universel et pittoresque, contenant 3,000 articles environ de plus que la plus complète des biographies publiées jusqu'à ce jour. Orné de 120 portraits. 4 vols. Large 8vo. Paris, 1834. ACKERMANN (RUDOLPH).-The World in Miniature; edited by Frederic Shoberl. 36 vols. With upwards of 588 coloured plates of costumes, etc. 12mo. London, n.d. S.K. ACKERMANN (RUDOLPH). Coloured Plates of English Female Costume, 1809-29. From A.'s Repository of Arts. 2 vols. Roy. 8vo. 1809-29. S.K.

ACKERMANN (RUDOLPH).-Ackermann's New Drawing Book of Light and Shadow in imitation of Indian Ink. 24 aquatint plates with letterpress. Oblong 4to. London, 1812. ACKERMANN (RUDOLPH).-Costumes of the Indian Army. 33 coloured plates. Drawn by H. Martens. Engraved by J. Harris. Fol. London, 1846. P. C. Lib. Aldershot.

ACKERMANN (RUDOLPH).-Costumes of the British Army. 65 coloured plates, painted by Daubrawa. Engraved by John Harris. Fol. London, 1842 and 1854. P. C. Lib. Aldershot. Costumes of the British Army in 1855. New Series. 19 coloured plates. Drawn by H. Martens. Engraved by J. Harris. Fol. London, 1858. P. C. Lib. Aldershot. ACKERMANN & CO.-Souvenir of the Great Exhibition, comprised in six authentic coloured interiors after drawings by J. McNevin, made expressly for this work. In chromography by Messrs. Thomas Picken, William Simpson, R. K. Thomas, and E. Walker. Atlas fol. London [1851]. S.K. ACKERSDIJCK (J.).—Adam van Duren, Nederlandsch Bouwmeester. 8vo. Haarlem, 1840. ACKERSDIJCK (W. C.).-Jets over de stad Rotterdam, bijzonder wegens hare vroegste vermelding in de xiii eeuw. 8vo. Rotterdam, 1826. ACKNER (MICHAEL J.) and MUELLER (FRIEDRICH).-Die römischen Inschriften in Dacien. Gesammelt und bearbeitet von M. J. A......und F. M......Herausgegeben mit Unterstützung der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. 8vo. Wien, 1865.

ACLAND (THOMAS DYKE, jun.).-Scheme of the West of England Examinations and Prizes. 8vo. London, 1857.


ACOSTA (JOSEPH DE).-Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias. 4to. Madrid, 1608. ACQUA GIUSTI (A. DALL').-Della storia dell' Arte; prima lezione per l'anno scolastico 1867-68, del Prof. A. d' A. G. 8vo. Venezia, 1868.

ACTA.-Virtenbergensis ducis, & Argetinae Reipublicae acta, in Tridentino concilio. Nunc recens impressa. Unà cum antiquo Basiliensis

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ADAIR (JAMES).-History of the NorthAmerican Indians, their Customs, etc. In "Antiquities of Maxico," by Lord Kingsborough, vol. viii. 8.K.

ADAM (ALBRECHT).-Vier und zwanzig Umrisse (Scenen aus dem Russischen Feldzuge im Jahr 1812) zur Benützung für studirende Künstler und Dilettanten. Large fol. München, 1834. ADAM (ALBRECHT).-Die Veredlung der Pferdezucht auf Alsen. In einer Reihefolge von Bildnissen und Skizzen aus dem Gestüt......des Herzogs Christian August zu Schleswig-HolsteinSonderburg-Augustenburg, nach der Natur gezeichnet von A. A. 19 lithographs. Oblong fol. Text by Count von Holmer. 3 parts. 4to. Stuttgart,

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2 vols. 8vo. Erlangen, 1832.

Italian translation:-Antichità romane, tradotto da Gaetano Maria Monforte. 3 vols. 8vo. Napoli, 1821.

ADAM (JOSEPH).-Mountain, Loch, and Glen, illustrating 'Our Life in the Highlands,' from paintings executed expressly for this work by Joseph Adam. With an essay on the characteristics of Scottish scenery, by the Rev. Norman Macleod, D.D. Second edition revised. Prepared under the superintendence of Arthur Helps, Esq. 15 photographs. 4to. London, 1870.


ADAM (ROBERT).-Designs for Vases and Foliage, composed from the antique by R. A. Engraved by Pastorini. 13 plates. 4to. London, 1825.

ADAM (VICTOR).-La Foire aux Idées. Grrrrrande Exhibition de croquis, charge, drôleries, caricatures, costumes, jeux, animaux, fantaisies. Par V. A. 42 lithographic plates. 4to. (Paris, n. d.) S.K. ADAM (VICTOR).-Histoire de France en Tableaux. Suite de 108 Sujets représentant par ordre chronologique les principaux faits de l'histoire

de ce pays, depuis Pharamond jusqu'à nos jours. Composés et lithographiés par V. Adam accompagnés d'un texte explicatif formant précis historique sur chaque règne. Obl. 4to. Paris, n. d. S.K. ADAM (VICTOR) and CHARRIN (P. J.).— A month of 1830, or the memorable days of July and August, historical sketches composed and drawn upon stone by V. A.; accompanied by explanatory notes in French and English, and preceded by the summary of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1830. 29 plates, plan of Paris, and 3 additional plates. Oblong fol. Paris, 1830-31. S.K. ADAM (VICTOR) and MAURIN (N.).Histoire de Napoléon. Suite de sujets composés et dessinés par V. A., les portraits par N. M. 24 lithographed plates. Fol. Paris, n.d. S.K. ADAM (VICTOR). See BARTHÉLEMY (J. J.).— Gymnase grec, etc. Obl. 4to. n.d.

ADAM (W.).-Gem of the Peak, containing Excursions to Buxton and Castleton. By the Author of Excursions to Chatsworth, Haddon, Buxton, Castleton, Dovedale, etc. 12mo. London, n. d. S.K.

ADAM (W.).-The Gem of the Peak; or, Matlock Bath and its vicinity, an account of Derby, a tour from Derby to Matlock. Excursions to Chatsworth, Haddon, etc. Geology, flora, etc. 4th edition. Maps, coloured engravings, woodcuts, etc. 12mo. London, 1845. ADAMANTIUS. See MEISTER (JACQUES HENRI).—

Traité sur la physionomie par le sophiste Adamantius, ou extrait des philosophes anciens et des physionomistes modernes. 12mo. 1806.

ADAMI (ANDREA).-Storia di Volseno, antica metropoli della Toscana descritta in 4 libri. 2 vols. 33 plates. 4to. Roma, 1734-37. B.M. ADAMI (HANNIBAL).-Honorarii Tumuli ac funebris pompa descriptio in exequiarum justis Francisco.........duci Belfortio etc. 4to. Romæ,


ADAMI (LEONARDO).-Ricerche intorno al sito preciso del Carcere Tulliano. Small 4to. Roma, 1804. S.K. Osservazioni che servono ad illustrare l'epitafio di S. Vitalino Martire, le trionfali spoglie del quale si venerano nell' oratorio domestico dell' illustrissimo Sig. Marchese D. Filippo Filonardi, esposte dall' Avvocato Leonardo Adami. Post 8vo. Roma, 1806. S.K. ADAMS (ANDREW LEITH).-Wanderings of a Naturalist in India, the Western Himalayas and Cashmere. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1867. ADAMS (ARTHUR).-Zoology of the voyage of H.M. Ship Samarang, under the command of Captain Edward Belcher during the years 1843-46. Edited by A. A. Coloured plates. 4to. London,



ADAMS (ARTHUR).—Travels of a Naturalist in Japan and Manchuria. With illustrations. 8vo. London, 1870.

ADAMS (GEORGE).-Essays on the Microscope. Second edition, with considerable additions and improvements, by Frederick Kanmacher. 32 plates. 4to. London, 1798.

ADAMS (GEORGE).-An Essay on Electricity, explaining the principles of that useful science, and describing the instruments. Fifth edition, with corrections and additions by William Jones. With six folding plates. 8vo. London, 1799.

ADAMS (W.).--Sacred Allegories. Illustrated with etchings by Birket Foster and others. 4to. London, 1869.

ADAMS (WILLIAM BRIDGES). English Pleasure Carriages, their origin, history, varieties, materials, construction, defects, improvements, and capabilities, with an analysis of the construction of common roads and railroads, and the public vehicles used on them, together with descriptions of new inventions for the use of carriage-purchasers and constructors. Numerous illustrations. 8vo. London, 1837.


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ADAMSON (JOHN).-Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis de Camoens. Portrait and plates. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1820. ADAMSON (JOHN).-An Account of the Discovery at Hexham, in the county of North umberland, of a brass vessel containing a number of Anglo-Saxon coins, called Stycas, communicated to the Society of Antiquaries by John Adamson. Read May 2, 1833. 4to. London, 1836.


ADANSON (MICHEL).-Histoire Naturelle ADHEMAR (JOSEPH ALPHONSE).—Traité de la Coupe des pierres par J. Adhémar. 8vo. Paris, 1840.

du Sénégal: coquillages. Avec la relation abrégée d'un Voyage fait en ce pays......4to. Paris, 1757. ADDA (G. D'). - Ricerche sulle Arti e sull' Industria romana. Vasa vitrea diatreta. Memoria letta al Regio Istituto Lombardo il 24 febbraio 1870. 8vo. Milano, 1870. ADDINGTON (HENRY).-An Essay on the affinity between painting and writing in point of composition. 16 pp. 4to. (Oxford), 1779. Soane Mus.

ADDINGTON (HENRY).-Memoir of the Church and Hospital at Ewelme. 8vo. Oxford, 1845.


ADHEMAR (JOSEPH ALPHONSE).-Perspective des objets éloignés, pour servir de complément à la première édition du Traité de perspective, par J. Adhémar. 34 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1846. ADHEMAR (JOSEPH ALPHONSE).-Traité de Géométrie descriptive. 4th edition. Text. 8vo. Atlas of 103 plates. Fol. Paris, 1870. S.K.

ADHEMAR (JOSEPH ALPHONSE).-Cours de mathématique à l'usage de l'ingénieur civil. Applications de géométrie descriptive. Charpente. 3rd edition. With Atlas of 67 plates. Fol. Paris,


ADLER (F.).—Die Weltstädte in der Baukunst. Vortrag, gehalten für den wissenschaftlichen Verein in der Sing-Akademie am 15. Februar, 1868. 40 pp. 8vo. Berlin, 1868.

ADDISON (C.)-Knights Templars, a history of the order. With plates. 8vo. London, B.M. ADDISON (CHARLES GREENSTREET).Journey to Damascus and Palmyra; with a sketch of the state and prospects of Syria. 2 vols. 9 plates. 8vo. London, 1838. ADDISON (HENRY ROBERT).-Paris Social; a sketch of every-day life in the French Metropolis. (With illustrations.) 8vo. London, 1866. B.M. ADDISON (JOSEPH).-Remarks on several ADLER (F.).—Baugeschichtliche Forsch

parts of Italy, etc. in the years 1701, 1702, 1703. 8vo. London, 1705. S.K. ADELAIDE.-The City of Adelaide. Historical Sketch of the Municipality, etc. Reprinted, after revision, from "The South Australian Advertiser" and "Weekly Chronicle and Mail" Newspapers. 8vo. Adelaide, 1871. S.K. ADELPHUS (JOHANNES).-Die türkische Chronica, von irem vrsprung, anefang und regiment bisz uff diese zeit, sompt yren Kriegen und streyten mit den christen begangen. Erbärmlich zu lesen. Woodcuts. Fol. Strasburg, 1413 (i.e. 1513). ADELPHUS (JOHANNES). — Historia von Rhodis, Wie ritterlich sie sich gehalte mit dem Tyranischen Keiser Machomet usz Türkye, lustig vn lieplich zu lesen. Woodcuts. Fol. Strasburg,


ADELPHUS (JOHANNES).-Eine warhafftige beschreibung des lebens und der geschichten Keiser Frederichs I. genannt Barbarossa. Erstmals in latin versamlet ausz allen glaubwürdigen geschrifften vñ hystorien der alten chronicken. Vnd aber jetzto in tüsche (sic) zung trulich bracht. Woodcuts. Fol. Strasburg, 1530.

ADELUNG (FRIEDRICH).-An Historical Sketch of Sanskrit Literature, with copious biographical notices of Sanskrit works and translations. From the German of Adelung, with numerous additions and corrections. 8vo. Oxford, 1832. ADERHOLDT (AUGUST).-Über Goethe's Farbenlehre. Ein Vortrag gehalten in der mathematischen Gesellschaft zu Jena. Nebst einem Anhange: Graevell's Bemühungen zur Rechtfertigung Goethe's. 72 pp. 8vo. Weimar 1858.

ADLER (F.).-Die Bauschule zu Berlin,
von C. F. Schinkel. Festrede gehalten bei der
Schinkel-Feier am 13. März, 1869. Large 8vo.
Berlin, 1869.

ungen in Deutschland. I. Die Kloster- und
Stiftskirchen auf der Insel Reichenau. Aufgenom-
men und gezeichnet von F. A. With 5 plates. Fol.
Berlin, 1870.

ADLER (F.)-Das Pantheon zu Rom.
Einunddreissigstes Programm zum Winckelmanns-
fest der archäologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin von
F. Adler. With 3 plates. 4to. Berlin, 1871.


ADLER (F.).—Ausgeführte Bauwerke von

F. Adler. I. Die St. Thomaskirche zu Berlin. With 12 plates. Folio. Berlin, 1872. S.K. ADLER (JACOB GEORG CHRISTIAN). Museum Cuficum Borgianum Velitris. Plates by Carmula. Fol. Romæ, 1782. B.M.

Part II., illustravit D. J. G. C. A. Second edition. With plates. Fol. Altonæ, 1795.

ADLER (JACOB GEORG CHRISTIAN).-Reisebemerkungen auf einer Reise nach Rom. 4to. Altona, 1784.


lectio nova nummorum cuficorum seu arabicorum veterum. 7 plates. 4to. Altonæ, 1795. ADORFF (JOANNES DE).-Figure Donati A. redacte in prosaz, cũ additioib' Johañis de Scherdingen. Gothic letter. 8vo. Nureberge, 1491. B.M. ADRIA.-Die Serben an der Adria. Ihre Typen und Trachten. With chromolithographs. Fol. Leipzig und Wien, 1870. S.K. ADRIAN.-Adrian's Villa. A series of 14 plates, exhibiting the ornaments and arabesques in that building. Large obl. fol. Paris, n.d. S.K.

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ADVIELLE (VICTOR).-Les beaux-arts en Rouergue à diverses époques, par M. V. A. (d'Arras). 66 pp. 4to. Rodez, 1868. AEBY (CHR.).-Der Bau des menschlichen Körpers mit besonderer Rücksicht auf seine morphologische und physiologische Bedeutung. Ein Lehrbuch der Anatomie für Aerzte und Studirende von Dr. C. Aeby. With 391 woodcuts in the text. 8vo. Leipzig, 1871. S.K. EGYPTIUS (MATTHEUS). Senatusconsulti de Bacchanalibus, sive æneæ vestustæ Tabulæ Musei Cæsarei Vindobonensis explicatio auctore M. Æ. 2 plates. Small fol Neapoli, 1729. ELIAN.-The tactiks of Elian, or art of embattailing an army after ye Grecian manner, englished and illustrated with figures throughout; and notes upon y chapters of y ordinary motions of ye phalange by I. B. (Bingham). The exercise military of y English by y order of that great generall Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, etc., governor and generall of y United Provinces, is added. Plates. Small fol. London, 1623. EMILIUS (GEORGIUS). (GEORGIUS). Imaginum in Apocalypsi Johannis descriptio, cum enarratione uera pia, et apta; quæ potest esse vice iusti Commentarij, et lectu digni. Elegiaco carmine condita. 26 woodcuts. 4to. Francofurti, 1540. EMYLIUS (PAULUS).-Historiæ iam denvo emendatæ Pavli Emylii Veronensis, De Rebvs Gestis Francorvm, à Pharamvndo Primo Rege vsqve ad Carolvm octauum, Libri X. Arnoldi Fërroni ......De Rebus Gestis Gallorum libri IX. ad Historiam P. Æ. additi, à Carolo octauo usq; ad Henricum II......Chronicon Joan. Tilij de Regibus Francorum à Pharamundo usq3 ad Henricum II. à D. Thoma Freigio auctum usque ad Carolum IX. (With woodcut medallions.) Small fol. Basileæ, (1569). S.K. ESOP. Esopi fabulæ latinis versibus redditæ. Woodcuts. Fol. Monteregali per Dominicum de Vivaldis, 1476.

Another edition. Woodcuts. Fol. 1481. Esopus leuen ende fabulen, ende die fabulen van

Auianus ende Alfonsius Poeten, die welcke seer ghenæchlijck, end vol profijtelijcke leeringhen sijn, en vermeerdert tot XXXI. fabulen toe dienoyt gheprint en waren met hasen figueren. With woodcuts. Small 4to. Gouda, Gerard Leen, 1485. S.K.

Apologues d'Esope translatés du grec en latin par Laurent Valla et du latin en françoys par Guillaume Tardif, lecteur du roi Charles VIII. Avec aucuns dicts moraux et paroles joyeuses des nobles hommes anciens, recueillis par le même. Gothic letter with woodcuts. Fol. Paris. Antoine Verard. (1490.)

Esopo con la vita sua historiale vulgare et Latino. Woodcuts. 4to. Milano? 1497.

Esopet en françoys avec les fables de Avian, de Alphonce et de Poge florentin. Gothic letter with woodcuts. 4to. (Paris, from 1530 to 1544.)

Les fables et la vie d'Esope Phrygien, traduites de nouveau en françoys selon la vérité grecque. Gothic letter with woodcuts. 16mo. Lyon, 1547.

Trois cents soixante-six apologues d'Esope...... traduits nouvellement du latin en rithme françoyse par maistre Guillaume Haudent. Woodcuts. 16mo. Rouen, 1547.

Esopi, Phrygis et aliorum Fabulæ iconibus illustrata et latine quam antehac interpretata. 18mo. Antverpiæ, 1565.

Fabulæ Æsopicæ, plures quingentis, et alia quædam narrationes, cum historia vita fortunæque Æsopi, compositæ studio et diligentia Joachimi Camerarii Pab. quibus additæ sunt et Livianæ et Gellianæ ac aliorum quædam, cum interpretatione Græcorum, et explicatione quorundam aliorum. With woodcuts. 24mo. Lugduni, 1571.


Æsopi Phrygis Fabvlæ, elegantissimis eiconibvs veras animalium species ad viuum adumbrantes. His accesservnt Joannis Posthij Germershemij in singulas Fabulas Epigrammata. (With the Life of Esop by Maximus Planudes, and 113 woodcuts by Virgil Solis.) 12mo. Francoforti ad Monvum, 1574.


Æsopi Phrygis Fabvlæ elegan. icon......Gabriæ Græci fabellæ xxxxiiii. Batrachomyomachia. Galeomyomachia, tragoedia Græca......Rufi Festi Auieni Fabulæ......His accesserunt nouissime Icones in vitam Æsopi eiúsque vitæ in capita sectio. With woodcuts. 24mo. Parisiis, 1585. S.K.

La Vida y Fabulas de Esopo, á las quales se anadieron algunas muy graciosas de Auieno, y de oltros sabios fabuladores. Woodcuts (by Ahazverus de Londerzeel). 8vo. (Antwerp.) En la officina plantiniana, 1607.

Les fables et la vie d'Esope latines et françoises. Avec trois amples indices, par Jean de Tournes. Woodcuts. 16mo. Lyon, 1607.

Fabulæ Æsopi, graece et latine, nunc denuo selectæ; eæ item quas Avienus carmine expressit. Accedit Ranarum et Murium pugna. Plates. 12mo. Lugduni Batavorum, 1632.

AιowπOV Muboι. (The Fables in Greek, with 58 woodcuts.) 8vo. Eveтinoi. axud. Venice, 1644. S.K.

Les fables d'Esope traduites fidèlement du grec. Avec un choix de plusieurs autres fables attribuées

à Æsope par des autheurs anciens. Par M. Pierre Millot. Ensemble la vie d'Æsope composée par M. de Méziriac. Woodcuts. 16mo. Bourg-en-Bresse, 1646.

Æsop's fables with their morals in verse. With frontispiece and woodcuts. Cambridge, 1650.

Les Fables d'Esope Phrygien. Illustrées de Discours moraux, philosophiques, et politiques. Nouvelle édition. Augmentée de beaucoup en divers endroits. Avec des Reflexions morales, par J. Baudoin. With engraved title and 147 plates. 12mo. Bruxelles, 1669. S.K.

Esope en belle humeur ou dernière traduxion et augmentacion de ses fables. Vignettes. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1690.

tibes, Monaco, Menton; par L. A., gravures d'A. Léotardi, architecte. 96 pp. Small 8vo. Nice, 1869.

AFFLITTO (LUIGI D').-Guida per i curiosi e per i viaggiatori che vengono alla città di Napoli. In cui si dà conto di tutti gli oggetti di belle arti antichi e moderni che attualmente ivi esistono e de' luoghi ove sono; colla descrizione ancora delle cose più rimarchevoli che si osservano ne' suoi contorni da Pozzuoli sino a Pesto, divisa perciò in due parti, colla cronologia delle differenti dinastie che hanno governato ne' regni delle due Sicilie, e de' loro vicerè, compilata dall' Abbate ex-Benedettino Olivetano D. L. d' A. 2 vols. 8vo. Napoli, 1834.

Les fables d'Esope avec celles de Philelphe, de AFFO (IRENEO).—Vita di Luigi Gonzaga

Gabrias et d'Avienus, et les contes d'Esope. Traduction nouvelle enrichie de discours moraux et de quatrains. 2 vols. with woodcuts. 12mo. Paris, 1703. Nouveau recueil des fables d'Esope avec le sens moral en quatre vers et des figures à chaque fable. Plates. 12mo. Paris, 1731.

detto Rodomonte Principe del Sacro Romano Impero, Duca di Trajetto, Conte di Fondi, e Signore di Rivarolo. Portrait. 8vo. Parma, 1780. S.K. AFFO (IRENEO).—Vita del Cavaliere Bernardino Marliani Mantovano. 8vo. Parma, 1780.


Les Fables d'Esope, avec un Discours Préliminaire, et les Sens Moraux en Distiques. 139 em- AFFO (IRENEO).-Vita di Monsignore Ber

blematical engravings. 4to. Paris, 1743.

Esope en belle humeur, ou l'élite de ses fables enrichies de figures, de discours moraux et de quatrains, par Ch. Mouton. Plates in mid-page. 8vo. Hamburg, 1750.

Favole di Esopo Frigio, con la vita del medesimo tradotta ed ornata dal Signor Conte Giulio Landi, Edizione Novissima. Illustrata, e ridotta a più colta lezione con aggiunta di molte altre Favole di varj accreditati Scrittori. 117 woodcuts. 16mo. Venezia, 1761.

Another edition. 12mo. Venice, 1789.
Select Fables of Esop and other Fabulists, by
Dodsley. Vignettes by S. Wale. 8vo. Birming-
ham, Baskerville, 1764.

Les Fables d'Esope, mises en François, avec le sens moral en quatre vers, et des figures à chaque Fable. Nouvelle édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée de la vie d'Esope, avec figures et les Quatrains de Benserade. With woodcuts. Post 8vo.

Rouen, 1765,


[blocks in formation]

Fabulas de Esopo, Filosofo moral, y de otros famosos autores. Corregidas de nuevo. Woodcuts. 8vo. Barcelona, 1796.

Æsop's Fables [by S Croxall]. Embellished with 111 elegant engravings. 12mo. London, 1818. S.K. The Fables of Æsop, with Illustrations by Henry L. Stephens. Lithographed by Julius Bien. 4to. New York, 1868. S.K. Æsop's Fables illustrated by Ernest Griset. With text based chiefly upon Croxall, La Fontaine, and L'Estrange. Revised and re-written by J. B. Rundell. Woodcuts. 4to. London (1869). S.K. AFFAIROUS (LEON).-Le Soleil de Nice, guide des étrangers (1868-9). Nice, Cannes, An

nardino Baldi da Urbino, Primo Abate di Guastalla. Portrait. 8vo. Parma, 1783.


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AGNELLI (JACOPO).- Descrizione delle grandiosi solennità celebrate alla...presenza di Conte Lodovico di 12 Febbrajo, 1736, per le...nozze di Francesco Steffano, duca di Lorena, e dell' archiduchessa Maria Teresa d' Austria. With plates. Fol. Ferrara, 1736.

AGNESIO (JUAN BAUTISTA).-Libro de Advertencias para los edificios y fábricas de los templos, y para diversas cosas de las que en los sirven al culto divino, y otros ministerios. 8vo. Valencia,


AGNIÈRES (AIMÉ, BARON D').-Etudes et recherches archéologiques. Nouvelle notice sur l'église du Cailar (Gard) et sur son ancien seigneur le marquis de Baschi d'Aubais. Illustrée du blason exact du seigneur du Cailar et autres lieux. 14 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1868.

AGNUS.-Méthode de dessin linéaire par Agnus, professeur de dessin, 1er cahier. Exercicessimples, faciles, et gradués. With 24 plates. 4to. n. p. 1856.

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