God Works Through Human Personality

AuthorHouse, 24 juin 2005 - 392 pages
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All over the world people are the same, and what is even more interesting, we all have the same hopes, we desire many of the same dreams, we share the same emotions, we all share a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to fear, a time to love, a time to care, a time to feel angry, a time when we are sad, and a time when joy brings us to that place of total happiness, peace, and tranquility; which is a sure moment in time.


And the truth of the matter is this, God is on the throne and it is only in Him, through Him, and by Him, that all things are made possible for us. Because He has assured us that He will never leave us nor forsake us.


God is a BIG GOD! And whatever your challenge is, whatever your struggle is, whatever concern you may have, and whatever it is that you are dealing with in your life today, there is nothing too hard for God.


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