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Page 18 - [CORDOBA (A. de)], Relacion del ultimo Viage al Estrecho de Magallanes de la Fragata de SM Santa Maria de la Cabeza en los anos de 1785 y 1786. Extracto de todos los anteriores desde su descubrimiento impresos y MSS. y noticia de los habitantes, suelo, clima y producciones del Estrecho. Madrid, 1788.
Page 18 - COVERTE (Capt. Robert), A True and almost incredible Report of an Englishman, that (being cast away in the good Ship called the Assension in Cambaya, the farthest part of the East Indies) trauelled by Land thorow many
Page 36 - KING (Major W. Ross), The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada, or Notes on the Natural History of the Game, Game Birds, and Fish of that Country. London, 1866.
Page 22 - ERMAN (Adolph), Travels in Siberia ; including Excursions Northwards, down the Obi, to the Polar Circle, and Southwards, to the Chinese Frontier. Translated by WD Cooley.
Page 10 - (J.), A Parallel; in the manner of Plutarch : between a most celebrated Man of Florence ; and one, scarce ever heard of, in England.
Page 35 - Dissertations relating to the Antiquities, Government, Religion, Manners, and Natural History of Abyssinia, by M. Le Grand. Translated from the French by Samuel Johnson, LL.D. To which are added various other tracts by the same author, not published by Sir John Hawkins or Mr. Stockdale. London,
Page 12 - BROCKLEHURST (Thomas U.), Mexico To-day : a country with a great future, and a glance at the prehistoric remains and antiquities of the Montezumas. 1883.
Page 14 - BUSBEQUIUS (AG), Four Epistles, Concerning his Embassy into Turkey. Being Remarks upon the Religion, Customs, Riches, Strength and Government of that People. As also a Description of their Chief Cities, and Places of Trade and Commerce. To which is added, His Advice How to Manage War against the Turks. Done into English. London, Printed for J. Taylor
Page 12 - II. An History of the Natural Productions, including the various Sorts of native Fossils ; Perfect and Imperfect Vegetables ; Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and Insects ; with their Properties and Uses in Mechanics, Diet, and Physic.
Page 19 - DALRYMPLE (Major William), Travels through Spain and Portugal, in 1774 ; with a short account of the Spanish expedition against Algiers, in 1775. London,

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