When Wages Cry Out

Xulon Press, 2007 - 192 pages
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Book Summary Have you ever been cheated by an employer? Then you understand the emotional and financial toll it can place on your life. In When Wages Cry Out you will learn how it occurs, the consequences, and how you can respond. What are your responsibilities as an employee, or as an employer? What is the responsibility of the church? What will happen to those who defraud? Dont let another day go by without understanding the prophetic significance of the defrauding of wages. It has kingdom impact and it needs to be confronted NOW! This book does that. If you have defrauded those who work for you, you need to read this book and consider corrective action. If you have been defrauded, you need to know what to do. This book can help. Take the upper hand in your life if you have been cheated. Its time for restoration today! Author Profile Ron M. Horner is a pastor and businessman having been in both non-profit and for profit sectors for approximately thirty years. He has counseled many who have experienced defrauding and seen them brought through to the other side. He has been the victim of defrauding as well and understands the toll it can place on your life. He resides in Wilson, North Carolina where he and his family are digging wells of revival and restoration.

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Jacob Supplanter or Supplanted?
The Children of Israel and Supernatural Restoration
An Employees Responsibility
Methods of Defrauding Employees or Contractors
The Church An Exerciser of Justice?
Money Has an Assignment
The Prophetic Significance of Defrauding of Wages
Guarding Yourself
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