A. Constable, 1895 - 168 pages
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Page 144 - ... sound and tune is so applied and made agreable to the thinge, that whether it bee a prayer, or els a dytty of gladnes, of patience, of trouble, of mournynge, or of anger: the fassion of the melodye dothe so represente the meaning of the thing, that it doth wonderfullye move, stirre, pearce, and enflame the hearers myndes.
Page 9 - ... own sake ; but especially as being translated as well as printed by CAXTON, who finished the printing on 6 June, 1481. The Story is the History of the Three fraudulent Escapes of the Fox from punishment, the record of the Defeat of Justice by flattering lips and dishonourable deeds. It also shows the struggle between the power of Words and the power of Blows, a conflict between Mind and Matter. It was necessary for the physically weak to have Eloquence : the blame of REYNARD is in the frightful...
Page 12 - Byshops are at convenient leysure to view the same. In the meane time, let them be content with this learned Epistle. Printed oversea, in Europe, within two furlongs of a Bounsing Priest, at the cost and charges of M. MARPRELATE, gentleman.
Page 147 - ... other, whiche be either ydle persones, or els onlye flatterers, and devysers of vayne pleasures : And of the contrary parte maketh no gentle provision for poore plowmen, coliars, laborers, carters, yronsmythes, and carpenters : without whome no commen wealthe can continewe...
Page 7 - Revenge." 1591. (a) A Report of the truth of thejight about the lies of Acores, this last la Sommer. Betwixt the REUENGE, one of her Maiesties Shippes, and an ARMADA of the King of Spaine. [By Sir W. RALEIGH.] (/') The most honorable Tragedie of Sir RICHARD GRINUILE, Knight.
Page 14 - A complete edition, with six facsimile plates. Occasion was taken, in the preparation of this Edition, dispassionately to test the Author's statements. The result is perfectly satisfactory. The Lincolnshire Captain is to be implicitly believed in all that he relates of his own personal knowledge. The following are the chief Texts in this Volume : — (i.) A true Relation of Occurrences In Virginia. 1608.
Page 10 - Feb., 1529]. This is the Fifth Protestant book (not being a portion of Holy Scripture that was printed in the English Language. The authorship of this anonymous tract, is fixed by a passage in Sir T.
Page 146 - And yet befydes this there is no leffe prouifion for them that were ones labourers, and be nowe weake and impotent, then for them that do nowe laboure and take payne. Here nowe woulde I fee, yf anye man dare bee fo bolde as to compare with this equytie, the iuftice of other nations. Among whom, I forfake God, if I can fynde any figne or token of equitie and iuftice. For what iuftice is this, that a ryche goldefmythe, or an vfurer, or to bee fhorte anye of them, which either doo nothing at all, or...
Page 10 - I [Ay] and Ben lonson too. O that Ben lonson is a pestilent fellow, he brought vp Horace giuing the Poets a pill, but our fellow Shakespeare hath given him a purge that made him beray his credit :
Page 5 - This celebrated Collection is the First of our Poetical Miscellanies, and also the first appearance in print of any considerable number of English Sonnets. TOTTEL in his Address to the Reader, says : '* That to haue wel written in verse, yea and in small parcelles, deserueth great praise, the workes of diuers Latines, Italians, and other, doe proue sufficiently.

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