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TEACH Services, Inc., 2018 - 144 pages

These "notebook leaflets"--first published in the 1920s--were printed to make available to ministers and gospel workers choice materials that are found in the Ellen G. White manuscript and letter files. More than ninety percent of this material was unavailable when reprinted in 1945.

The series is composed of four groups of leaflets:

  • CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE--which has 16 chapters covering many of the experiences Christians go through in this life.
  • THE CHURCH--containing eight chapters on doctrines and the Scriptures.
  • EDUCATION--six chapters such as home training and church school.
  • METHODS--thirteen chapters showing how to present truth and the use of medical missionary work with evangelism.

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Ellen Gould Harmon White, born Ellen Harmon in 1827, is one of the founders of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. She was believed by some within the Church to be a prophetess, and White herself claimed that she was the messenger of the Lord. White's writings, which includes books, articles and essays, often related to her many visions, total over 100,000 pages. Many of her writings are of interest primarily to Adventists and religious readers, but her Conflict of the Ages Series is of mass appeal. White died on July 16, 1915.

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