A Catalogue of Some Books Relating to the Disposal of the Bodies and Perpetuating the Memories of the Dead

ed. par l'auteur, 1887 - 74 pages

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Page 46 - History of Egyptian Mummies, and an account of the worship and embalming of the sacred animals...
Page 13 - CYPRUS. Cyprus: its Ancient Cities, Tombs, and Temples. A Narrative of Researches and Excavations during Ten Years
Page 3 - Monumental Inscriptions of the West Indies, from the Earliest Date, with Genealogical and Historical Annotations, &c., from Original, Local, and other Sources. Illustrative of the Histories and Genealogies of the Seventeenth Century, the Calendars of State Papers, Peerages, and Baronetages. With Engravings of the Arms of the principal Families. Chiefly collected on the spot by the Author, Capt.
Page 6 - VESTIGES OF THE ANTIQUITIES OF DERBYSHIRE, and the Sepulchral Usages of its Inhabitants, from the most Remote Ages to the Reformation.
Page 73 - Sepulchral Monuments of Great Britain, applied to illustrate the history of families manners, habits, and arts at the different ^periods from the Norman Conquest to the Seventeenth Century.
Page 44 - The Monuments and Painted Glass of upwards of One Hundred Churches, chiefly in the Eastern Part of Kent. With an Appendix, containing Three Churches in other counties: to which are added, a small Collection of detached Epitaphs, with a few Notes on the whole.
Page 58 - MONUMENTAL EFFIGIES OF GREAT BRITAIN. Selected from our Cathedrals and Churches, for the purpose of bringing together and preserving correct representations of the best Historical Illustrations extant, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Henry VIII.
Page 37 - CHURCH IN THE CATACOMBS : A Description of the Primitive Church of Rome. Illustrated by its Sepulchral Remains. By CHARLES MAITLAND.
Page 41 - RC) Saxon Obsequies; illustrated by Ornaments and Weapons discovered in a Cemetery near Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire.
Page 19 - PPITAPHIANA; or, the Curiosities of Churchyard -*-^ Literature: being a Miscellaneous Collection of Epitaphs, with an INTRODUCTION. By W. FAIRLEY. Crown 8vo., cloth, price 5s. Post free. • Entertaining."— Pall Mall Gazette.

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