The Pineapple: Botany, Production, and Uses

D. P. Bartholomew, Robert E. Paull, K. G. Rohrbach
CABI Pub., 20 nov. 2002 - 320 pages
authors include international authorities from around the worldonly complete up to date publication on pineappleAimed at researchers and professional horticulturists, this comprehensive reference book on pineapple covers all topics from botany and taxonomy to genetics, breeding, production, disease and postharvest techniques. There is currently no single up-to-date volume on the pineapple and this book fills that gap.The contents include: history, distribution and world production; botany; breeding, genetic engineering, selection and cultivars; crop environment, temperature, water and light; propagation; cultural systems; flowering and fruit development; and pests, disease and weeds. The book will be of interest to those working in horticulture and tropical fruit growers.

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