Nalarayadavadanticarita (Adventures of King Nala and Davadanti): A Work in Old Gujarati: Transactions, APS

Ernest Bende
American Philosophical Society, 2008 - 372 pages
The Nalarayadavadanticarita is an Old Gujarati rendition of the Jain parallel to the Nala-Damayanti story of the Mahabharata. As with other parallel Jain, Hindu, & Buddhist stories & motifs, the work has many unique features, since the Jain story-teller employed it for the edifying presentation of the Jain religion. The present edition is based upon four paper manuscripts, designated, for facility of reference, B, H, P, & S. Contents: (I) Introduction: The Source of the Materials; The Story & Its Significance; Meters; (II) Grammar: Phonology; Morphology; Notes on Syntax; (III) Text: (IV) Translation; (V) Glossary; & (VI) References.

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Page 274 - Kulyk (1959), among others, has an extremely rich nominal inflection system, marking three genders (masculine, feminine and neuter), two numbers (singular and plural) and seven cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, locative and vocative).
Page 267 - In general, each line of the ijuatniin consists of seven syllables, the first line rhyming with the second, and the third with the fourth.
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Page 262 - I am very grateful to the American Council of Learned Societies for...
Page 265 - ... have been added in the exchequer. Exceptionally, entirely fresh entries might be inserted there, such as that recording Hubert Walter's fine of 500 marks for the wardship and marriage of the heir of Simon of Odell. About these additions there can be no real doubt, but there are other entries which seem to be in a hand different from that of the original scribe and may have been made in the exchequer. The last two sentences of the entry relating to cornage in Westmorland and Cumberland and the...
Page 268 - ... consonants, the gutturals k kh g gh n, the palatals, c ch j jh n, the cerebrals...
Page 303 - Davadant1's mother gave her this advice: "daughter, do not neglect proper conduct and devotion to your husband
Page 273 - ... (A future article is planned, presenting a structural study of the language of these texts...
Page 268 - A nasal, occuring as the first member of a consonant cluster, is indicated in writing by the anusvara (m). Distinction, therefore, is not made in the writing between sequences of phonemes consisting of nasalized vowel plus consonant and vowel plus nasal consonant plus consonant: mumdradi (57) 'ring...
Page 268 - The anusvara, written in transcription (m), when indicating the nasalization of the preceding vowel, can be analyzed as a nasal component occurring with the vowels aai I uu in all positions.

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