Bibliotheca Americana, 1878: Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books and Pamphlets Relating to America, Numéro 1

R. Clarke & Company, 1878 - 326 pages

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Page 161 - A narrative of the Indian wars in New-England, from the first planting thereof in the year 1607, to the year 1677.
Page 60 - An act for an amicable settlement of limits with the state of Georgia, and authorizing the establishment of a government in the Mississippi territory...
Page 4 - An Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes who traversed the Wilderness in the Campaign against Quebec in 1775.
Page 188 - Letter from Alexander Hamilton, concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams, Esq., President of the United States.
Page 19 - A Memorial, containing a summary view of facts, with their authorities, in answer to the observations sent by the English Ministry to the Courts of Europe. Translated from the French.
Page 224 - George Buchanan's Oration on the Moral and Political Evil of Slavery, delivered at a Public Meeting of the Maryland Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, Baltimore, July 4, 1791. 8vo. pp. 82+20, cloth. Cincinnati, 1873. 1 25 579U The same. Paper. 75 5792 Reese (David M.) Letters to the Hon. Wm. Jay. Being a reply to his "Inquiry into the American Colonization and American Anti-Slavery Societies.
Page 221 - Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery," etc., issued the following letter: — "AN ADDRESS TO THE PUBLIC. " From the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, and the Relief of Free Negroes unla-wfully held in Bondage.
Page 7 - New York City during the American Revolution. Being a Collection of Original Papers (now first published) from the Manuscripts in the possession of The Mercantile Library Association of New York City (New York, 1861), pp.
Page 94 - NEWS FROM NEW ENGLAND, being a true and last account of the present bloody wars, carried on betwixt the infidels natives, and the English Christians, and converted Indians of New England...
Page 56 - Dunraven's The Great Divide : A Narrative of Travels in the Upper Yellowstone in the Summer of 1874. By the EARL of DUNRAVEN. With Maps and numerous striking full-page Illustrations by VALENTINE W. BROMLEY. " There has not for a long time appeared a better book of travel than Lord Dunraven's

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