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5,782 13,316 19,098 3,332 513 237

780. 395 275 49 719 313 212 20,365 New HÍampshire, 5,826 13,518 19,344 3,412 318 1,115 389 300 29 718 428 205 21.594 Vermont, 5,629 11,353 17,136 3,102 556 321 877

331 304 47 6851 282 176 17,216 Massachusetts, 23,488 51,730 76.218 11,706 3,030 1,790 4,820|1,454 1,675 124 3,2531,467 1,023

86.187 Rhode Island, 958 2,375 3.333 4961

66 160 58 75 7 140 461 35 4,201 Counecticut, 14,854 30,856 45,711 4,930 1,426 1,035 2,461 988 923 136 2 047 625 780 29,041 New York, 6,910 11,846 21,352 1,441 724 556 1,280 311 532 41


313 330 20,006 New Jersey,


816 1,213 49 95 65 161 16 45 3 64 32 30 1,197 Penusylvania, 487

726 3,475

92 10 27 87 20 26 0 46 8 14 1.208 Delaware,

8 14


1 Maryland,

9 25

35 Dis. of Columbia,


No report Ohio, 3,601 6,531 11,625

404 1,181 166 416 20 602 348 186 13,517 Indiana, 273 514 787 93

866 Illinois,

5,569 9,217 14,786 1,719 838 777 1,615 201 605 68 864 279 274 17,955 Michigan,

3,045 5,470 8 515 1,214 398 354 752 132 360 45 537 162 176 9,665 Wisconsin, 3,280 6,303 9,742 1,203 744 4161 1,172 106 444 24 584 321 279 12,110 Minnesota, 779 1,299 2,078 274

173 165 338 28 103 9 140 69 70 2,303 Iowa,

2,553 4,041 6,600 753 627 515 1,142 81 326 36 453 221 209 8.971 Missouri, 204 824 547 99 23 61 90 3 31 2 36 5 18

1,452 Tennessee, 18 26 2 20 22 1 1 0 2


100 Nebraska, 73. 105 178 20 28 23 51 0 17

18 11 6

364 Kansas, 339 467 794 164 35 86 71 30

39 12 13 1,040 Colorado, 27 27 10 1 2 3

2 1 1 Wash'gton Ter.,

6 11


No report. Oregon, 105 155 260 32 25 57 5 17


530 California, 491 740 1,231 135

180 257 10 96 3 109 27 80 3,681

Utah Ter.,

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TOTALS, U. States, 84,715 171,608 263,296 34,241|11,030 7,393 18,442 4,729 6,578644 11,961 4,974 4,133


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Totals, Amer'n, 186,795 174,859 269,062 34,550/11,316 7.508 18,843/4,766 6,711 666 12,153|


In the above table, note, -

1. The "totals" of church members, additions, and removals, in several States, and so in the footings, exceed the sum of particulars. This is because the “total” is occasionally given with no report of the pariculars. The “ totals” are correct; but the “males” and “females," the “ professions" and "letters," the “ deaths,"? " dismissals,” and “excommunications," are slightly less, as reported, than they ought to be.

2. The "excommunication" column covers also the number of persons whose names are dropped from church lists on account of long absence.

3. “In Sabbath Schools,” — Connecticut reports only the “average attendance,” while the other States report the actual membership at a given date.

4. The reports from Indiana and Jamaica are “old reports," and that those of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are partially so.



I. AUTHORITIES. The publications of the several General Associations or Conferences are the basis of the poregoing tables. They have been re-arranged in alphabetical order : churches reported by a State organization other than their own, transferred to their proper place; the latter, as furnished, carefully scrutinized; correspondence had with the secretaries, for the amendment of returns ; names of pastors inserted or omitted, according to changes subsequent to the printing of the State publications ; first names of hundreds of ministers inserted from any reliable authority ; and manifest errors corrected. The Summaries are generally altered by the transfers of churches; but no change of pastoral relation is allowed to affect the original enumeration, for obvious reasons. Nor is anything inserted or altered without authority. A blank signifies, invariably, “no report, and is never equivalent to “none."

II. EXPLANATIONS. As to churches : towns are arranged in alphabetical order ; churches in each town according to age; and, of each church, - 1st, its town, 20, its locality in the town, 31 its name, when such items are given.

As to ministers : all in pastoral work are pastors (settled), except where the name is followed by “8. s." (stated supply), “8. p." (stated preacher), or ". p." (acting pastor), or except in States where it is stated that no distinction is made between pastors and others, in the published Minutes. The two dates following "ministers" denote respectively the year of ordination and that of commencing labor with the church mentioned. "Licentiates" are not reckoned as “ministers." The column of ministers is corrected to the date of printing. Ministers not in pastoral work differ in the numbers given in the State publications, by reason of transfer to places of actual residence. Post-office addresses are to be found in the "List of Ministers," and not in these tables.

As to church members: the date of reckoning differs in different States, as is seen. "Absent" are included in " males," “ females," and " totals," unless otherwise stated. “ Additions," etc., cover the year preceding the date given. “ Last year's reports ” are invariably excluded ; but their aggregate for churches enumerated but not reporting is given at the close of the table of each State.

As to Sabbath Schools: the entire membership is given, unless expressly stated otherwise.

III. COMPARISONS. The number of churches enumerated this year is 23 less than last year. Yet, instead of a loss, there has been a real and substantial gain. Seventy churches have been dropped from the list in Ohio; part of them because of continued connection with Presbyteries, on the old “plan of union;" and part because “Independent," not Conýregational. This ought to have been done long ago. We said last year, ** Whether churches connected with Presbyteries, allowing themselves to be reported annually as Presbyterian churches, ought to be in our tables, is a matter of taste ; our taste objects, but we follow the State document." This year, the State document agrees with our view. However strictly Congregational such churches may be iņ their own government, it would be a statistical error to number them with one denomination while they prefer to coộperate with another. It is equally an error to insert, without some wish on their part, the names of churches which persist in Independency: though we should gladly welcome them into closer relations, – appreciating them all the more for their very jealousy in behalf of their liberties. There are at least between one and two hundred of this class of churches; and of the Congregational churches connected with Presbyteries, in addition to those now dropped in Ohio, there were in New York, in 1860, a hundred and twenty-four : none of these are reckoned in our tables.

But for this reduction in Ohio, we should have found a gain of 47 churches. But 30 of this is due to the assurances of coöperation of the Welsh Congregational churches of Pennsylvania. Omitting those, there would still have been a net gain of 17 churches.

The number of churches in New England is unchanged. An apparent loss of one is due to error last year.

New York shows a gain of three; Illinois, two; Missouri, thirteen; California ten ;. Nova Scotia, one. We have entered Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Tennessee, and Washington and Utah Territories, and have societies in North Carolina and Louisiana : the beginnings of a work which is to be vigorously progecuted for furnishing the destitute with the Gospel of Christ.

Some States report less than last year: Michigan, five ; Minnesota, four ; Nebraska, one ; Kansas, one; Canada, two; and New Brunswick, one. Most of these are probably due to imperfect reports, – the careless dropping of churches which are statistically deaf. We have ventured to replace only two, and that upon direct inquiry, in New York. We have not include any churches formed since the precise end of the statistical year, though we find them in seven or eight States.

Of the churches, - who have settled pastors, or stated supplies, compared with last year, it is impossible to tell, on account of the increased number which do not discriminate between pastors and stated supplies. The number of " vacant” churches appears less, but that is due to the column of "condition not reported."

The whole number of ministers reported, is 2,888, against 2,862 last year -- which should be over 3,000.

In the number of church members, there is a gain of 1,047. The cutting out of the seventy churches in Obio cut off also over 5,000 church members. But for that, there would be a gain of over 6,000.

The additions by profession during the year, exceed those of any year since those following the revival season of 1857-8; and those by letter are larger than since 1860.

The removals have been according to the usual average in each particular. The deaths are, as in pre. ceding years, 18 to every 1,000 members.

The baptisms are, adults decidedly increased ; infant, the usual number.

The numbers in Sunday Schools fall off 7,739. The reason is not obvious, unless we attribute it to the fact that when the figures were collected, far more than that number of our teachers and scholars were in military service.


We continue the tables of churches, ministers, church membership, yearly changes, &c., inserted last year, which had been compiled with great care by thoroughly revising the reports of the years mentioned. These are all which our present data furnish. Three statements of last year, which escaped a last correction, are modified in this : in last year's printing, – against the year 1860,- 586 churches not supplied with ministers," should be subdivided into “408 not supplied, 178 condition not reported.” Against the year 1861, - instead of "No. ministers' position not known," there should be “ 93," — making the “total” of ministers “ 2,706," instead of "2,613.” Against the year 1865, — “ 678 (instead of 676) churches not supplied with ministers," should be subdivided into “582 not supplied, 96 condition not reported." These changes are made in the tables as now printed.

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Jan., 1858 1857


6,913 6.592 13,50513,1106,076 465 9,651
1859 1858
13.248 8.107 22,175 3.338 6.992 512 10.$12

12.15 1860 185975,158 144,690 257,4 34 27.705 25,5909.623 35,213 3.089 8,205 717 12,93 10.618 6.156 26.441 1861 1860 81.453 157.257 260.359 29.082 7,6467.588 15,234 3.644 7,097 715 11,456 3.161 4.841 250.000 1862 186181.196 158.237 259,119 32.1805.622 6.629 12,151 3,708 6.280 551 10,089 2,151 4.644:46.347 1863 1862 81,852 163,215 261.474 33.585 6.424 6.521 12.945/3,940 5.607 640 10.087 2,449 4.376215.257 1864 1863 83,551 164,037 264.313 31,178 7.999 6,487 14,3754.288 5.577 780 10,146 3.342 4.405264492 1865 186488.315 174,083 268,15 34.398 9.328 6.497 16,225 4.937 5.923 041 11.501 4.052 4.4.2 286.798 1866 1865 186,795 174,869 269,062 34.550/11 316 7.508 18.8434.7666.711 666 12,1531 50104 389/279.159

These figures show a steady gain in the number and numerical strength of our churches, - modified this year by the dropping of the 70 Ohio churches. There is no reason whatever to doubt the reality of this increase, but every reason to believe in its substant truth. If it has been followed by an equal advance in spiritual life, we have done well.

The number of ministers has also steadily increased. While the “ total” is a bout equal to that of the number of churches, our churches are inadequately supplied. A far greater want, however, is disclosed when we notice the great number of ministers not in pastoral work. Of these, many are missionaries, teachers, professors, or presidents of colleges or seminaries; a goodly number are in pastoral work abroad; others are editors, secretaries, or agents of religious societies : - all of which are of indispensable service to the churches Many more still are supplying different pulpits from Sabbath to Sabbath. But, after all these deductions, the number of ministers who are superannuated, or who have engaged in secular pursuits, makes a sad diminution from our " total,' even though doubtless a hundred or two more names ought to be on the roll. For the great work before the denomination, the number is sadly inadequate.

The number of "absentees” remains about stationary. The evil apparent is not so great in reality; inasmuch as these "absentees" really balance each other.

The additions are quite uniform year by year, except in years following revivals, as in 1857-8. The deaths moderately and proportionally increase ; 80 readily that it may be taken for granted, that, in every thousand members reporting, the deaths will be eighteen annually.

Another year, with the impulse given by the National Council, ought to show great results. A. HQ



CONCERNING the following list, several things are to be noted :

1. The names of ministers found in the minutes of the several General Associations and Conferences are its basis; to which we have added only those others which come from reliable authority in the several States. Many names are missing, because not reported by the Associations.

2. Licentiates are not ministers. Don't look for their names.

3. This list will sometimes disagree with the foregoing tables, because we have corrected up to the latest moment.

4. This list is occasionally inaccurate. Where the same man is reported as living in three States at once, it requires more discernment than we possess to settle the difficulty. Nor do we know anything except what comes on paper.

5. In searching for a name of various spellings, look at each form. All contracted names, like “Mc," are arranged according to the contracted spelling.

6. In deciding between Presbyterian and Congregational character, we hold that a member of any ministerial or church body retains his denominational character, although acting as stated supply of a church of the other denomination; but a pastor is necessarily of the same denomination as his church. That is, we have tried to follow this rule, though we are very sure we have not always succeeded. A man can go from one denomination to the other; but no man can be a member of two denominations at once.

7. Send us notice of all mistakes. Post-office addresses are sometimes antiquated.

8. We have erased from last year's list 253, and have inserted 270 names. We ought to have had a hundred more. If your name is omitted, send us word, accompanied by a dollar and a half for the Quarterly for 1866.

, Ms,

Abbe, Frederick R., Abington, Ms. Allen, E. W., North Pitcher, N. Y. Atkinson, George H., Portland, Or. Abbott, Amos, Rahâri, INDIA. Allen, George, Worcester, Ms. Atkinson, Timothy, Nahant, Ms. Abbott, C. F., Bristol, N. H. Allen, George E., Chelsea, Ms. Atkinson, Wm. B., Evanston, Ill. Abbott, Ed. F., South Merrimack, Allen, John A., Strykersville, N.Y. Atwater, Edw'd E., New Haven, Ct. N. H.

Allen, John W., Tipton, Mich. Atwater, Horace C., Alexandria, 0. Abbott, Jacob J., Yarmouth, Me. Allen, Roland H., Canton, Mass. Atwater, William W., Prospect, Ct. Abbott, Joseph, Beverly. Ms. Allen, Sam'l A., Windsor Locks, Ct. Atwood, Anson S., E. Hartford, Ct. Abbott, John S.C., New Haven, Ct. Allen, William, Dracut, Ms. Atwood, Edward S., Salem, Ms. Abbott, Lyman, New York.

Allen, Wm. W., Council Bluffs, Io. Atwood, Lewis P., West Greece, Abernethy, llenry C., Oneida, Ill. Allender, Thomas, Assabet, Ms. NY Acheson, Alex'r, Bedford, Mich. Allis, 0. D., West Randolph, Vt. Austin, David R., So. Norwalk, Ct. Adair, S. L., Leavenworth, Kan. Allworth, Wm. H., Paris, C. W. Austin, Franklin D., South RoyAdams, A. B., Benzonia, Mich. Alvord, Frederick, Monson, Ms. alston, Ms. Adams, Aaron C., Auburn, Me. Alvord, John W., New York. Austin, Lewis A., Orwell, Vt. Adams, Calvin C., Deane Corners, Alvord, N., Centralia. Kan.

Austin, Samuel J., Oxford, Ms. 1.

Amen, Marcus, Lancaster, Ms. Avery, Eugene II., Roscoe, 111. Adams, Daniel E., Wilton, N. H. Amsden, Benjamin M., Crete, Ill. Avery, Frederick D., Columbia, Ct. Adains, Darwin, Paper Mill Village, Amsden, S. H., Wilmot, N. H. Avery, Jared R., Groton, Ct. N. II.

Anderson, Edward, Michigan City, Avery, John, Lebanon, Ct. Adams, Eph., Decorah, Io.


Avery, John T., Cleveland, O. Adams,

E., Brunswick, Me. Anderson, James, Manchester, Vt. Avery, William F., Adams, Geo. M., Portsmouth, N.II. Anderson, Joseph, Detroit, Mich. Avery, William P., Chapin, lo. Adams, Harvey, Farmington, Io. Anderson, Joseph, Waterbury, Ct. | Ayer, Chas. L., Mansfield Cent. Ct. Adams, Jona. E., Searsport, Me. Anderson, Rufus, Boston, Ms. Ayer, Franklin D., Milford, N. H. Adams, John, Hillsboro? Center, Andrews, David, Winona, Min. ! Ayer, Joseph, East Lyme, Ct. X. H.

Andrews, Dean, Marshall, ni. Ayres, Freu'k II., Long Ridge, Ct. Adams, John C., Falmouth, Me. Andrews, Edwin A., New Britain, Ayres, Rowland, Hadley, Ms. Adams, John R., Gorham, Me.

Babcock, Daniel H., Berkley, Ms. Adams, Levi P., Fitch Bay, C. E. Andrews, Israel W., Marietta, 0. Bacheller, Gilman, Machias lort, Adams, Nebemiah, Boston, Ms. Andrews, Samuel J., Hartford, Ct. Me. Adams, Thomas, Brown's Corners, Andrus, Elizur, New Orleans, La. Backus, Joseph W. Lowell, Ms. Me.

Angier, Luther H., Rockport, Ms. Bacon, George B., Orange, N. J. Adams, W. A., Fort Scott, Kan. Angier, Marshall B., Sturbridge, Bacon, James M., Essex, Ms. Adams, Wm. W., Fall River, Ms. Ms.

Bacon, Leonard, New Haven, Ct. Adamson, Wm. S., Wolcotville, Ct. Anthony, Geo. N., Marlboro', Ms. Bacon, Leonard W., Br'klyn, N. Y. Aiken. Charles A., Hanover, N. H. Apthorp, Rufus, St. Jobns, Mich. Bacon, William N., Shoreham, Vt. Aiken, James, Hanover, Ms. Apthorp, Wm. P., Bowen's Prairie, Bacon, William T., Woodbury, Ct. Aiken. Silas, Rutland, Vt.


Badger, Milton, New York, Aiken, Wm. P., Newington, Ct. Armour, John, Kelvin, C. W. Builey, Charles E., Benzonia, Mich. Albro, John A., Cambridge, Ms. Armes, Josiah L., Barrington, N.H. Bailey, Nath'I P., Painesville, 0. Alden, Eben'r. Jr., Marshfield, Ms. Arms, Hiram P., Norwich Town,Ct. Bailey, J. G., Hyde Park, Vt. Alden, E. Judson, Naperville, III. Arms, Selah R., Springfield, Vt. Baird, John G., Centerbrook, Ct. Alden, Edmund K., S. Boston, Ms. Arms, Wm. F., Mianus, Ct.

Baird, Robert G., Armada, Mich. Alden, Elwin II., Tunbridge, Vt. Armsby, Lauren, Chapl.

Baker, A. A., Cornwall, Vt. Alden, Lucius, Newcastle, N. H. Armstrong, Frederick A., Dallas Baker, A bijah R., So. Boston, Ms. Allrich, Jer. K., River Point, R. I. City, III.

Baker, Ephraim H., Marseilles, III. Alexander, Walter S., Pomfret, Ct. Armstrong, Robert S., Colton, N.Y. Baker, Edward P., E. Machias, Me. Allen, A. S., Dover, Wis. Arnold, F.L., Orwell, 0.

Baker, James S., Madison, V. Y. Allen, Benj. R., Marblehead, Ms. Arnold, Seth S., Ascutneyville, Vt. Baker, Joseph D., Cambridge, . Allen, Cyrus W., East Jaffrey, N. H. Ashley, J. Mills, Goodrich, Mich. Baker, Silas, Standish, Me. Allen, Eph. W., So. Berwick, Me. Ashley, Samuel S., Northboro', Ms. | Baker, Smith, Veazie, Me.

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Baker, Thomas, Newmarket, C. W. ! Bates, Alvan J., Lincoln, Me. Black, W. Reid, Harrison, Io.
Baker, Z., Osawatomie, Kan. Bates, Henry, Grasa Lake, Mich. Blagden, George W., Boston, Ms.
Baldwin, Abraham C., Black Rock, Bates, James A., Huntington, Ms. Blaisdell, Joshua J. Beloit, Wis.
Bates, S. L., Underhill, Vt.

Blake, Chas. M., Washington, D.C.
Baldwin, Abram E., Ann Arbor, Bates, Philander, North Truro, Ms. Blake, D. Hoyt,

Batt, William J., Bedford, Ms. Blake, George II., Atkinson, Ill. Baldwin, Abraham V., --, Jo. Bayliss, James G., St. John, N. B. Blake, Henry B., Belchertown, Ms. Baldwin, D. J., Downer's Grove, Bayliss, Samuel, Brooklyn, N. Y. Blake, Jeremiah, Pittsfield, N. H. Ill.

Bayne, Thomas, Irasburg, Vt. Blake, Jos., Gilmanton Cent.. N.H. Baldwin, Curtis C., Brownhelm, 0. Baxter, Benjamin S., Manston, Wis. Blake, Mortimer, Taunton, Ms. Baldwin, David J., Lisle, III. Beach, Aaron C., Millington, Ct. Blake, S. Leroy, Pepperell, Ms. Baldwin, Elijah C., Branford, Ct. Beach, L. B., Andover, O.

Blakely, Quincy, Campton, N. H. Baldwin, Joseph B., W. Cumming- Beach, Nath','Little Compton, R.I. Blakeman, Phineas, Leraysville, Pa. ton, Ms.

Beals, David, Jr., Southwick, M3. Blakeslee, S. V., San Francisco, Cal. Baldwin, Theron, New York. Beainan, Charles C.

(Ms. Blanchard, Amos, Lowell, Ms. Baldwin, Thomas, Plymouth, Vt. Beanan, Warren H., North Hadley, Blanchard, Amos, Barnet, Vt. Baldwin, William 0., Johnsbury, Bean, David M., South Malden, Ms. Blanchard, Edm'd H., Warwick, Ms. East, Vt. Bean, Ebenezer, Grey, Me.

Blanchard, Jona., Wheaton, Ill. Balkam, Uriah, Lewiston, Me. Bean, Phineas Á., IIampden, 0. Blanchard, Silas M., Wentworth, Ballard, Addison, Williamst'n Ms. Beard, Augustus F., Bath, Me. N. H. Ballard, Jas., Grand Rapids, Mich. Beard, Edwin S., Warren, Me. Blanchard, Wm. S., Chicago, Ill. Ballard, Josiah, Carlisle, Ms. Beard, George P., Chillicothe, Mo. Bliss, Asher, Corydon, Pa. Bancroft, David, Prescott, Ms. Beard, Spencer F., Andover, Ms. Bliss, Charles R., So. Reading, Ms. Barber, A. D., Geneva, 0.

Beardsley, Bronson B., Bridgeport, Bliss, Daniel, Beirút, SYRIA. Barber, Alanson D., Williston, Vt. Ct.

(Ct. Bliss, Thomas E., Memphis, Tenn. Barber, Luther A., Scotland, Ct. Beardsley, Nehemiah H., Somers, Blodgett, Constantine, Pawtucket, Barbour, Wm. M., So. Danvers, Ms. Beardsley, William, Wheaton, Ill. R. I. Barbour, Henry, London, Eng. Bechthold, A. H., N. J.

Blodgett, Edwid P., Greenwich, Ms. Barbour, Nelson, West Fairlee, Vt. Becker, George L., Powhattan, Kan. Blood, Charles E., Wataga, III. Bard, Geo. I., Lower Waterford, Vt. Beckwith, E. G., San Francisco, Cal. Blood, John, Clifton, Ili. (Mich. Bardwell, D. Magee, Markesan, Wis. Beck with, G. A., Manhattan, Kan. Bloodgood, Abraham L., Monroe, Bardwell, Horatio, Oxford, Ms. Beckwith, George C., Boston, Ms. Blumer, Adam, Shakopee, Min. Bardwell, John P., Oberlin, 0. Beebe, Hubbard, New Haven, Ct. Boardman, Joseph, Hopkinton, Ms. Barker, Enoch, Pictou, N. S. Beecher, Charles, Georgetown, Ms. Boardman, M. Bradford, Lynnfield, Barker, Isaac, Laphamville, Mich. Beecher, Edward, Galesburg, II. Ms. Barker, Davis R., Guy's Mills, Pa. Beecher, Fred. W., Kankakee, Iu. Boies, IIarper, Harpersfield, N. Y. Barker, Nathaniel, Wakefield, N.H. Beecher, George II., El Paso, II. Bonney, John M., Batavia, Mich. Barnan, George, Waterloo, Ind. Beecher, H. Ward, Brooklyn, N.Y. Bodwell, Joseph C., Woburn, Ms. Barnard, Alonzo, Benzonia, Mich. Beecher, Thomas K., Elmira, N.Y. Bodwell, Lewis, Wyandotte, Kan. Barnard, Pliny F., Williamstown, Beecher, Wm. H., N. Brookfield, Ms. Bond, Alvan, Norwich, Ct. Vt.

(N. Y. Beekman, J. C., St. Charles, Min. Bonner, Nathaniel G., Peru, Ms. Barnard, Stephen A., Willsboro', Belden, Henry, Brooklyn, N. Y. Borden, Edmund W., Saline, Mich. Barnes, Charles M., Neponset, Ill. Belden, Wm. W.

Bordwell, D. N., Charles City, Io. Barnes, Henry E., Newton, Io. Bell, Iliram, West Chester, Ct. Bosworth, Q.M., No. Ridgeville, 0. Barnes, Jer. R., Cent. Village, Ct. Bell, James M., Watertown, Ms. Boughton, J. F., Pioneer, Mich. Barnes, Jona. E., Darien Depot, Ct. Beman, Amos G., Jamaica, L. I. Bourne, James R., Bangor, Me. Barnes, J. R., Cannon Falls, Minn. Bement, William, Elmira, N. Y. Bourne, Shearjashub, Harlem, N.Y. Barnes, L. O., Mount Vernon, 0. Benedict, Lewis, Lawn Ridge, Ill. Boutelle, Thomas, Fitchburg, Ms. Barnes, N. H., Kiantone, N. Y. Benedict, Thos. N., Cen. Lisle, N. Y. Bouton, Nath'l, Concord, N. H. Barney, James O., Seekonk, Ms. Bennet, E. O., Mt. Pleasant, Io. Boutwell, Wm. T., Stillwater, Min. Barnum, Sam'l W., New llaven, Ct. Bennett, IIenry S., Wakeman, 0. Bowers, John M., Sedalia, Mo. Barris, Joseph S., Grand Island, Bennett, Joseph L., Lockport, N.Y. Bowker, Samuel, Bluebill, Me. N. Y Benson, Alinon, Cent. Harbor, N.H. | Bowker, Samuel D.

(Ms. Barstow, Charles, Pitcher, N. Y. Benson, Henry, Ellington, N. Y. Boyd, Pliny S., Shelburne Falls, Barrows, Elijah P., Andover, Ms. Benson, Homer H., Beloit, Wis. Bowler, Stephen L., Hampden, Me. Barrows, George W., Salisbury, Vt. Bent, George, Burr Oak, Io. Boynton, Charles, Watertown, Wis. Barrows, Homer, Plaistow, N. H. Bent, Joseph A., Hoyleton, Ill. Boynton, Charles B., Washington, Barrowy, John M., Olivet, Mich. Bentley, Charles, Willington, Ct. D. C. Barrows, J. O., Northampton, N.H. Bentley, E. D., Mo.

Boynton, Charles F., Fort Dodge, Io. Barrows, S., Des Moines, Io. Benton, John E., Folsom, Cal. Boynton, Francis II., Rehoboth, Ms. Barrows, William, Reading, Ms. Benton, Jos. A., San Francisco, Cal. Brace, Jonathan, Milford, Ct. Barstow, Zedekiah S., Keene, N. H. Benton, William A., Mt. Lebanon, Brace, Seth C., New Ilaven, Ct. Barteau, S. H., Burlington, Ms. SYRIA.

Bradford, Dana B., Gilmanton Iron Bartlett, Alexander, Austinburg,0. Berney, Daniel, Farmers, Mich. Works, N. H.

(N. Y. Bartlett, Dwight K., Rochester, Berry, Augustus, Pelham, N. H. Bradford, Benj'n F., Niagara City, N. Y

Bessom, William H., Somerset, Ms. Bradford, J. H., IIudson, Wis. Bartlett, Enoch N., Oberlin, O. Bicknell, Simon S., Milton, Wis. Bradford, Moses B., McIndoe's Falls, Bartlett, Francis, Coolville, 0. Bigelow, Andrew, Medfield, Ms. Vt.

[N H Bartlett, Joseph, Buxton, Me. Bigelow, Asahel, Hancock, N. H. Bradford, Samuel C., Francestown, Bartlett, Leavitt, Kansas City, Mo. Bigelow, Warren, Mazeppa, Min. Bradnack, Isaac R., Lockport, N.Y. Bartlett, Lyman, Morristown, Vt. Billings, Rich'd s., Shelburne, Ms. Bradshaw, John, Crown Point, N.Y. Bartlett, Samuel C., Chicago, Ill. Bingham, Joel S., East Boston, Ms. Brainerd, David S., Lyme, Ct. Bartlett, Wm. A., Brooklyn, N. Y. Birchard, Wm. M., Collamer, Ct. Brainerd, Timothy G., Halifax, Ms. Bartlett, W.C., Redwood City, Cal. Bird, Isaac, Hartford, Ct.

Braman, Milton P., Auburndale, Ms. Barton, A. S., Georgia, Vt. Bird, William, Abeih, SYRIA.

Branch, Edwin T., Vernon, Mich. Barton, Chas. B., Woodburn, ni. Bisbee, John H., Worthington, Ms. Brandt, Charles E., Hartford, Ct. Barton, Fred. A., Indian Orchard, Biscoe, G. S., Cottage Grove, Min. Brastow, Lewis 0., St. Johnsbury, Ms.

Biscoe, Thomas C., Grafton, Ms. Vt. Barton, Walter, Amherst, Ms. Bishop, Nelson, Windsor, Vt. Brastow, Thomas E., Brooks, Me. Bascom, E., Center, Wis.

Bissell, Charles II., Harwinton, Ct. Bray, John E., Brooklyn, N. Y. Bascom, Flavel, Princeton, Ill. Bissell, Edwin C., San Francisco, Bray, William L., Aurora, Ill. Bascom, John, Williamstown, Ms. Cal.

Breed, Chas. C., East Paw paw, IU. Bassett, Edw. B., Gilsum, N. II. Bissell, Oscar, Roxbury, N. II. Breed, David, Attleboro, Ms. Bassett, William E., Warren, Ct. Bissell, Samuel B. S., Norwalk, Ct. Breed, Samuel D., Ypsilanti, Mich. Batchelder, John S., West Spring. Bittinger, John Q., St. Albans, Vt. Breed, William J., Raynham, Ms. field, Mass.

Bixby, Solo'n, Westmoreland, N.H. Bremner, David, Plymouth, Ms. Bates, Alexir J., Harwichport, Ms. | Black, R. K., N. S.

Brewer, James, Bristol, nu.

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