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of style, that awakens the careless and men into submission to his own divine worldly ; that convinces of sin and authority. This book is the very scepcondemnation ; that quickens into ter of his power. This book does all new life the spiritually dead ; and the good that is done.” We conclude, makes Christians prayerful, zealous, then, that he will do most good to the and ready to every good word and church of Christ and the souls of men, work? Who that has had experience who makes the most use of the Bible, does not know that it is Bible truth who understands and feels in his which gives relief to the burdened con- own soul the preciousness and imporscience of the sinner? Who, that has tance of its truth and labors to make often visited the sick and dying, has others understand and feel their power. not observed that what has particular- There is much scepticism respecting ly arrested attention, and given them divine revelation in people of all classlight and comfort, are texts of Scrip- es. How shall this be eradicated ? ture ? To please, amuse, and attract What remedy should be employed ? an audience is one thing, but to awaken If we would dispel darkness, we must stupid consciences, to excite the in- let in light. If we would exterminate quiry, what must I do to be saved, and to error, we must employ truth, convert from the practice of sin to the vealed truth. The Bible must speak. practice of holiness, is quite another. The Bible must refute. The infallible

In the language of the writer already teachings which God has given must quoted, “ The Bible is the mediatorial be explained and inculcated, so that instrument which the mediatorial Son all shall feel that it is he who speaks of God uses in subduing the sons of and not man.




WE resume the record, made in our early volumes, of the Professors and Students in the Theological Schools connected with our denomination, believing it will be of value to the churches. The following lists are compiled from the printed catalogues and information in manuscript. All honorary titles being omitted, it is safe to address each Professor as D.D. A dash in the column “graduated ” signifies that the person is not a graduate of a college.

The following abbreviations of names of colleges are used. It would be very convenient for all the seminaries to adopt the same abbreviations. The list we have adopted is prepared after looking over the whole field ; and a number of changes have been necessary to secure uniformity. Will not the seminaries adopt this list?

Ad.C. Adrian College, Michigan.
Al.C. Alleghany College, Pennsylvania.

A.C. Amherst College, Massachusetts.
Ba.C. Bates College, Maine..
Bel.c. Beloit College, Wisconsin.
B.C. Bowdoin College, Maine.
B.U. Brown University, Rhode Island.

D.Ç. Dartmouth College, N. H.
Ham.C. Hamilton College, New York.

H.C. Harvard College, Massachusetts. Hills.C. Hillsdale College, Michigan.

III.C. Illinois College, Illinois.

Io.C. Iowa College, Iowa.
Ken.C. Kenyon College, Ohio.

K.C. Knox College, Illinois.
Mar.C. Marietta College, Ohio.

M.C. Middlebury College, Vermont.
N.J.C. New Jersey College, New Jersey.
N.Y.F.A. New York Free Academy, N. Y.
N.Y.U. New York University, New York.

0.C. Oberlin College, Ohio.
R.U. Rochester University, New York.
R.C. Rutgers College, New Jersey.
T.C. Tusculum College, Tennessee.
U.C. Union College, New York.

U.E. University of Edinburgh, Scotland. R. Kendrick Harlow, Middleborough,
U.M. University of Michigan, Michigan. Mass.

A.C. 1865
U.P. University of Pennsylvania, Pa. R. Piercy Hibbard, Brooklyn, N. Y.
U.Vt. University of Vermont, Vermont.

N.Y.F.A. Wab.C. Wabash College, Indiana.

Henry H. Hutchinson, Minot, Me. R.C. Wat.C. Waterville College, Maine.

George H. Kimball, Boston, Mass. W.R.C. Western Reserve College, Ohio. George R. Merrill, Newburyport, Ms. A.C. 1865 Wh.C. Wheaton College, Illinois.

William F. Ober, Beverly, Mass. A.C, 1865
W.C. Williams College, Massachusetts. J. E. Pierce, Monmouth, Me. B.C. 1862
Y.C. Yale College, Connecticut.

William H. Rand, Keene, N. H. M.C.
Fred E. Sturgess, Augusta, Me. A.C. 1864

Philander Thurston, Enfield, Mass. A.C. 1865 I. - THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, BANGOR, ME. Webster Woodbury, Sweden, Me. B.C. 1864


Total, 34.

Note. - The last graduating class numbered Rey. Enoch Pond, President, Waldo Profes

twenty. For several years immediately preceding sor of Ecclesiastical History, and Lecturer

the two last, the average number of students was on Pastoral Duties.

more than sixty. Rev. GEORGE SHEPARD, Fogg Professor of

Sacred Rhetoric, and Lecturer on the English Language.

II. — THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, ANDOVER, Ms. Rev. Daniel Smith Talcott, Hayes Profes

sor of Sacred Literature.
Rev. SAMUEL HARRIS, Buck Professor of Rev. EDWARDS A. PARK, Abbott Professor of
Christian Theology, and Librarian.

Christian Theology.

Rev. ELIJAH P. BARROWS, Hitchcock Profes

sor of the Hebrew Language and Literature. Names and Residence.


REV. AUSTIN PHELPS, Bartlett Professor of Emory G. Chaddock, Alexander,

Sacred Rhetoric. N. Y.

Hills. C. 1863

Rev. EGBERT C. SMYTH, Brown Professor of Aura L. Gerrish, Exeter, N. H.

Eccl. History, and Lecturer on Pastoral TheGilman A. Hoyt, East Machias, Me.

ology. Joseph B. Ladd, Providence, R. I. W.C. 1860

Rev. J. HENRY THAYER, Associate Professor Abram Maxwell, Sweden, Me. B.C. 1861

of Sacred Literature. Samuel W. Pearson, Alna, Me. B.C. 1862

Rev. CHARLES M. MEAD, Hitchcock ProfesGeo. H. Pratt, Shrewsbury, Mass. A.C.

sor (elect) of the Hebrew Language and LitAndrew J. Smith, Swan's Island, B.C. 1863

erature. Abiel H. Wright, Cambridge, Mass.

Prof. WILLIAM RUSSELL, Teacher of Elocu(9)

tion. MIDDLE Class.

PROF. LEWIS B. MONROE, Teacher of ElocuF. W. Dickinson, Griggsville, Ill. Ill.C. 1864 tion. | Edgar L. Foster, East Machias, Me. A.C. 1864

N. W. Grover, W. Bethel, Me. B.C. 1864
Henry B. Hart, Holden, Me.

Names and Residences. Coll. Grad. Sem.
W. S. Kimball, Newburyport, Mass. A.C. 1863 A. V. G. Allen, Lawrence, Ms.
A. F. Marsh, Montague, Mass.

Ken.C. 1862. Andover. (6)

William H. Beard, Andover, Ms.

Samuel B. Andrews, Exeter, Me. Ba.C. 1862 Thad. H. Brown, Andover, Ms.
Thomas E. Babb, Plainfield, N. J. A.C. 1865

Y.C. 1860. Andover. Albert Galliford Bale, Dubuque, Io. A.C. 1865 W.H. Dowden, Carlisle, Ms.E. Brookings, Jr., Woolwich, Me. Wat.C. 1862 Hugh Elder, Dunfermline, Scotland, James Dingwell, Jr., Providence,

U.E. 1863. Scot. Cong. Theol. Hall. R. I.

A.C. H. B. Ensworth, Rochester, N. Y.
A. Doremus, Parsippany, N. J. R.C. 1864
Edward P. Eastman, N. Conway,

Ephraim Flint, Jr., Andover, Ms.
N. H.

W.C. 1851. Vitellus M. Hardy, Wilton, Me. A.C. 1865 E. J. Hart, Andover, Ms.

Bangor. Joseph H. Leach, Westminster, Vt.

Alfred S. Hudson, Sudbury, Ms.

W.C. 1864 A.C. 1861.

Everett E. Lewis, Bristol, Ct. W.C. 1862 Edward W. Morley, Williamstown, Ms. Nathaniel S. Moore, Brooklyn, N. Y. Y.C. 1861

W.C. 1860. Andover. Charles M. Palmer, Orfordville, N. H. D.C. 1862 Mason Noble, Jr., New York City,

William E. Park, Andover, Ms. Y.C. 1861 W.C. 1862. Union. William H. Savage, Chelsea, Ms. B.C. 1858 J. C. Phelps, Andover, Ms.

George W. Scott, Pittsburg, Pa. M.C. 1864 Benjamin A. Robie, Gorham, Me.

Amos Skeele, Chicopee, Ms. Ken.C. 1864

Bangor. Newman Smyth, Brunswick, Me. B.C. 1863 W.F. Snow, Somerville, Ms. H.C. 1861.

E. P. Sprague, So. Orange, N.J. N.Y.U. 1864 Frank P. Woodbury, Jackson, Mich.

Charles B. Sumner, Southbridge, Ms. Y.C. 1862 W.C. 1861. Union. Henry M. Tenney, Vineland, N.J. A.C. 1864 (15)

George W. Warren, Boston, Ms. H.C. 1860 SENIOR CLASS.

Lyman W. Winslow, Beloit, Wis. Bel.C. 1863 Names and Residences.

Graduated. (25) Frederic B. Allen, Boston, Ms. A.C. 1863

JUNIOR CLASS. Samuel W. Dike, Thompson, Ct. W.C. 1863

Names and Residences.

Graduated. John H. Denison, Boston, Ms. W.C. 1862

James H. Babbit, Taunton, Ms. A.C. 1865 William D. Doty, Boston, Ms. Ken.C. 1862

Edward T. Bartlett, Philadelphia, Pa. U.P. 1865 Horace Dutton, Auburndale, Ms. Y.C. 1862

Albert Bowers, Hancock, N. H. D.C. 1863 M. Everett Dwight, N. Y. City, N.Y.F.A. 1860

J. Wesley Churchill, Nashua, N. H. H.C. 1865 Addison P. Foster, W. Springfield,

De Witt S. Clark, Chicopee, Ms. A.C. 1863 Ms.

W.C. 1863

Joseph Cook, Ticonderoga, N. Y. H.C. 1865 Elbridge Gerry, W. Randolph, Vt. M.C. 1862

Sidney Crawford, Barre, Ms. A.C. 1861 Chauncey L. Hamlen, Cleveland,

Marshall M. Cutter, Cambridge, Ms. H.C. 1864 Ohio.

W.R.C. 1863

C. T. Dering, E. Setauket, N. Y. Ham.C. 1864 Wm S. Hubbell, N. Stonington, Ct. Y.C. 1858

James G. Dougherty, Newport, R. I. B.U. 1865 Alfred P. Johnson, Bedford, Ms. H.C. 1861

Myron S. Dudley, Chester, Vt. W.C. 1863 Nathaniel S. Kimball, Bradford, Ms. D.C. 1861

John Edgar, Philadelphia, Pa. James G. Merrill, Andover, Ms. A.C. 1863

Thomas A. Emerson, S.Reading, Ms. Y.C. 1863 John H. Morley, Williamstown, Ms. W.C. 1863

Hermann Ficke, Bremen, Germany, Bernard Paine, East Randolph, Ms. D.C. 1863

J. Irving Forbes, Philadelphia, Pa. U.P. 1861 Samuel B. Petter.gill, Grafton, Vt.

George H. French, Candia, N. H. D.C. 1863 William H. Phipps, Paxton, Ms. A.C. 1862 Sereno D. Gammell, Charlestown, Ms. A.C. 1865 William C. Reed, Hampden, Me. Y.C. 1863

Charles L. Hubbard, Corinth, Vt. D.C. 1865 Alvah M. Richardson, Winchester,

Chas. E. Lane, S. Newmarket, N. H. A.C. 1865 Ms.

A.C. 1862

James H. Lee, Charlestown, Ms. A.C. 1864 Frank H. Snow, Fitchburg, Ms. W.C. 1862

D. Dana Marsh, Thetford, Vt. D.C. 1865 Charles R. Treat, Boston, Ms. W.C. 1863

Henry P. Page, Center Harbor, N. H. D.C. 1861 Wm. J. Tucker, Fishersville, N. H. D.C. 1861

George H. Palmer, Boston, Ms. H.C. 1864 Daniel W. Waldron, Augusta, Me. B.C. 1862

Webster Patterson, Strafford, Vt. D.C. 1865 John K. Williams, Charlotte, Vt. M.C. 1860

Samuel W. Powell, Boston, Ms. Frank W. Winslow, Philadelphia,

John P. Taylor, Andover, Ms. Y.C. 1862 Pa.

U.P. 1863

Joseph Ward, Pawtucket, R. I. B.U. 1865 (25)

William H. Warren, Westboro', Ms. H.C. 1865 MIDDLE CLASS.

Will C. Wood, West Roxbury, Ms. H.C. 1860 Names and Residences. Graduated.


Total, 94. Alden Allen, Potsdam, N. Y. U.M. 1862 George W. Andrews, Andover, Ms. 0.C. 1858 III. — THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT, C. F. P. Bancroft, Mt. Vernon, N. H. D. C. 1860 YALE COLLEGE, NEW HAVEN, Ct. John P. Barrett, Boston, Ms. H.C. 1864

FACULTY. Thomas W. Bishop, Boston, Ms. H.C. 1863 Lyman H. Blake, Washington, Ms. M.C. 1863 Rev. THEODOPE Dwight WOOLSEY, PresiBenjamin A. Dean, Shrewsbury, Ms. A.C. 1862 dent. Samuel E. Evans, Chelsea, Ms. H.C. 1863

, Dwight Professor of Didactic Joseph E. Fiske, Grantville, Ms. H.C. 1861 Theology. Bradford M. Fullerton, Amherst, Ms. A.C. 1861 Rev. ELEAZAR T. FITCH, Livingston ProfesLewis Gregory, Wilton, Ct.

Y.C. 1864 sor of Divinity, Emeritus.



Rev. Noan PORTER, Jr., Clark Professor of newspapers, that James B. Hosmer, of Hart

Moral Philosophy and Metaphysics, and In- ford, has just added the munificent sum of fifty structor in Didactic Theology.

thousand dollars. Rev. JAMES M. HOPPIN, Professor of Homiletics and the Pastoral Charge.


OBERLIN COLLEGE, OBERLIN, Ohio. siastical History. Rev. TIMOTHY Dwight, Professor of Sacred

ADDISON Van NAME, Librarian and Instructor

Rev. CHARLES G. Finney, President and Proin Hebrew.

fessor of Theology and Mental and Moral


Rev.John MORGAN, Professor of Biblical LitNames and Residences.

Graduated. erature. James Henry Crosby, Bangor, Me.

REV. JAMES H. FAIRCHILD, Associate ProfesJohn Haskell Hewitt, Preston, Ct.

sor of Theology and Moral Philosophy. George Lee Woodhull, Sayville, N. Y.

--, Professor of Sacred Rhetoric and (3)

Adjunct Professor of Mental Philosophy. SENIOR CLASS.

Rev. James B. WALKER, Lecturer on the HarGeorge Wallace Banks, Greenfield Hill,

mony of Science with Revealed Religion. Ct.

Henry Edwards Cooley, New Haven, Ct.
Heman Packard DeForest, N. Haven, Ct. Names and Residences.

Graduated. Cyrus West Francis, Newington, Ct.

Frederic D. Allen, Oberlin, O. Wright Caleb Galpin, Candor, N. Y.

John M. Atwater, Oberlin, O. Algernon Mordant Goodnough, Brandon, James C. Cannon, Hiram, 0. Vt.

William (). King, Hartland, N. Y. David B. Perry, Worcester, Mass.

J. B. T. Marsh, Oberlin, O. Wm. C. Sexton, Piymouth, N. Y.

Abdiel C. Parsons, Colebrook, N. H. Lewis Williams, Lyon's Falls, N. Y.

(6) (9)

John Birge Doolittle, Hartford, Ct.

Thomas J. Adams, Goshen, Ind.
Cornelius L. Kitchel, Chicago, Ill.

Holland B. Fry, Brighton, 0. Wm. E. Lincoln, Painesville, 0. 0. C.

Daniel E. Hathaway, West LeRoy, Mich. Winthrop D. Sheldon, New Haven, Ct.

William Kincaid, Jr., Cincinnati, O. (4)

Chauncey N. Pond, Oberlin, O.

Robert M. Webster, Oberlin, O.
Simeon Olmsted Allen, Enfield, Ct.

Theodore Wilder, Mulberry Corners, 0. John P. Apthorp, North Bridgewa


Total, 13. ter, Mass.

A. C. John Wickliffe Beach, Millington, Ct.

VI. - CHICAGO THEOLOGICAL SEMIGeo. S. Dickerman, New Haven, Ct.

NARY, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Charles Hyde Gaylord, Ashford, Ct.

FACULTY. Allen McLean, Simsbury, Ct. Sanford Smith Martyn, New Haven, Ct. Rey. Joseph HAVEN, Ilinois Professor of SysGeo. S. Merriam, Springfield, Mass.

tematic Theology. (8)

Total, 24. Rev. Samuel C. BARTLETT, New England All the above are graduates , except those Professor of Biblical Literature. marked with a dash.

Rev. FRANKLIN W. Fisk, Wisconsin Professor of Sacred Rhetoric.

Professor of Ecclesiastical HisIV. HARTFORD. — This school has re

tory. cently removed from East Windsor to Hart- Professor BARTLETT, Librarian. ford, and is in process of re-organization and

LECTURERS. re-endowment. Although in successful operation, no catalogue has been issued this year, The following gentlemen are appointed as and we are unable to give a list of students. Lecturers on topics specially assigned by the Towards the endowment, we see it stated in Directors:

Rev. EDWARD BEECHER, on Church Institu

PARTIAL COURSE. First Year. tions. Rev. Jonathan BLANCHARD, Connection of Henry N. Baldwin, Tremont, III.

Arthur E. Arnold, New Rutland, Ill. the Old and New Testaments.

Charles Caverno, Waukesha, Wis. D.C. 1854 Rev. J. M. STURTEVANT, Relation of Sects to

Lanson Powers Norcross, Vinton, Io. the Church.

Clarendon M. Sanders, Boston, Ms. Rev. A. L. CHAPIN, Relations of Christianity George Smith, Lima, Wis. to Social Progress.

James Tompkins, Galesburg, Ill. Rev. J. B. WALKER, The Connection of Sci

Wm. A. Waterman, Blanford, Mass. ence and Religion.

Spencer R. Wells, Delavan, Wis.

Charles H. Wheeler, W. Roxbury, Ms.
Name and Residence.


Total, 47. Charles H. Richards, Y.C., 1860, Meriden, N.H.



Names and Residences.

Elihu C. Barnard, Jefferson, Ill. 0.C. 1860
Warren F. Day, Newark, Ill.

Wh.C. 1863

Rev. PRINCIPAL ADAM LILLIE, Systematic Frederick G. Ensign, Saratoga, Wis.

Theology and Church History. Hanford Fowle, Emerald Grove, Wis.

Rev. HENRY WILKES, Homiletics and PasJohn L. Granger, Crete, Ill.

toral Theology. J. A. Montgomery, Rockford, Ill. Wh.C. 1863

Rev. GEORGE CORNISH, Greek Testament Myron W. Reed, Watertown, Wis.

Exegesis. Augustine T. Smith, Plainfield, Ill. Ad.C. 1863 We are unable to give the list of students. (8)

An application secured, doubtless through MIDDLE CLASS.

some want of clearness on our part, only the Wm. H.Atkinson, Bloomington, Ill. III.C. 1864 list for the year 1864-5, instead of that for Harmon Bross, Milburn, Ill.

1865–6. That list gave the names of eight James Romeyn Danforth, New York,

students. Edward T. Hooker, Chicago, Ill. W.C. 1860 This school has been removed from Toronto William E. De Reimer, Berlin, Wis. A.C. 1862 to Montreal. An act of incorporation having Paul Silas Feemster, Columbus, Miss. T.C. 1861 been procured, was adopted August 25, 1864. Calvin R. Fitts, Rockville, Mass. A.C. 1864 The college became affiliated, also, with McGill Thomas Gillespie, Peoria, Il.

University, upon a basis mutually agreed Charles E. Marsh, Galesburg, Ill. Wh.C. 1860 upon, and Dr. Lillie was appointed a Fellow of Merritt B. Page, Belvidere, Ill.

the University. 6. The full course of study Carmi C. Thayer, Dana, Mass.

extends over five sessions (eight months of the Geo. Huntington Wells, Dover, li. A.C. 1863 year, each), and is divided into a Literary (12)

Course of two Sessions, and a Theological JUNIOR CLASS.

Course of three Sessions." The following is Franklin W. Adams, Fairport, N. Y.

the basis of affiliation, as agreed upon by the John Allender, New London, Ct.

Corporation of the University and the Board: Gabriel Campbell, Ypsilanti, Mich. U.M. 1865 I. Students of the said Congregational ColAsher W. Curtis, Brodhead, Wis. Bel.C. 1853 lege, whether matriculated, partial, or occaT. 0. Douglass, Platteville, Wis. III.C. 1865 sional students, shall be subject to the Laws Albert Augustus Fiske, Chicago, Ill.

and Regulations of the Faculty of Arts, in the Laroy S. Hand, Atlanta, Ill. Wh.C. 1862 same manner as other students. James Harrison, Baraboo, Wis.

II. The Faculty shall make formal reports Geo. McQueen Landon, Chicago, Ill. U.M. 1857 to the governing body of the said CongregaAlbert Josiah Lyman, Lenox, Mass.

tional College, of:- (1.) The conduct and atDaniel Merriman, Chicago, Ill. W.C. 1863 tendance of its students in the Classes of the George A. Paddock, Chandlerville, Ill.

Faculty; (2.) Their standing in the several ExSamuel P. Putnam, Pembroke, N. H.

aminations; and (3.) Said reports shall be furSamuel Fay Stratton, Princeton, Ill. Wh.C. 1865 nished after the Christmas and Sessional ExHenry B. Waterman, Belvidere, III. Y.C. 1863 aminations, severally, if called for. Franklin Wells, Galesburg, Ili. K.C. 1858 III. Matriculated students shall be allowed (16)

no exemptions in the Course for the Degree of

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