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alas, there is so little compared with what hended, viz.: that their ultimate success is there might be, and that little is so exposed mainly dependent on the benefactions of the that we may be in danger of not appreciating very few who can appreciate an object so what we really have, or of very long preserv- wide in its compass, so general in its plans, ing it. Calls in person, and by letter, from so remote in its bearings, though so certain all parts of our country for information and immediate and continuous in its influtouching our polity, the usages of the fathers ence for good. Our English Congregational in matters of discipline, the results of coun- brethren in efforts for a similar purpose are cils and their acknowledged authority, church going over the same ground for renewed submanuals and histories, are multiplying; and scriptions, and are happy in finding their to answer such wisely is becoming more and friends doubling, three-folding, and even fivemore important. We have some of the facili- folding their original pledges. Thus they ities, – but too few! The day is passing when hope soon to realize the large amount, at the all-nceded materials can be gathered. No least $350,000 in coin, proposed to be raised. time should be lost. Much can now be done, If driven to this extremity, the directors of this which can not be done but a very few years association will hope to find similar generoshence.

ity among the real friends of this enterprise. But the social value of this needed struc- While it is not for Boston, but is to be in ture can not be over-estimated. Our brethren Boston, it is nevertheless very difficult for of other names, with their centralized gov- the most of those outside our city limits and ernments and denominational courts, are wise the immediate vicinity to comprehend that enough to superadd the "Home" not merely this is not a local enterprise. So that there as a garner for denominational memorials, but seems to be a necessity for putting it fully for reunions, for discussions, and adjustment and fairly on its way for its great work, by of questions at issue or their preparation for the munificence of those who will immediatethe appointed adjudications. Much more do ly surround it. It does and must appeal to we, WITHOUT such courts or fixed tribunals, Boston capital, Boston intelligence, Boston need such a Home” or center where what pride, Boston principle, for its thorough bewe have written or printed that would be ginnings. It will become national and pubhelpful may be found, and what we desire lic as other great enterprises have become namay be secured, and what may be known tional and public, after Boston wealth has may be communicated; a denominational put them to public uses. As our denominaexchange, a bulletin; a receiving and dis- tion is sending out its wires into all parts of bursing bureau, which shall be a school, a our land and becoming itself national, so Home, an armory, a treasure-house, a resting- much the more it now needs this central place for our membership from the Lakes to point fixed and endowed with all that can the Gulf, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, as give it moral weight and efficiency; and thus they shall pass this way, or journey thither it will be as potent and as useful in its influto find out the way of the apostles and pil. ence and control among us as the higher ecgrims in planting the institutions of religion clesiastical courts of other sects are among for the world.

them; and this without any interference with To this end we must have $100,000 in the personal or particular church-rights. There least possible time, to which we must look for can be no question in the minds of all who supplementary gifts, by wills and otherwise, know and appreciate the facts, as to the imuntil this association shall be the power for portance of the immediate funding and esgood in the land, for which it is so well tablishing this long-talked-of“ Congregationadapted.

al Home.” Now, where are the noble and A few friends in Boston and vicinity have far-seeing few who will generously meet the entered into this plan with liberal views, and exigency, and place this association upon a proposed gifts. But the masses even of our safe living basis? Where is the one true own city and vicinity fail to see the great lover of the principles of the founders and faand immediate need of the structure it is pro- thers of New England, who will magnaniposed to rear. The directors are feeling more mously adopt this enterprise as his own, to deeply than ever what they have long appre- see it quickly and fairly on its way to a suc


cess, a good beginning will insure ? Pre- assorted, arranged, and made acccessible, 27,cious memories, and grateful offerings, and 24+, some of which are of great value, and rich rewards are in reserve for such benefac- many of which are waiting the means to be

About $40,000 are pledged towards bound for safety and more convenient use. the first 50 of the $100,000 now earnestly We have also 10,651 pamphlets, also assorted sought for. But a few weeks remain in and arranged, which are duplicates for exwhich to secure the remaining 10,000 to bind change or sale ; making a total of pamphlets what is already pledged. The directors do of 37,895. most earnestly bespeak the good offices of But we have abundant room for both books their friends, that at least this small sum may and pamphlets, and let none fear of duplicatbe at once secured. We have too much not ing what we have. Duplicates are the capito have more,- too much to be lost or longer tal of our librarian, by the help of which, in jeoparded by being in a place so insecure. exchange, or by sale, he has added many a

As already intimated, some valuable books valuable work to our shelves. and pamphlets have been added to the library We are expecting to receive nearly or during the past year. Among them is a com- quite complete files of our denominational plete set of Owen's works, a gift from the religious papers from the American Board, Rev. T. Atkinson, of Nahant, to whom this with the understanding that they are to be association has been frequently made a large arranged and stitched or bound, so as to be debtor before. Brooks' Puritans, Hutchinson made available to the public benefit. Will Papers, Young's Chronicles of the Pilgrims; not some friend of our religious order and Punchard's, Dexter's, Buck's, Wardlaw's, and literature give us the means of completing Davis's treatises on our polity in its various and binding these files of papers, which, of relations have been secured. We have placed themselves, would be a valuable library ? upon our shelves 375 bound volumes, which There is a great work to be done in this diare new here, so that our whole number of rection, and may God engage his people in bound volumes is 5,142. We have added its speedy accomplishment. In behalf of the 56 bound volumes to our duplicates, making, directors, 547 duplicates. We have of pamphlets, now


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