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pages, having copious notes. We heartily if desired, in the sanctuary. See advertisecommend this book to all who have any doubts on this important subject; and espe

In a clever 12mo. of 248 pages, we cially to ministers and teachers who wish to

have a phonographic report of the speeches be and ought to be well fortified, so as to meet

and proceedings of the New England Methoany difficulties that may be suggested.

dist Centennial Convention, held in this city Miss Mary Lyon was one of the mar- last June. The Lieutenant-Governor of this vels of the age in which she lived. She did a

State, Wm. Clafflin, was president. The great work for her sex and for the world.

occasion was one of deep interest. The Two books are already before the public, giv- statistics are wonderful, showing the great, ing her life and her deeds, but there is room

relative and absolute, increase of that defor still another. Her associates at South

nomination during this period. The proceedHadley knew her thoroughly, and had still in

ings detailed were harmonious, the speeches reserve much that was deemed too valuable

racy and often able; and the book altogether to withhold from the outside world, and which is an interesting one to others than those to the volumes already issued did not contain.

whose especial religious peculiarities it reAmong those associates not one was so well

lates, and we are glad to receive it. We fitted and furnished as Miss Fiske, and a trust that those for whom it is more particugood work she has done. It is a volume full

larly designed will more freely and generally of useful hints, and of pleasant reminiscences,

purchase it, than our Congregationalists have and will be especially appreciated by the

purchased the invaluable essays, discussions, former teachers and pupils of Mount Holyoke

and proceedings of their own, and only, Female Seminary.

National Council. We doubt not they will. -From the prolific press at 28 Cornhill,

Deacon Timothy Gilbert' was well Boston, we have a neat little volume, entitled

and favorably known in Boston and vicinity. “ Pleasant Grove," by Alice A. Dodge, pp. 208 ; and another called “Lift a Little, or the fainily hereabouts, as well as at a distance.

His pianos have introduced him into many a Old Quilt,” by Mrs. J. P. Ballard, pp. 208.

His connection with the transformation of Also “Frank's Search for Sea Shells, by H.

Tremont Theater into a sanctuary of the E. P.” Illustrated. 351 pp., well and plea- Lord ; his early espousal and manly defense santly written, and instructive. ... Also, of the anti-slavery cause ; his efforts to pro* Lynton ville, or the Irish Boy in Canada,"

mote revivals of religion, and extend and pp. 175, a bewitching story, calculated to be

sustain educational institutions for his own useful. ... Also, “Nellie Newton; or,

denomination, — Baptist, all have made Patience and Perseverance,” pp. 144,

him a man well known and highly respected. almost tragic story of imminent peril and

His last pastor has done a good work in giving escape, with its suggestive lessons.

this well-printed volume to the public. We The book of Psalms” is precious admire its candor and accuracy. We have every way, and on all occasions. Mason

the DATES and NAMES. There seems to be Brothers have just issued a beautiful edi- less than usual of “about such a time," and tion, arranged for responsive readings in some one said.” Besides, we have largely a the family, in Sabbath and day schools, and, history of the great events themselves with

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which the subject of the book was connected. 1 Recollections of Mary Lyon, with Selections from her Instructions to the Pupils of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. By Fidelia Fisk. Published by 3 Methodist Centenary Convention. A Phonographic the American Tract Society, 28 Cornhill, Boston. Report of the Debates and Addresses, together with

the Essays and Resolutions of the New England 2 The Book of Psalms; arranged according to the Methodist Centenary Convention, held in Boston, Original Paralleligms for Responsive Reading. New June 5–7, 1866. Boston: B. B. Russell & Co. 1866. York: Mason Brothers, publishers, 596 Broadway ; 4 Memoir of Timothy Gilbert, by Justice D. FulBoston : Mason & Hamlin.

ton. Boston: Lee & Shepard. 1866. 255 pp.

pp. 333.

Editor's Table.

We close the eighth volume of this period- possible that all would fail us. But such ical with this number. It was commenced was the fact, and we were compelled, at the under the conviction that such a work was last moment, to seize upon what was availagreatly needed in the Congregational denomi- ble; and we deem ourselves highly favored in nation, and with the hope that it would be securing so good a likeness of so good a man, well sustained. Our eight years' experience and one so well known to our churches. and observation have but convinced us the And there is a fitness, perhaps, in bringing the more deeply of its great need, and we are

two brothers, so lovely in their lives, so near not yet utterly without hope that it will be, together in our memorial gallery. some day, well sustained. We shall commence the ninth volume with some doubt of

We would thank our readers to give us inits pecuniary success; but the determination formation of well-deserving men, whether to deserve success is strong, and we are not ministers, or faithful members of our churches, without expectation of winning it. We look of whom there is a good engraving, or whose confidently to the renewal of all old sub- friends would procure one, that we may give scriptions, and must again ask the friends of them a place in our succeeding numbers. this Quarterly to commend it to those who We can not be at the expense of engraving a do not, but could be interested to take it. plate, but will gladly pay for printing the The circulation could be easily doubled, likeness. and even more, were there earnest efforts to We desire to insert, as hitherto, good wood this end by those who now receive it and cuts of meeting-houses, with a little descripknow its value.

tion of the structure, and a very brief history It is not possible to offer it at a lower price of the church worshiping in it. These are very than $1.50 a year, PAYABLE ALWAYS IN

useful and highly valued, especially by our ADVANCE. It would be a great help to us if readers in the West and South-west. We subscriptions could be forwarded on or before should be very glad to receive these from any the first day of December, that we might the part of our country. A good wood engraving better judge how large an edition to publish. will cost, if carved here, from twenty-five to

Send $1.50 to “ CONGREGATIONAL QUAR- thirty-five dollars, depending much upon the TERLY, Boston, Mass." No other direction style of the structure to be engraved. is necessary. Our room is No. 10, at 23 Chauncy where we shall always be Perhaps we need not repeat the fact that glad to meet our subscribers.

we take the usual liberty of editors, of insertA few full sets from the beginning can be ing some articles with all of the statements furnished at one dollar a volume in numbers, of which we should not agree; and we have one dollar and fifty cents a volume, bound.

not deemed it always necessary to put in our Volumes Fifth and sixth (1863 and 1864) dissent lest we should be misunderstood. are not for sale separate from a full set. The excellent article, in the main, on creeds

We shall be glad to pay FIFTY CENTs each may be deemed too liberal in respect to adminfor number FOUR, 1863, and seventy-five cents istering ordinances to all who give good evieach for number one, 1854.

dence of being accepted of Christ. We

think there may be cases where we should be It may seem strange that we should give justified in going to the extreme named our readers engravings and sketches of two in baptizing a believer and leaving him brothers in two consecutive numbers. It is “out in the cold,” — but they must be exdue to ourselves to say that we had the prom- tremely rare, so rare that there need be no ise of three engravings and accompanying rule; let them be as exceptions. We heartily sketches for this number of the quarterly, up- indorse the suggestion of applying and enon either of which we supposed we could forcing the doctrinal test to all candidates for rely, and did not think it was scarcely ordination or installation.


We called attenrton to the fact, in our July discussions thereon by our ablest men, all of issue, that the Phonographic Report of the which are found in this “report” as in no proceedings of the late “ National Congrega- other book in the world. In our July editorial tional Council” was published, and that, too, we named the places where the book can be in a good, substantial form, and well but found on sale, at $3.00 or $3.25 by mail, plainly bound. We more than intimated postage paid, or address that the edition of one thousand copies is

ISAAC P. LANGWORTHY, still mostly on the hands of the publishers,

Boston, Mass. who are the publishers also of this Quarterly. Neither the latter nor the former was under- Owing to causes beyond our control, our. taken with any prospect or hope of pecuniary issues have come out “behind time” this gain. We are, however, most firmly per year. Our arangements for the next suaded that such a circulation of both as are such as we trust will save us from such would at least pay the bills, would be greatly humiliating embarrassments hereafter. In isuseful to their readers. But, in respect to the suing the January number, we are compelled report of the Council, we shall be only to delay until the last moment often, for the too glad to find purchasers for this invaluable sake of the minutes of the State bodies that compend of our Congregational doctrines, meet in the autumn.

It is our full purpose polity, and our working channels, through and expectation to be in season, however, this which we labor to bless the world, and the


Congregational Quarterly Record.

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June 13. Mr. HANFORD FOWLE, over the

Ch. in Fulton, Wis. Sermon by Rev.
Calvin S. Shattuck, of Emerald Grove.
Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Robert Sewall,
of Stoughton.
14. Rev. ANDREW L. STONE, D. D.,
over the 1st Ch. in San Francisco, Cal.
Sermon by Rev. Israel E. Dwinell, of
Sacramento. Installing Prayer by Rev.
George Mooar, of Oakland.

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Churches formed.
June 5, 1866. In Benicia, Cal., 17 members.

21. In Stewartsville, Mo., 8 members.
23. In San Andreas, Cal., 10 members.

23. In Rantoul, Ill.
July 11. In Newton, Ms., the North Evan. Ch.,

23 members. 11. In Fulton Center, Mich. 17. In Wellsburg, N. Y., 21 members. 24. In Pescadeor, Cal., 13 members. 29. In Paynesville, Minn. 81. In Iowa City, Io., 80 members.

31. In Belle Plain, Io., 5 members.
Aug. 2. In Babcock's Grove, Ill., 15 mem-

5. In Pappilion, Neb., 11 members.
12. In Hinsdale, Ill.
13. In Neosho, Mo., 9 members.
13. In Conover, Io.
13. In Astoria, Or., 18 members.
16. In Nashua, Io., 16 members.
19. In Salt Creek, Neb.

15. Mr. J. ARTHUR MONTGOMERY, to the work of the Ministry in Dwight, Ill. Sermon by Rev. Franklin W. Fisk, D. D., of Chicago Seminary.

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20. Rev. ORVILLE W. MERRILL, over
the Ch. in Anamosa, Io. Sermon by
Rev. Lyman Whiting, of Dubuque. In-
stalling Prayer by Rev. William P.

Apthorp, of Bowen's Prairie.

over the 2d Ch. in Attleboro', Ms. Ser-
mon by Rev. Edwin B. Webb, d. D., of
Boston. Installing Prayer by Rev. Eras-
tus Maltby, D. D., of Taunton.

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21. Mr. LUCIUS H. HIGGINS, over the Ch. in Lanark, Il. Sermon by Rev. Joseph E. Roy, of Chicago. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Oliver Emerson, of Sabula.

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Rev. JOHN ALLISON, over the Plymouth Ch. in Milwaukee, Wis. Sermon by Rev. Grosvenor W. Heacock, D. D., of Buffalo, N. Y. Installing 'Prayer by Rev. Wm. DeLoss Love, of Nilwaukee.




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June 26. Rev. GEORGE CURTISS, over the July 26. Mr. HENRY O. THAYER, and Mr.

Ch. in E. Avon, Ct. Sermon by Rev. GILMAN A. HOYT, to the work of the Julius H. Scelye, D. D., of Amherst Col- Ministry in Bangor, Me. Sermon by Rev. lege. Installing Prayer by Rev. Jona- James McCosh, of Belfast, Ireland. Orthan L. Jenkins, of Hartford.

daining Prayer by Rev. Aaron C. Adams,

of Auburn. 28. Mr. A. C. FII over the Ch. in Alstead Center, N. H. Sermon by Rev. Aug. 7. Mr. HENRY E. COOLEY over the Amos Foster, of Putney, Vt. Ordain- Ch. in Plymouth, Ct. Sermon by Rev. ing Prayer by Rev. Samuel L. Gerould, George B. Willcox, of New London. of Stoddard.

Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Amos E. Law66 28. Rev. JOSIAH W. KINGSBURY,

rence, of Springfield, Ms. over the Ch. in Queechy, Vt. Sermon by

10. Mr. CHARLES M. MEAD, to the
Rev. John H. Edwards, of West Lebanon, work of the Ministry in Cornwall, Vt.
N. H.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Hor-

Sermon by Rev. Edwards A. Park, D. D., ace Wellington, of West Hartford.

of Andover Seminary. Ordaining Prayer July 6. Mr. WILLIAM A. LAWRENCE, to

by Rev. Benjamin Labaree, D. D., of the work of the Ministry in Pepperell, Ms.

Sermon by Rev. S. Leroy Blake, of 14. Mr. W. F. HARVEY, to the work
Pepperell. Ordnining Prayer by Rev. of the Ministry in Webster City, Io. Ser-
Pliny B. Day, of Hollis, N. H.

mon by Rev. Jesse Guernsey, of Du“ 10. Rev. WILLIAM A. CHAMBERLIN,

buque. over the Ch. in Beardstown, Ill. Sermon 16. Rev. JOSEPH A. LEACH, as junior by Rev. Samuel H. Emery, of Quincy. pastor over the Ch. in Keene, N. H. SerInstalling Prayer by Rev. Joseph R. Ken- mon by Rev. William A. Stearns, D. D., of nedy, of Chandlerville.

Amherst College. Installing Prayer by 11. Rev. STEPHEN G. DODD, over the

Rev. Amos W. Burnham, D. D., of Central Ch. in Middleborough, Ms. Ser

Rindge. mon by Rev. Alonzo H. Quint, of New 22. Rev. DANIEL CLARK, over the Bedford. Installing Prayer by Rev. Ch. in Plainfield, Ill. Sermon by Rev. Israel W. Putnam, d. D., of Middle- Edward Ebbs, of Aurora. Installing borough.

Prayer by Rev. Martin K. Whittlesey, of

Ottawa. 11. Rev. EDWARD F. BROOKS, over the Ch. in Westminster, Ct. Sermon by 22. Rev. PERRIN B. FISK, over the Rev. Francis Williams, of Chaplin. In- Ch. in Peacham, Vt. Sermon by Rev. A. stalling Prayer by Rev. Luther H. B. Dascomb, of Waitsfield. Installing Barber, of Scotland.

Prayer by Rev. John Eastman, of Dan

ville. 11. Mr. MYRON W. REED, to the work of the Ministry in El Paso, Ill. Sermon by

22. Mr. CHARLES H. GARDNER, over Rev. Samuel (C. Bartlett, D. D., of Chica- the Ch. in Agawam, Ms. Sermon by go Seminary.

Rev. Henry M. Parsons, of Springfield. 16. Mr. CHARLES H. RICHARDS,

22. Rev. WILLIS G. COLTON, over the over the Ch. in Kokomo, Ind. Sermon

Ch. in Washington, Ct. Sermon by Rev. and Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Nathan A.

George Richards, of Bridgeport. Hyde, of Indianapolis. 17. Mr. WILLIAM S. HILLS, over the

29. Mr. WILLIAM H. PHIPPS, to the Ch. in Wellsburg, N. Y. Sermon by Rev.

work of the Ministry in Paxton, Ms. Moses H. Wilder, of Center Lisle. Or

Sermon by Rev. George H. Gould, of daining Prayer by Rev. Thomas N. Bene

Hartford, Čt. dict, of Center Lisle.

30 Mr. ABRAM MAXWELL, over the

Ch. in Sumner, Me. Sermon by Rev. 18. Mr. GEORGE L. WOODHULL, to the work of the Ministry in Onowa, Io.

Leonard W. Harris, of North Bridgeton.

Ordaining Prayer by Rev. John Elliot, of July 20. Mr. BENJAMIN A. DEAN, to the

Rumford Point. work of the Ministry in Shrewsbury, Ms. Sept. 5. Mr. CALVIN R. FITTS to the work Sermon by Rev. Ebenezer Cutler, of

of the Ministry in Medfield, Ms. Sermon Worcester. Ordaining Prayer by Rev.

by Rev. William M. Thayer, of Franklin. George E. Sanborne, of Northboro.

Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Andrew Bige20. Mr. JOHN L. GRANGER, to the

low, D. D., of Medfield. work of the Ministry in Bristol, ill. Ser

5. Rev. HENRY CUMMINGS, over the mon by Rev. Samuel C. Bartlet, D. D., of Ch. in Rutland, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Chicago Seminarv. Ordaining Prayer by

Ebenezer Cutler, of Worcester. InstallRev. Edward Ebbs, Aurora.

ing Prayer by Rev. Amos H. Coolidge, of

Leicester. 25. Rev. WILLIAM H. FENN, over the High St. Ch. in Portland, Me. Sermon

12. Rev. DANIEL GIBBS, over the Ch. by Rev. Albert H. Plumb, of Chelsea, in Gilead, Ct. Sermon by Rev. Lucius Mis. Installing Prayer by Rev. Jotham Curtis, of Colchester. Installing Prayer B. Sewall, of Bowdoin College.

by Rev. J. J. Bell.





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Sept. 12. Mr. HENRY A. WALES, over the June 14. In Ascutneyville, Vt., Rev. FAY

Ch. in Elmwood, R. I. Sermon by Rev. ETTE HURD, of Richmond, Mich., to
Jonathan Crane. D. D., of Middletown, Miss Julia T. Robinson,
N. Y.

28. In Kidder, Mo., Rev. MARTIN LEF-
13. Rev. WILLIAM F. SNOW, over FINGWELL, to Miss Sarah J. Sadler,
the Eliot Ch. in Lawrence, Ms. Sermon by both of Cameron.
Rev. Albert H. Plumb, of Chelsea. In-
stalling Prayer by Rev.'Edward H. Gree- July 5. In Elkhorn, Wis., Rev. S. DENISON

PEET, to Miss Olive W. Cutler. ley, of Methuen.

12. In Southbury, Ct., Rev. ELIJAH HARMON, of Hartford, to Miss Lucy M.,

daughter of Rev. Asa B. Smith, of s. Pastors Dismissed.

19. In Meridan., N. H., Rev, FRANK P.

WOODBURY, to Miss Abby L., daughJune 7, 1866. Rev. CHARLES SECCOMBE, ter of Cyrus L. Richards, LL. D., both from the Ch. in St. Anthony, Minn.

of M. 27. Rev. JOSEPH W. HEALY, from Aug. 8. In Portland, Me., Rev. EDWARD P. the Hanover St. Ch. in Milwaukee, Wis. BAKER to Mrs. L. Maria Upton, both of

July 2. Rev. LEONARD TENNEY, from the

Ch. in Thetford, Vt.
3, Rev. EDWARD L. CLARK, from the

Ministers Deceased.
1st Ch. in North Bridgewater, Ms.
17. Rev. WILLIAM H. FENN, from the May 25, 1866., In Central City, Col., Rev. S.

HARVEY MELLIS, aged 32 years.
Franklin St. Ch., in Manchester, N. H.

30. In Victor, Mich., Rev. GARRY C.
Rev. WILLIS S. COLTON, from FOX, aged 37 years.
the Ch. in Wethersfield, Ct.

June 30. In Lawrence, Ms., Rev. CHRISTO18. Rev. HARVEY D. KITCHEL, D. D., PHER M. CORDLEY, years. from the Plymouth Ch. in Chicago, Ill.

25. In Dansville, N. Y., Rev. 0. D. AL53. Rev. HENRY K. CRAIG, from the LIS, formerly of West Randolph, Vt., Church in Bucksport, Me.

aged 41 years. 25. Rev. HENRY CUMMINGS, from the July 6. In Northfield, Ct., Rev. ELIJAH W. Ch. in Newport, N. H.

TUCKER, aged 56 years. 29. Rev. SILAS McKEEN, D. D., from 6. In Monson, Ms., Rev. ALFRED ELY, the Ch. in Bradford, Vt.

D. D., aged 87 years. Aug. 3. Rev. JOSEPH C. BODWELL, D. D., 8. In Bradford, Ms., Rev. NATHAN from the Ch. in Woburn, Ms.

MUNROE, aged 62 years. 22. Rev. ABIJAH P. MARVIN, from 22. In East Hartford, Ct., Rev. ANSON the North Ch. in Winchendon, Ms.

S. ATWOOD, aged 76 years. 30. Rev. SIMEON HACKETT, from the Aug. 12. In New Bedford, Ms., Rev. TIMOCh. in Temple, Me.

THYSTOWE, aged 41 years. Sept. 5. Rev. GEORGE B. NEWCOMB, from 16. In, Salem, Ms., Rev. SAMUEL M. the Ch. in Bloomfield, Ct.

WORCESTER., D.D., aged 64 years. 5. Rev. ASA FARWELL, from the Ch.

17. In Cornwall, Vt., Rev. LYMAN B. in West Haverhill Ms.

MATTHEWS, aged 65 years. “ 5. Rev. ANDREW BIGELOW, D. D.,

21. In Princeton, Ms., Rev. JOHN S. from the Ch. in Medfield, Ms.

ZELIE, aged 41 years. 18. Rev. MOSES M. COLBURN, from

29. In South Deerfield, Ms., Rev. SAMthe Ch. in South Dedham, Ms.

UEL WARE, aged 85 years.
Sept. 14. In Chelsea, Vt. Rev. SALEM M.


aged 45


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Ministers Married.

Ministers' lives Deceased. Mar. 15, 1866. In Chester. Ms., Rev. SELAH July 30, 1866. In Hartford, Ct., Mrs. SARAH

MERRILL to Miss Fannie L. Cook, of C. E., wife of Rev. JONATHAN BRACE, May 1, 1866. At Schroon Lake, N. Y., Rev.

D. D., aged 48 years. THOMAS E. DAVIS, of Racine, 'Wis., Aug. 16. In Hubbardston, Ms., Mrs. LOUISA to Miss Ella E. Smith, of the former C., wife of Rev. JOHN M. STOWE, of place.

Sullivan, N. H.

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