Dvi-bhāsārthakābhidhāna or A dictionary of the Bengali language with Bengali synonyms and an English interpretation


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Page 354 - PratilJma, a. (g« reverting, hair) left, not right; reverse, inverted, contrary to the natural course or order, against the hair or grain.
Page 221 - T»t^<n\ the palate or roof of the mouth. 5T^91, ^?*«J, *tf3'i, §T3>?1, 3W5W, the palm of the hand, or sole of the foot, the roof of the mouth, the crown of the head.
Page 586 - As regards the rules for performing the six teorks (which are effected by the recital of magical texts, viz. Killing, infatuating, enthralling, expelling, exciting animosity, and privation of faculties), and other similar performances, — by the left ( the...
Page 58 - H«1<SJf, a vent or sale for goods, the breaking up of an assembly.
Page 47 - ... pain, distress, the end of a bow. , the office of a family priest.
Page 230 - Jit^l, u^, *w, the bottom of a river, &c. a row, a shelf, a sect, a party.
Page 491 - ... a form of prayer, a formula sacred to any particular deity, a text of the Veda, a mystical verse or •'• incantation, a charm.

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