What Her Face Said: the Story of Five Months, as Related to a Friend

Smith, Elder & Company, 1870

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Page 234 - For life, with all it yields of joy and woe, And hope and fear, — believe the aged friend,— Is just our chance o' the prize of learning love, How love might be, hath been indeed, and is; And that we hold thenceforth to the uttermost Such prize despite the envy of the world, And, having gained truth, keep truth: that is all.
Page 269 - Under every guilty secret there is hidden a brood of guilty wishes, whose unwholesome infecting life is cherished by the darkness. The contaminating effect of deeds often lies less in the commission than in the consequent adjustment of our desires — the enlistment of our self-interest on the side of falsity; as, on the other hand, the purifying influence of public confession springs from the fact, that by it the hope in lies is for ever swept away, and the soul recovers the noble attitude of simplicity.
Page 294 - THE END. London : Printed by SMITH, ELDER and Co., Old Bailey, EC '. THE WORKS OF MR.
Page 156 - ... fit embodiment of that divine Sense, had been current more or less, making the generations noble : and here in England, in the Century called the Seventeenth, we see the last aspect of it hitherto, — not the last of all, it is to be hoped. Oliver was henceforth a Christian man ; believed in God, not on Sundays only, but on all days, in all places, and in all cases..

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