Cortina French-English Soldiers Handbook

Cortina Academy of Languages, 1917 - 95 pages

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Page 6 - ... le nôtre, la nôtre, les nôtres, ours. le vôtre, la vôtre, les vôtres, yours. le leur, la leur, les leurs, theirs.
Page 69 - Janvier, January. Février, February. Mars, March. Avril, April. Mai, May. Juin, June. Juillet, July. Août, August. Septembre, September. Octobre, October. Novembre, November. Décembre, December.
Page 96 - This book has had an extraordinary and unequalled success, as may be judged by the number of its editions. It is considered the standard work for mastering the Castilian language in the shortest possible time. One volume, octavo, NINETY-FIFTH EDITION, cloth, $1.50 No. 2. Inglés en Veinte Lecciones. (English in Twenty Lessons.) Standard text book in colleges of Spanish America. The favorite book for learning English rapidly. Prologue by Don Emilio Castelar.
Page 5 - Feminine. for both genders. mon, ma, mes> my. ton, ta, tes, thy. son, sa, ses, his, her, its. notre, notre, nos, our. votre, votre, vos, your, leur, leur, leurs, their.
Page 8 - I have. nous avo-ns — we have. tu as — thou hast. vous avez — you have. il a — he has. . ils ont — they have: elle a — she has. elles ont — they have.
Page 69 - Lundi Monday Mardi Tuesday Mercredi Wednesday Jeudi Thursday Vendredi Friday Samedi Saturday Dimanche Sunday...
Page 6 - Le leur, la leur, les miens, les miennes, mine. les tiens, les tiennes, thine. les siens, les siennes, his, hers, its.
Page 8 - AFFIRMATIVE. je suis, I am. nous sommes, we are. tu es, thou art. vous êtes, you are. il est, he is. ils sont, they (m.) are.
Page 4 - ... these pronouns are translated by el que, la que, los que, las que, according to the gender and number of the noun to which they relate.
Page 96 - ... the preceding ones, for use in schools, academies, etc., for studying with or without a teacher, or by employing it in connection with the phonograph. Prologue by Don Gaspar Nunez de Arce, the poet laureate of Spain. One volume, octavo, TWENTY-FOURTH EDITION, cloth, $1.50 No. 5. Espanol en Espanol. A complete method for teaching Spanish by the system of suggestion and association. This work presents clearly and forcibly the advanced methods of pedagogy which have led to the author's unparalleled...

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