Memoirs of the Distinguished Men of Science of Great Britain Living in the Years 1807-8: An Appendix

E. & F.N. Spon, 1864 - 160 pages

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Page 141 - Who directing the Force of an Original Genius Early exercised in Philosophic Research To the Improvement of The...
Page 70 - Having never seen the disease but in its casual way before, that is when communicated from the cow to the hand of the milker, I was astonished at the close resemblance of the pustules, in some of their stages, to the variolous pustules.
Page 69 - ... so that, if a cuckoo should be ready with an egg much sooner than the time pointed out, not a single nestling, even one of the earliest, would be fit to provide for itself before its parent would be instinctively directed to seek a new residence, and be thus compelled to abandon its young one; for old cuckoos take their final leave of this country the first week in July.
Page 70 - During that time, a young countrywoman having come to seek advice, the subject of small-pox was mentioned in her presence ; she immediately observed, " I cannot take that, for I have had the cow-pox.
Page 30 - ... hands or exchange greetings. A sense of isolation from his brethren, made him shrink from their society and avoid their presence, but he did so as one conscious of an infirmity, not boasting of an excellence. He was like a deaf mute sitting apart from a circle, whose looks and gestures show that they are uttering and listening to music and eloquence, in producing or welcoming which he can be no sharer.
Page 95 - ... most eloquent expounder of that great and magnificent system of knowledge which has been gradually evolved by the successive labours of so many gifted individuals. He possessed, indeed, in the highest degree, all the characteristics both of a fine and powerful understanding, at once penetrating and vigilant, but more distinguished, perhaps, for the caution and vin.

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