Ramsey Theory: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Alexander Soifer
Springer Science & Business Media, 29 oct. 2010 - 190 pages
This book explores the theory’s history, recent developments, and some promising future directions through invited surveys written by prominent researchers in the field. The first three surveys provide historical background on the subject; the last three address Euclidean Ramsey theory and related coloring problems. In addition, open problems posed throughout the volume and in the concluding open problem chapter will appeal to graduate students and mathematicians alike.

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Table des matières

An Essay in 13 Parts
EightyYearsof RamseyR3kandCounting
Ramsey Numbers Involving Cycles
On the Function of Erdos and Rogers
A Survey
Mutant Offspring of a Euclidean Ramsey Problem from 1973 with Numerous Applications
Open Problems in Euclidean Ramsey Theory
An Essay in 11 Parts
Euclidean Distance Graphs on the Rational Points
Open Problems Session
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Alexander Soifer is a Russian born and educated American mathematician, a professor of mathematics at the University of Colorado, an author of some 200 articles on mathematics, history of mathematics, mathematics education, film reviews, etc. He is Senior Vice President of the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions, which in 2006 awarded him The Paul Erdos Award. 26 years ago Soifer founded and has since chaired the Colorado Mathematical Olympiad, and served on both the USSR and USA Mathematical Olympiads committees. Soifer's Erdos number is 1.

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