Metaphor in Zulu

AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 1 sept. 2006 - 184 pages
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This study examines metaphor in Zulu in the light of conceptual metaphor theory from the perspective of a Bible translator. It then considers the possibility of translating Biblical Hebrew metaphor into Zulu.

Selected Hebrew metaphors in the Book of Amos are analysed according to conceptual metaphor theory and compared with the conceptual metaphor analysis of the corresponding verses in existing Zulu translations, thereby increasing the empirical basis of the theory, and showing that it is valid for the study of both Biblical Hebrew and Zulu and a useful tool for translators.


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After Eric Hermanson obtained a degree in African Languages at the University of the Witwatersrand and completed four years of theological studies at the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa in Johannesburg, he served in the South African Baptist Missionary Society among various language groups from 1965 to 1979. He then became Manager of Editorial Services and Editor of the South African Baptist magazine at the Baptist Publishing House. In 1987 he joined the Bible Society of South Africa as Translation Consultant and retired in 2005 as Head of the Department of Translation and Text Processing.

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