Jacob's Refuge

PublishAmerica, 2005 - 129 pages
Read the story of a man named Quicken. Become a witness to how Quicken becomes endowed with a magnificent gift of the first light that allows him to have prophetic visions and healing power. Quicken was chosen of God to receive the unique end-time gift from Heaven: the ability to view projected, prophetic visions as they are beamed from his eyes. Quicken becomes involved in the unveiling of the end-time prophesies as they relate to our time. Listen as Quicken narrates his story and shares the first-light message with the world while he saves persecuted Christians from the white death trains. Be ready to become a partaker of the light when you hear him tell his tale of the rapture and the afterlife journey to Heaven and back. See how God s mercy gives humanity a second chance by giving the revealing gifts to those who would carry the prophetic first light. The Devil s dark powers are no match for the powers of those with the indwelling light. Be protected at Jacob s Refuge through the biblical events of the last-day prophecies. Follow along as they witness extreme environments and the horrors and tragic sorrow of death. As it was revealed to Quicken it may be revealed to you. Be ready to relive his dream of the most awesome trip of the ages. Get ready to travel to where no man alive could ever reach unless they are transformed to the mind of Christ and given a heavenly body of light. Quicken s story may be somewhat fictional, but this story has a true meaning, and was inspired by the book of Revelation as well as current events. The end could be very near, so let yourself get caught up in the rapture and find your safety with Jacob s Refuge.

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