The Rosengart Collection

Prestel, 2002 - 270 pages
A private collection goes public in this intimate look at one of the most important assemblages of Modernist art, soon to be the subject of a museum opening in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2002.

"I felt Picasso's eyes burning into me." This is how Angela Rosengart recalls her first visit to the great artist's studio. Her father, Siegfried Rosengart, was a famous art dealer and friend to Picasso, as well as a frequent visitor to the studios of Matisse, Chagall, and Klee. This beautiful volume includes more than 260 full-color reproductions of the collection's highlights, many of which hung in the Rosengart home in Lucerne, and all of which will now comprise the future Rosengart Museum. In addition to presenting a complete inventory of the collection, there are essays by renowned art historians and critics analyzing and evaluating the collection as well as offering appreciations of Klee and Picasso. This extraordinary preview of what is sure to become an extraordinary museum offers an exciting first look at a significant contribution to the world of modern art.

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