Report of the Committee of Council on Education in Scotland...[without Appendix]

H.M. Stationery Office, 1899

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Page 272 - In full-blown dignity, see Wolsey stand, Law in his voice, and fortune in his hand...
Page 297 - What the country had lost in its great naval hero — the greatest of our own, and of all former times, was scarcely taken into the account of grief. So perfectly, indeed, had he performed his part, that the maritime war, after the battle of Trafalgar, was considered at an end : the fleets of the enemy were not merely defeated, but destroyed...
Page 272 - Where'er he turns, he meets a stranger's eye, His suppliants scorn him, and his followers fly ; Now drops at once the pride of awful state, The golden canopy, the glittering plate, The regal palace, the luxurious board, The liveried army, and the menial lord.
Page 297 - The death of Nelson was felt in England as something more than a public calamity ; men started at the intelligence and turned pale, as if they had heard of the loss of a dear friend.
Page 144 - The time or times during which any religious observance is practised, or instruction in religious subjects is given at any meeting of the school, shall be either at the beginning or at the end, or at the beginning and the end of such meeting...
Page 290 - Captif au rivage du Maure, Un guerrier, courbé sous ses fers, Disait : Je vous revois encore , Oiseaux ennemis des hivers. Hirondelles, que l'espérance Suit jusqu'en ces brûlants climats, Sans doute vous quittez la France : De mon pays ne me parlez-vous pas? Depuis trois ans je vous conjure De m'apporter un souvenir Du vallon où ma vie obscure Se berçait d'un doux avenir. Au détour d'une eau qui chemine A flots purs, sous de frais lilas, Vous avez vu notre chaumine : De ce vallon ne me parlez-...
Page 70 - Article 91, may serve as assistants in schools in place of pupil-teachers, without being required to be annually examined. 80. Such assistants cease to fulfil the conditions of Article 32 (c), if at any time the inspector reports them to be inefficient teachers, or if they fail to produce from the managers, and from the principal teacher, of their school, the same certificates of conduct, attention to duty, and obedience, as are required from pupil-teachers.
Page 298 - C'est le travailleur, pâtre, ouvrier, patriarche, Ceux dont le cœur est bon, ceux dont les jours sont pleins Ceux-là vivent, Seigneur ! les autres, je les plains. Car de son vague ennui le néant les enivre, Car le plus lourd fardeau, c'est d'exister sans vivre. Inutiles, épars, ils traînent ici-bas Le sombre accablement d'être en ne pensant pas.
Page 80 - The Code shall be printed each year, in such a form as to show separately all articles cancelled or modified, and all new articles, since the last edition, and shall be laid on the table of both Houses within one calendar month from the meeting of Parliament.
Page 61 - ... notice) for failure on the part of the managers to remedy any such defect in the premises as seriously interferes with the efficiency of the school, or to provide proper furniture, books, maps, and other apparatus of elementary instruction.

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