La résistance d'Akindynos à Grégoire Palamas: enquête historique, avec traduction et commentaire de quatre traités édités récemment, Volume 2

Juan Nadal Cañellas
Peeters, 2006 - 353 pages
In 1995, Father Juan Nadal Canellas edited two refutations, written by Akindynos, on a famous work of Gregoire Palamas called the Dialogue of an Orthodox with a Barlaamite. These refutations appeared in the Series Graeca of Corpus Christianorum. The most important Greek text of these Refutations, written in four tracts, consist of no less than 408 pages. Of this enormous work, father Nadal is now publishing a French translation. This translation forms the first part of these two volumes, while the second part presents a thorough study and description of the historical context in which the Refutations have been written. French text.

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