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kǎ-wu-fo— kǎn-kí kun


tal-pem aco. W. kushi-op tal-pum Symium fruit of P. p., a cherry; &ăn-k biin. pr. nivicolum R. 205.

kǎ-wu-fo (acc. W. “ku-hu” R. 208) s. the green pigeon, Sphenocercus sphenurus. T. ku-hu.

ka-ar-fo or k-ayur-fo (acc. W. "ka-er" Macropygia tusalia and Chalcophaps indica R. 208) the ring-dove M.

kă-ŭñ-kun s. Clerodendron verticillatum; ku-ùn bi s. the leaves of Cl. v. eaten as vegetable; kā-úú nyók 8. other spec. of CL; ka-un a-hir 8. Cl. odoratum.

ka-ur-fo s. the spotted dove, Turtur suratensis Je. 3, 480.

ka-ol-rik s. a spec. of plant, ku-ol-pót s. the fruit of do.

kā-'ayen see ku-yen. kǎ-ayer see kü-ür.

kāk vb. to shake i. q. krăm, tă-i kāk; to cough, hlen kik vb. to have a cough.

kāk contr. fr. ká-ka? kük-top whatever comes to hand i. q. a-fop să-re kāk top top ba-no whatever you get take it away. kǎk-la 8. cardamoms, Amomum. kāns. the mark' (L. alphabet) placed in nyin-dó cfr. M. Gr. 10.

kán s. the diacritical mark final with the ran cfr. M. Gr. 10.

of a village W.

*kăn T. garis 8. snow; *kůň-čen jon-nă T. gans-čun ljons-lia n. pr. of the Kunchinjinga mountain see kon-lo ču.

*kan T. rkan-pa s. foot.

*kăn T. gui- *kin-zok T. gui-zag B. a tobacco pipe, k.-z. făй vb. to smoke p. kǎn-jok 8. the end of a ridge, where streams running on both sides meet together.

kǎn-tyen adj. uneven as leg, one longer than the other.

kǎn pă-map s. the pigmy owlet. kăn pǎ-ha 8. a spec. of night-jar said to have one leg only.

*kăñ-lin 8. T. rkan-glip å trumpet mado from a human thigh-bone, used by the lama's. Hook. 1. 173.

kǎn-ló kǎn-tse see under kan.
kǎn-so s. offering made to rum.

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kǎt s. (L. alphab.) the seventh final mark thus giving the power of t. *kát T. yod 1. loss, damage, injury. 2. misfortune, calamity. kát zak vb. to sustain loss. a-nam kát nyak-ků plå mi dop, fam-can fat, tik-mo, a-kup-lyen byat-tun to have this year these miskáň vb. 1. to put out of place, also to fortunes: property to be burnt, to loss do so with violence, to eject, to squirt cattle, to be robbed, to have unmarried out; káű-nyón vb. id. jít kán-nyon to daughter become pregnant. 3. intersquirt out urine; má-ró kán-nyón to disruption, hindrance, i. q. pùr-čát: obmiss from service also for one to leave stacle, delay. kát mat vb. to injure or to one's. from disgust. káň tyál, a-dyan hinder, to interrupt; so-nun kát mat fat kản tyal to trip up. 2. kán kản stagger- to be delayed by rain; go li-win-sŭ käing from weakness, má-ró káň-káň a person gùm mũi hút-tin when I am speaking do st. thro' w. 3. to give a long note as in not interrupt me. calling or song or music.

kān id. q. kón; dùm-pu kán trák vb. to place post of house crooked. kún-kān-bo or kún-kón-bo adj. crooked, bent. kăñ-nå kän-nä or kân-li bent as old man; zo kản-là nón rice to be bent down as when overripe or by wind.

kǎn-kí kǎn-kyók see ki-kyók, winding, circumlocation: rin käñ-ki kän-kyók. kān-ki kun s. the padma-tree Prunus puddum (seven specc.), kān-ki pót s. the

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kát, kit kat dangling against each-other, knocking against each-other; si-lu să-li hút kút bi nói to go along with quiver and bow knocking against each-other.— kút-tā kat-ta sharp, harshly violent i. q. hát-tă hât-tă.

kát see ká V.

kán (infantile 1.) vb. to dress, kan byi vb. id. redupl. kün-kán said to sooth child when dressing, kan-kan byi let (your mother) dress your baby.

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kán nyón 8. a Bhutiya fr. NE. of Sikhim. ka from Darjeeling to Tibet [T. bod-la].

kán see kan.

kǎp (see kap) vb. to be hurried, flurried, flustered; kup-på kup-på flurried, shaking as garment when running.


·šin-te-ka to place it on the table. a-kup-ka dům ran to spread the cloth over the child M. the midst of, among hu a-zóm a-tẫn a-gyap-ka

kăm, a-kăm; bon-kam s. the upper jaw bam he lives in (or in the midst of) sce a-krik.

kán or kál vb. to add to, to increase, to augment, to extend (size), to amplify, to reinforce (as troops), to supplemont (as work), to superadd so as to strengthen falling bank or to level deficient ground; kóm kám byi vb. to give money in addition; là-vo kảm nón the month to be lengthened (as 31 days); kám-lå adv. additively, supplementarily.

Der. kám, a-kám s. a block of wood or stone used as a seat etc., ace. W. an overhanging rock W. 64. tā-kám or tākál, tak-kam or tük-kál, tùñ-kám or túnkål s. a block of stone or wood for sitting on, a seat, a table hun tā-kám.

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kår kun s. a spec. of betol, Areca gracilis.

*kar-ayó T.dkar-gyogs s. plating, tinned over as copper, used by L.'s improperly for gilding; kår-ȧyó tóù vb. to plate, to gild, sóù-ka kóm kár-àyỏ tón vb. to plate copper; also kar-yó, for T. dkar-gyal 1. plating, 2. solder; kar-yó kyóp vb. 1. to plate, to tin, 2. to solder; kar-yó sit vb. to plate with white metal.

kal; kul-li kül-la adv. higgledy piggledy, confusedly, upside down, turning and twining.

sa-kal sa-kal waddling, sa-kal sa-kal så-kål så-kål lom to waddle like the duck.

kál vb. to make a defense or support as against heat of fire.

kál see kám.

kal seo luk-kål.

kal-din incorr. for kul-din svo kå-din. -ka postp. M. 79. 1. denoting local relations in answer to the question where

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plenty M. 80. num-ším-nyo-ka a-flik some among human beings. nón-ka id. 2. with reference of time: on, at, during. o-re să-iyak-ka on that day. o-re to-tat-ka at this time. 3. denotes comparison c. nóй M. 32; a-yu nói-ka to ti gùm who among you is great i. e. the greatest? - 4. concerning, relating, regarding, with regard to; kó-lú-ka according to orders; for: kā-sú bo-ka for

my husband. čo nap-šan-ka so-myan ryu the rainy season is a good time for study. 5. sign of the object. c., dat. or acc. for, to, on, upon M: 23. pȧ-no kap-ka sot-tìi šu ryu te what is the use of killing the kings son P. distributively: kā-ka ka vb. to portion out shares. 6. -ka followed by nyi to have. 7. in room of, in place of, instead of: 20-ka ka to give in the room of rico. 8. -ka is added to the inf., partic. and root of a vb. a) in sense of inf. tam-¿án má-ryu-nă ñák-ka fă-tim-fo gat-pa in order to observe the noxious animals (i. e. the makara's) a fü-tim-bird is required P. — b) in case of, in the event of; a-do må-gó-nüñ-ka in the event of your not liking.

ka hortat. of kả q. v.; kâ-yuñan-ka let us sit.

ka (ka-m) vb. t. (in a few phrases confused with T. skal?). 1. to place upon, to lay on, ka-lun bú id.; (a-)plān(-ka) ku; on phi bà kia lade the horse. — met. to place, to deposit mind; 2. to suspend, to hang up, til-po-ninka vb. to hang up with string; 3. to rest on (as stick) på-tun ka; 4. to add to, to supplement så-ayak kat ka vb. to add a day; — 5. to assign, to portion out, to share, to allot;



ka--ka zuk

ka-lok T. bkd-lok s. disobedience, mutiny, rebellion, ka-lok mat vb. to disobey, to rebel, to revolt. — kó-lóm or kó-lŭ agreeably to, according to orders; kó-lóm-(kólù)-ka mat vb. to act according to orders.

to raise up as to the throne pd-no hri-ka ka; 6. to embrace, ka kil vb. to hug, a-mo a-kŭp-ka ka kil the mother hugs the child; a-fyak čin-lóp ka vb. to bless by laying hands on head; a-lüt-ka ka to deposit in heart;-7. to ascribe, to charge,*ka-tük T. bka-tsag s. a given order, to accuse, tuk-mo ka vb. to accuse one of theft;-8. to impose as fine čet-bo ka. s. a-ka ad 2. throng which goes over forehead or round body, belt of ban; a-fyak ka s. a belt for supporting fr. the head the load on back; a ring as of chain. ad 3. a support as to-ka s. a support for load, on-ka s. a horseshoe, onka top-bo s. a farrier, a horseshoer. ad 5. a portion, a share; part J.-ka-ka s. a share, a portion, division, quota, kāka rit vb. to divide into shares. kam in comp. a pillow see fyak.

a bond, an article or condition of treaty; ka-tsuk ne vb. to keep do. .*ka-šok or kó-šok s. T. bků-šug s. the L.'s pronounce it as if written Ka-šok a written order of king, a diploma, a patent.

*ka (in comp.) or kó T. bků s. hon. the words of a king or great man, command, order; *kó nóù T. bkà gnan the order is given. *ka-gyur or kó-gyur T. bka-gyur; *kó-gyur nón vb. to proclaim or promulgate the order.-*ka-čet T. bki-čad s. the punishment of god or king; pestilence Ex. ka-čet zák vb. to fall under wrath or rather suffer p. *kó-tó T. bki-rtags s. a sign of order, a signet, a signal, a guarantee.kó-bum T. bk-bum s. name of a T. book. 'ki-yuk s. a written order, a warrant, a diploma.ka-rin T. bkd-drin s. grace, favour, mediation, advocacy; ka-rin mat &. 1. to be kind, to show grace, 2. to intercede, to make intercourse; pȧ-no-så ka-rin the grace of king, see also gunrản. — *ka-lán T. bká-blơn 8. an officer

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of king, a king's minister. "ka-lán poù ace. W. ka-lon-pon, Anglice "kalimpong" n. pr. of a L. village W. 72 (pon: a stockado); acc. M. ka-lun puñ T. bká-lun spun id. from: *ka-luń T. bká-lun s. order, commandment. ka-len T. bkȧ-len s. hon, an answer of great man, a reply.— ka-len gram-lun anticipating, being before hand with ka-len hun-lŭn mat vb. to anticipate, to perform before hand. —

ka- abbrev. of kat see ka-čam, ka-čót, ka-tión.

ka-ku-fo s. the European cuckoo, Cuculus canorus, acc. W. "kuk-ku" R. 207. “kuku pho” Je. 1. 322.

*ka-kó T. ka-ka the alphabet M. 1. ka-ča s. a sickle, a reaping hook. ka-čŭ s. a spec. yam 8. under buk. ka-čam adv. in three days, a period of three days hence.

ka-ču s. buttermilk after butter has been extracted.

ka-čót adv. in four days, a period of four days hence.

ka-jak see ka-tan.
ka-je i. q. ki-je q. v.

ka-nyam i. q. tu-klun Tbr.

ka-nyí, ka-nyim see under ka II.

ka-tań or k. t. ka-čet or k. t. ka-jak adv. absolutely, completely, entirely, k. t. or k. t. k. č. or k. t. k. j. mă-lót-ne i. q. făkkă má-lyót ne.

ka-tuk seo ka-tük.

ka-tur s. an altar čan-je tóm lyan M.
ka-den or ka-den ki-je s. a spec. of
cloth of single twist; ka-den fam-blyák
8. a spec. of butterfly.

ka, ka-do see under kă II.
*ka-bur T. ga-pur 8. camphor.
ka-mi (Hind. kamar) s. a blacksmith.
ka-mum see kam under kà II.
ka-mok du s. pestilence Ex. 9. 3.
ka-tsón see ka II. we friends or relations.
ka-tsóń 8. day after to-morrow.

ka zŭk 1. vb. to excel, to be superior, to be preeminent; 2. s. excellency, superiority.

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*ka-yǎ, *ka-yu, "ka-yol T. dkar-yol s. a *kan-te T. rkan-stegs s. a footstool; *kańcup, a bowl, ka-yŭ lúp 8. a saucer. yón or *kón-yón T. rkan-yan (light-footed) ka-rin T. bk-drin s. favor Ex. see s. independence, freedom, adj. uncontrollgun-rán. ed, unconstrained. kóñ-yóñ bam-bo s. an ka-hrin 1. adj. difficult, 2. s. difficulty, independent person; kón-yón mat bam or hardship. kóй-yón nyi to be independent, to have

*ka-si corrupt. fr. T. gser? ka-ši lăn nothing to do, to live at ease. *kón-rik 8. a touchstone.

*ka-ró T. ka-ra s. sugar.

ka-la-si-di Skt. kálasiddhi n. pr. name of one of Tă-še's wives fr. India; in P. manuscripts also ka-la-šu-di (sic).

*ka-wo T. ka-ba s. post of house, a pillar, a column; ka-wo dům-po the centrepost of h.; *ka-wo šap s. the pedestal of pillar; ka-wo sur-ji-bo a square-angled p.; ka-wo a-blam a cylindrical p.

*ka-wo T. gau s. (the spelling ko-ro apud Schlagintweit, Buddhism in T. is incorr.) 1. a large amulet, worn round neck and sometimes by great men on cap, a locket containing a picture of Tă-še or other charm, an amulet; *ka-wo_tó-mo sure amulet, a name once born by Tǎ-še. 2. a spec. of snail.

kak vb. t. to sift, to winnow tă-i kak. kak vb. 1. to be costive, to be bound (bowels); 2. to be overcooked; kā-kak-lā adv. dry, overcooked as food; mán kảkak-là myan the meat is overcooked.

kak onom. s. the sound of blow; kaklà buk vb. to give a sounding blow.

kan vb. to separate from others, kan fo vb. to place separate; alone. to become single, to be disunited, to be disserved, to become disconnected (as pairs, friends); to be odd.

redupl. 1. kun-kan-la putting out (at right angles) as branch from tree sticking outwards, protending, a-nyor kunkan-là nyan to pay attention, to prick ears forward to hear. 2. a-kań adj. single, alone, solitary, an odd one; hlóm a-kan an odd shoe.

caus. kyan or kyen to disunite, to separate. *kań or kón T. rkan s. the foot; *kan-ji T. rkan-bżi fourfooted, a quadruped; *kannyi T. rkan-gnyis s. a biped, a man;

see under kón T. gan? *kóñ-ró rik T. rkan-'dra sgrig simultaneously, regularly, uniformly, vb. to be regular. vik-sān kón-ró rik-lũn lók for soldiers to do their exercises simultaneously; rik kóñ-ró riklun lom for them to march s. see kón-rik. mlo kóñ-ró rik-lun to vb. to arrange things regularly. — *kań-lin or kón-lin T. rkańglin a trumpet made of the femural bone of man. -kan-ló or kóń-ló T. rkań-gla

8. pay to a messenger, kón-ló kón-tse or kan-ló kan-tse vb. T. rkan-gla rkan-btse to pay a present to messenger. — *kansum, T. rkan-gsum s. a small table, a tripod.—*kóñ-šān or *kón-šó T. rkań-ża ža-ba (lameness) lame, halting, kón-šỏ nun-nón he has become lame. kón-šó nyim-bo adj. a lame person.

num-kan-mo perhaps from kan “foot” 8. a barking deer Tbr.

kat (contr. fr. kă-ta q. v.) num, one T. gcig. the indef. article a, an T. čig, Zig; lyan o-ba-să mun-så på-no kat nyiyam-o there in this land reigned a demonlike king P. 57. also used to express "a person", "one such one" as kat-sā a-bryan the name of such a one, used also in thread as go a-dóm kat mat šo I'll do for you, I'll give it you; a-yum kat mat må-nun-nă găñ if I do not give it, if I just don't pay you out.

kat-ka adv. partly, in part; kat-să: kat-så nam-ka once upon a time, in the space of time.

kat kat 1. one-another, ùn kü-nùn rùm hó-sa ka-nyi byek-ka mik mat nák-šo šu go yo gan ka-nyi kat kat-så bryát dyat the Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another Gen. 31. 49. hu-nün rin kat li ayok kat mat he said one thing, but did another;

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kat-nün kat-ka eachother; kat(-nŭn) kat (a) li one said to the other; hu-nun rin kat li yan ayok kat mat he said one thing but did another. - kat rin-re katka nyón li to tell one person what you have to say to another to mix two stories; kat-tün kat må-tük-nă one not to be in time for the other (as in fulfilling onagement). — 2. a fow, mă-ró kat kat a Very few mon. kat nyat one or two, a few. kat fi nyat fi one or two came at a time by degrees.

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kat see kan. redupl. kŭt-tă kat-tă hottempered, impatient, sak kut-ta kat-tā lyak vb. to be very passionate.

*kat-non possibly fr. T. dk-anon (increasing difficulty). kat-non-nŭn with great difficulty, hardly; kat-non-năn mặnói-ne to be scarcely able to proceed; with possible contingency or eventuality gen. used with neg. go a-re yok katnon-nin (or min) zuk (or zuk mà-lin-ne)

kat-bo first; kat-bo-re the first; kat-să, I can hardly or it is barly possible for lat-bo-ka, kat-bo-sa firstly. me to do this work.


kut-tā-dyān adv. the year before last; -kat-fyin 1. at once, all at once, suddenly, 2. one time, once on the vecasion;-kat-fyin ma-top-na go-run kat-fyin fop-so I shall get it at one time or another; kut-fyin kat-fyin sometimes, kat-fyin kat lat kat-fyin kat lat sometimes vue comes sometimes another. kat-dyóm once upon a time; kat-dyóm-ka 1. in part, partly. 2. once upon a time; — kat-fi adv. Somewhere, in some direction; — kat-ba ur kat-bi (more def. or near than k.-ba) somewhere, -hat-ba- (or bi) là mi-nyine no where; kat-ba (or bi) mă-nyin-nă gikat-ba nyi it is somewhere or another. kat-bón on ono side, kat bón Kat-bón on one side on the other s.; katban kin-nia on one side: hat-lon-kin nin. -kat-mat one thing, kat-mat kat-mat here and there, a-lăñ kat-mat li a-nye kat-mat li now he speaks one thing and then another.-kat-mů the one, kat-mù kat-me the one the other. -kat-tsón-ka the day after the morrow; kat-čám three days hence; kat-čót four days hence M. 71 (see also ka-). kat-zón only ono. Sat-là one, but one, kat-lå må-nyi-ne there is not even one. -kat-lon one-sided, on ne side, kat-lon lyk to turn from side to side, kut-lon klo-là da to lie always on one side. -kat-lon kón one side; kutLan kin-nin li or kat-lon-ka lii to lean to one side, to have a bias, to be partial, fat-lon kat-lon mă-lin-ne to be impartial,

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kan vb. to be agitated; to ascend, to rise, to be elevated, attached to mi: mi-kan vb. to smoke, mi kan kun smoke to rise; kan kan also kán kán clouds, puffs as of smoke: k. k. di vb. to come in puffs, kanbo smoke Tbr. to be in a hurry, to be flurried, to suffer mental emotion, a-yu lut må-kan-nùn let not your heart be troubled; a-lăn kå-sŭ sok kan now is my soul troubled J. 12. 27; kan-nùn-să sakċin an agitated mind; — kan tùn-tón to bo flurried, to be troubled agitated; kan tài li nón-ne to hurry away.

a-kan adj. hurried, a-kun ayok a h. business.-kan-là adv. excitedly, nervously. -kan-tsat i. q. gat-tsat necessity, difficulty, kan-tat-tün-sa yok i. q. gattṣat-tün-så ùyok urgent business.

“kan-tu na-yum" acc. W. Geocichla citrina R. 218.

kap vb. (see also kap) to cover over, to envelop, to wrap round as garment, a-fun kap to cover over corpse; to thatch (house); lop kap to cover with leaves; to silence by talk rin kap. — kap-pùù s. the placenta when first presented with child during labour. child during labour. kap byi vb. to

cover over g.

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a-kap s. 1. a garment thrown over the body like a shawl or wrapped round the body (as in sleep), a wrapper; 2. the skin. kam I. an obsolete f. see ka wo under

ka II.

kam II. soo fyak and ka.

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