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ffk s. time, season i. q. fi 2.

flh cfr. T. mlin vb. n. to be clear as water or sky;-a-fin 1. adj. clear, transparent, a-fiù nan to become clear; 2. blue. — fiù-nă fíñ-ñă 1. clear, lucid, 2. blue, 3. fair, beautiful, comely (as woman). — redupl. fun-fin-bo adj., fün-fin-lā adv. blue. fin-fo ("fin" its call) s. the red-eared bay- woodpecker Venilia pyrrhotis, M. Je. 291, acc. W. fi-ing Blythipicus pyrrhotis; fin-fo myat (the woodpecker) to cry persistently by which ery monkeys are said to be attracted. fft see fi.

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für 1. vb. to hasten one's self; to be assiduous, to be sedulous, to stick to a work, to be indefatigable. — für-bo adj. persistent, s. a person obstinately resolved on a thing. für-rå für-rå 1. zealously 2. quickly as bird's flying für-rå für-ră ảyok zuk vb. to work persistently. für-lát s. 1. alacrity, zeal, energy, 2. assiduity, industry, laboriousness, drudgery, indefatigability. — tă-für s. diligence, adj. plodding, mi tå-für one who sticks


fft or fyit, fyit-tă fyit-tà switching (noise) beside the fire, nyót tå-für one who sticks fyit-tå fyit-tā būk to switch.

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fl 1. for fyal q. v.; 2. sce tük-fil. fuk reduplic. of fak, fük, fyek etc. fükfùk-là or fă-fúk-là dirty, bad complexioned. fun- reduplic. of fin, van, van etc. fun, a-fun s. a corpse; also fün fün, a-fun lap vb. to bury a corpse, a-fun luk vb. to exhumate, a-fün luk tek vb. to rebury, a-fün tük-fil s. a species of aut. a-fün fan vb. to burn a corpse; a-fün rắn vb. to sit on watch over a corpse; a-fúñ zuk vb. to put on the shroud; a-fũn tek vb. to perform funeral ceremonies; a-fun teklu 8. sepeliundi modus J. fün zăn da nyi to lie like a corpse; fun so-bo s. funeral bearers P.; fun so-så lyan s. burrying ground, cemetery; fůň prók s. a shroud, fün prók-ka ka-den or fun prók-să dům id. P. fŭt, a-fŭt 8. a handle, the shaft of spear; a-fut nyim-bo having a handle, having foundation, purchase, power; a-fùt mănyin-num-bo false, unfounded; ban fut s. a knife-handle; tuk-fut s. 1. a handle as of knife etc., 2. a small pestle. fun vb. n. to be isolated i. q. tă q. fun- redupl. of vún etc. q..v. fun-nŭm s. an enemy (Old Lepcha) now: pun-jum s. an enemy (see jum), fun-nům fun-zóm.


to his work in the field.

für 2. fă-für-la flattering as thin dress by wind.

ful i. q. fal vb. n. to fall off itself as fruit, horns, button etc.

(fŭl) tă-fùl s. a tube, a piece of bamboo for blowing the fire with or for passing a string thro' and leading a dog to prevent its biting.

ful redupl. see fül-lå fyel-la i. q. fäl-lå fyel-là see under fyel, fyål.

fu 1., fu-m early morning són fum, fu-lă adv. early, soon, in a few days, shortly applied to the past, as well as future; nam fu-lá-ka in a few years; ta-só fu-là ti (he) arrived short time ago; fu-lă di-šo will come soon.

fu 2. vb. t. to cut the roots of deepgrowing plants as arum-spec. to prevent the bulb growing low, buk-fu see rūk-šil. - fum, a-fum s. the root or bulb of potatoes near the surface, a cut root to prevent deep growing, buk fum a yam

80 cut.

fu 3. adj. ferruginous, reddish (as water tinctured with iron) un fu muddy brown, fu a-ri a f. taste.

(fut), reduplic. fùt-tă fut-tà adv. with briskness, f.-ta f.-tå ȧyok mat vb. to stimulate, urge on work.

(fut) tă-fut 1. 8. seminal discharge with odour, 2. the gland of musk-deer, hog, etc.; t.-f. ri-nóm the sinell as of goat,

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pig etc.; să-bŭr tă-fut ri-nóm the smell of the musk-bag of the musk-deer.

fun vb. t. to make propitiatory vows to evil spirit, to deprecate malignity mun fun;-fam-fun s. things promised in case of recovery of patient etc.

fup, a-fup s. inner skin of grain, inner crust, sheath, pellicle, móù fup the husk of millet, kun-tson fup the skin over grains of maize; kól fup the skin over kernel of walnut; nyor fup the epidermis tà-fup s. id. 20 tu-fup s. the

of ear.

inner husk of grain.

fum see fu.

fo 1. a bird M. 137. fo yй id. T. bya, fo kyok vb. to pick (birds); fo tyúk vb. (bird) to hop; fo fyer vh. (b.) to swoop; fo dyár lám vb. to learn to fly as young bird from mother, fo dyár nón to fly with difficulty as young b. or wounded bird; fo isút vb. to alight as birds; - fo hlyon vb. to couple birds.


— fo tap s.


-fo ti s. a birds


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of b., the plumage, fo myal ot vb. to
moult; - fo team s. a congregation of
birds; fo tsám kůň s. a tree or place
where birds congregate, fo tsám lyan id.;
— fo-tsuk s. a snare for catching birds;
fo tson s. the crest; fo yon fo i. q. fă
yon fo; fo ryul fo i. q. fă-r.; — fo lik
8. 1. the call or song of b. 2. a snaro
for b.; - fo lyán a tame bird; — fo lyen
a young fully fledged b.; folyón a
young b. able to fly a little but not far;
fo von s. the roost i. c. lut nan, fo vón
nan vb. to roost; - fo vón fo 8. svo fă-
von fo;
fo vyar 8. a snare for birds;

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fo sa s. a path of birds; - fo sop s. bird's skin, fo sap s. the nest, fo sap mat-tun-ka fi vb. to be in great distress, to fall into difficulty Tbr. fo a-lám a b. which can fly. see no-fo, fă-. fo 2, a-fo s. 1. a tooth of man, a-fo a-dum a human being, a-fo-ka mă-ri blyan to have dirty teeth; fo kral s. a toothpick, fo kral pŭ-tiù s. id.; fo krúlsa král vb. to pick teeth with f. kr.;krom projecting teeth; - fo krót jagged or wide-apart teeth; (a-) fo góm s. the back teeth; (a-) fo grit là or fa vb. to grind the teeth from anger, pain or in sleep; — a-fo gli s. the roots of teeth; a-fo jan vb. to be lock-jawed; fo jai dak lockjaw; — fo jin-nă jîñ-ñå mat vb. to grin, to show teeth; fo sun-jen-là exposed teeth;fo nyit decayed teeth; -a-fo nyit-tun fa vb. to have decayed teeth; fo nyel 8. teeth and gum; bản 8. the roots of teeth; — fo bŭ s. a "tooth-worm" canker in teeth, rotten teeth, (a-) fo bù dák s. tooth-ache, fo bũnun ta hollow tooth; fo bu tā-lam 8. a gum-boil; fo bù rik s. a creeper (root used for filling and soothing pain of hollow tooth); fo zal 8. the foreteeth, incisors; (a-)fo zóm vb. to clinch teeth together, to bite the lips; fo tsop two teeth united; fo lun 8. wisdom-teeth; a-fo hyck vb. to show the teeth, to grin in anger or otherwise; fo hryap hollowed tooth; - fo vik s. 1. a tusk

Comp. fo-kup s. a young bird; fo-kúp fam-blyak 8. a large dark and yellow butterfly; fo-kup dor s. a spec. of mush-fo - fo-kóp s. the feathers of wing a quill. — fo-gón s. the spur as of cock etc. - fo jum fo ȧyók rik i. q. tüñ năm fo dyók rik s. a plant. — fo jok a partially fledged bird; fo ta-gryu s. the crop, the craw; fo tak i. q. fo tók see tók; a snare for catching birds; eggi - fo tim-fo 8. see fù-tim-fo; - - fo tyul s. flock of birds; -fo fet a bird's settle; fo di s. small birds, all specc. of small birds; — fo dóp 8. a flight or flock of birds; fo dyй i.q. fo dí; — fo pún-ku s. the wing, fo pii-hu fip vb. to flap wings; — fo pin cis. the claw or talon; fo pek s. a contrivance for catching birds, fo pek suk vb. to set f.-p.;-fo-bon s. a beak of bird; fo-bom s. a matured female b. M. 27; — fo ma-ló s. a noose for catching birds; fo mik s. "eye of bird" sores that break out on hands and feet of man, ichthyosis fo mik pla vb. to appear (ichthyosis); fo myal s. the feathers

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2. an eyetooth; a-fo sol a tooth to grow behind another, fo sol s. irregular teeth, one growing before the other; fo dyit 8. tartar in teeth; - a-fo yuk vb. to change the teeth as children. See fom vb. to masticato. 2. taste, flavour, fo ya vb. to know flavour, to have a taste for anything or to desire for anything, fo-yám-bo 8. a taster, an epicuro; 3. a tooth of saw etc., edge of knife, ban fo, teeth of comb hrit fo; the muller in grinding, the upper as weights on yet q. v., lun čak fo the muller, the part of the yet-trap (for fish) that holds down the pra (the stones of it).

fo 3. vb. n. to rave, to speak nonsense, to be delirious, dũ dāk-lũn fo to be delirious in fever; jān-bo zan fo to rave like a mad man; mik-krap-ka fo kyon to talk in sleep; in comp. e. sak: sak fo to be depressed in spirits.

fo bŭ s. 1. see under fo 2.; 2. name of insect that infects the leaves of Eugenia jambolana, hence sometimes applied to the tree itself, see tùk-glāñ: fo bù kun Wtt. E. 419.

fo mok (fo see fo and fă-) ace. W. R. 208 8. n. of a bird, Carpophaga insignis. fo vón acc. W. R. 214,,fo vong" s. n. of a bird Chibia hottentota. See fű-vón. fo hryum acc. W. R. 211,,phor-rhyum" s. 1. of birds Pomatorhinus schisticeps and Pomatorhinus erythrogenys.

fo lin acc. W. R. 219. n. of a bird, Haematospiza sipahi and Propasser edwardsi. See fa-lin.


fok 1. vb. t. to scoop out, to hollow out, to excavate earth; tŭ-bāk fok to disembowel; vb. n. to be excoriated or denuded W. 64., tun-gar fok-nón the basket has become broken in holes, worn out; 8. a-fok a thing hollowed out, a shell, a crust, a-ti fok 8. eggshell; ro-ba fok 8. tortoise-shell, sev kól-pót fok etc.; anything old, worn out, empty, husky suk-nyóm fok a withered leaf, a mere trifle, a nothing, a leaf, scoria, scum, debris pùn-jen fok scoria, dross; fok-lut,,denuded peak" n.

fok-fón mun



pr. of a mountain, Phallut W. 64. fok and pur-fok applied to things that have become scaled from age as tu-fyep punfok an old worn out (gourd-) ladle. fok, 2 fük-ka fok-ku adv. soft, yielding; slushing, also fak-kā fok-kā grik the slushing sound of water.

fon vb. t. to cut thro' in numbers as jungle etc. to clear the way, to cut down (as jungle, crops) ban-nün muk foù bú nón to go cutting one's way thro' jungle; pizók fon to cut down and clear away jungle; fyan fon to cut down and disperse enemy. fop see mut pă-am fop.

for 1. to ease a weighed down head of grain etc. by cutting the leaves, zo nyot ból nón nyak for the rice-fleld has been beaten down, prune or reap the ears.

for 2, for ban to deprecate the evil effects of mun at different periods of life (ceremony performed at different seasons by 'mun). —a-for, a-for a-ban s. oppression by evil spirits.

fók a-fók s. 1. a step as of ladder, stairs steps, kun (läñ) fók wooden (stone) steps notch in wood etc. to admit of anything resting on it, fók-lùn hrón vb. to ascend steps. 2. adj. indented as head, rugged as road, a-tyak fők an indented head. fük-fók-lå adv. hollowed, concave.

fók 2. 8. place where game is aboundant or a stream where fish is abundant, fők ram name of a place near the source of the run-nyo which was noted for its game and fishing; fók ram a-dyut poison (for arrows) of Fókram M.

(fóñ 1.) tă-fóñ s. a trough Ex. ta-fón föl vb. to scoop a trough.

fón 2. vb. 1. to be green, 2. adj. abbrev. of fùù-fóù green, föù klyan a green twig on tree; fon-bo adj. green. - a-fóù adj. green (colour), fresh (smile). — füñ-fón-bo adj. füü-fön-lå adv. green. fam för s. anything green, vegetables. — på-főù bù or pür-fóù bù 8. name of green snake.


fón mun s. 1. pr. of evil spirit, an encourager of infidelity, adultery; a-yà lön gān a-ro zák‐šo a-ro lón yắn a-ya-fón mun

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nun zak-šo if the wife commit adultery, the husband will be struck by f. m., if the husband, the wife etc.

fót 1. s. a spec. of leech, fót-bŭ id. Hirudo. fót 2. vb. t. to unroll, uncoil, bát fót to open a packet as string, cloth, paper, čo fot to open a book, 2. vb. n. to open (as flower) rip fót to blossom; 3. vb. t. to disclose, to reveal, to divulge, to lay open, rin ma f. to d. a secret.

fót 3. vb. t. to take a mouthful, to chuck into mouth; fam fót s. a slight refreshment, a repast, a luncheon, tam fót lyă to take refreshment.

fón 1. vb. t. to pull out, to spread out as cotton, ki fón vb. to pull cotton to pieces, as in cleansing, to render soft. fón 2. s. a piece of cloth to cover the privities.

fóm 1. (see fo 2.) vb. t. to masticate, to chew; fóm-nón-bo chewed masticated; afóm adj. chewed.

fóm 2. bad, short see ki-fóm (cotton). fóm 3. 8. a contrivance for killing bears and other large climbing animals, sa-na fóm a bear-trap.

fór, a-fór s. exudation, discharge, 2. sperma genitale viri aut mulieris; kun fór 8. the exudation from a tree, the sap, gum; for ri nóm vb. to have a fusty smell.

fór fór vb. n. 1. to spread, to eat in, applied to a phagedenic discharge as cancer, leprosy, fór-rà fór-rà advbly., dom dāk-nün a-mák-ka fór-rå fór-rå ta-bŭ-nón the leprosy breaks out fiercely at intervals. 2. adjly. sharp, penetrating (as sharp knife), consuming (as fire), tāk-tsŭ fór fór let sh. p. as a pickaxe, prit fór for let sh. p. as a hatchet.

fól 1. vb. t. to scoop out, to hollow, to mine, to burrow.

161 2. for fül (to shed) q. v.

fól 3 a-fól s. the smell or taste of blood fól ri nóm, mán fól raw meat, also applied sometimes to the smell of iron.

fyak see fyók.

fyǎn see fyen.


tyán, fyên-nă fyăn-nă i. q. fin-ni fănnå q. v.

fyár fyár-rå fyár-rà straight, upright, on plan-ka fyár-rå fyár-ră nón to sit upright on horseback; fyár-rå fyár-rå fyan to sink directly and deeply into earth, fyár-rå fyárru nón to go very straight as an arrow or bird, fyár-rå fyár-ră lóm to walk upright.

tyăr, fyăr-rå fyăr-ră quivering as arrow etc. when just shot into a target etc., fra f-rà nan to quiver.

fyår see fyer.

fyal vb. n. to be finished, ended, completed, to be matured, fyal-là fyel-lå fyăl to be completely finished, tu-dyй a-kúp fyal-nón the woman has arrived at the turn of life when child-bearing ceases;. mă-zů fyȧl fullgrown; tà-lu fyål 1. 8. the finishing of matting i. e, the border-ending 2. vb. to finish do. făl-lå fyăl-lå ended, complete, finished, termination, conclusion, lit. broken off, f.-lă f.-là gyek the woman has left off childbearing.


fya 1. in a little while, soon fya tyất or fya-la tyat for a little while, fya-là in a little while, presently, 2. distantly related, slight (relationship) a-gyit fya i. q. a-gyit kam ti.

fya 2, a-fya s. the root (of a tree) etc., kun fya, a-fya gryóm roots spread out; a-fya må ok dyan to root up; a-fya tsāk or a-fya tsak lel to take root; fya dot vb. to dig for deep "buk." - a-fya-mo i. q. pum-mo q. v.

fyak 1. applied to ground which has been used for cultivation and allowed to run to jungle: to restore into richness and again become ready for cultivation: to be ripe for cultivation, fyak nón ground ready for cultivation from lying fallow; 2. ripe di see s. r. ci; vb. to become ripe see pyak. a-fyak adj. fit for cultivation, said of land in jungle.

fyak fyak-ku long and straight, kui fyak-ka fyuk-ká a tree very high and

fyat a-fyǎt s. a father-in-law, fyut-nyo straight, pa-tik fyak-kú fyak-ká a stick a mother-in-law.

long straight and tapering.


fyan vb. 1. to put on a cover as of dish etc., tar-bók fyan to cover a dish, a-fyan fyan to put on cover, fyan tom-bo covered; 2. to settle, to bring to a final settlement, to terminate, to shut up. a-fyan s. the cover (of dish, box etc.) a-fyan a-mut s. the cover and dish, a-fyan a-lap 8. the cover and saucer. fyak-fyan the top of skull. tür-fyan adj. tranquil, peaceful, undisturbed, quiet, happy, serene, lyan tur-fyan an undisturbed place where there is no cultivation, bam lyan tür-fyan an abode of peace and plenty.

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fyam 1. a-fyam s. a hump (as in neck of ox), bik fyam a bullock's hump; lũmdẫn on fyam a camel's hump.

fyam 2. see fam.

fyi, fyik, fyit see under fi, fik, fit (fi) etc. fyŭ s. a vessel for cooking, fyù tál vb. to take pot off fire; fyй tyāk a small vessel; fyu dul s. the rim of a vessel, fyù hon a cracked or broken vessel, fyŭ kúp s. a pipkin, mun a-flik-nŭn a-fyak-re tùn-lín fyй zón-ka túk-tok på-híp zón gŭm-o there are some preta's which have heads like a very large earthen pot and necks like unto the marwâ-pipe P. — a-fyŭ in comp. fyй s. the cell in honey-comb vót fyu cells of honey; any depression tuk nyóm fyŭ the hollow on each side of nose; a-fyŭ zok mű-kun-ne denotes that a person cannot manage something. fyu-nyim-bo adj. cellular, having cavities. fyŭk, fük-ka fyŭk-ka see under fyuk. fyut incorr. for fyit, fit seo fi.

fyup vb. t. to join together, as boards, to connect together an-tó fyup to join boards together, ayok fyup-nón the work is completed.

fyŭm 1. see fim under fi.

fyŭm 2.: pür-fyùm and să-fyŭm 8. a gentle breeze, a zephyr, su-fyùm dāl-là yo-ken when you feet the fanning of zephyr.

fyuk 1. vb. n. to whirl as arrow, ball, tyuk- là di vb. to come whizzing along, fyuk fyuk whirling round, fyuk fyuk mat vb. to whirl; redupl, fúk-kú fyuk-ku

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or fük-kå fyŭk-kå dí to come whizzingly as bullet. tuk-fyuk or tun-fyuk ¶.'s.' any whirling thing, a whirling rattle as child's plaything.

(fyuk) 2 tük-fyuk or tun-fyuk 2. a scoop, a shovel-scoop, tük-fyuk-så ok vb. to take up with sc., fam-blyák t.-fyuk s. a butterfly-net.

fyuh, a-fyun s. 1. the shaft, the column as of arrow, pillar etc. tsón fyun, ka-wo fyun. 2. n. of a small kind of bamboo Hooker I. 332 po fyun used in making arrows, combs etc. fyun gri u. of a house near Pemiongchi, named from the abundance of the fyun bamboo growing there, built by one of the kings of Sikhim; fyun gri kā-ján a spec. of the kä-ján.

fyur vb. t. to enclose as leaf for holding water, lóp fyur a cup formed of a leaf, see hyur.

fyul vb. t. to take off as things hanging on hook, ban fyul to unfasten ban from belt; tun-gryam fyul to unhook hanging bird's cage; to take off necklace: lyak fyul, jer fyul; go fyul to take off saddle; to lift up and take off, to stir up rice zo fyul etc. so as to cause what was at bottom to be at top; met. to stir up, to revise forgotten subjects rin fyul, to resuscitate old grievances or wrongs etc., to incite to revenge; to be agitated: fyul fyul s. a thorough stirring agitation, disturbance, commotion, turbulence, perturbation, lyań ti-lyan fyul fyul ya non the earth and heavens to be swallowed up in one universal convulsion. — fyul dāk 8. convulsive gorgitations.

fyek vb. t. to husk, to shell as birds, when eating grain kű-lók fyek zo (rat) to husk and eat. fük-fyek-la hollowed out, worn by friction, fük-fyek-lŭ nun vb. to - ta-fyek s. the husk of grain,

become so.


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