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lun-ta tyan or lun-ta tsåk vb. to plant byas s. a good action, kindness, benefit, flag; lun-ta túl vb. to furl flag; lun-tale-gyó mat vb. to do a good action, to fót vb. to unfurl flag; lun-ta lu to vb. to serve another; *le-so T. legs-so it is good, yes. erect flag; lun-ta dům sañ-lũñ hrya to *le 4. T. las Skt. 8. an action; hoist flag; lun-ta dům pyor to fly in the wind.

*luń 3. T. luż 8. knowledge, instruction, doctrine; mystery, lun fót vb. to reveal mystery; *lun ̈ ́ ten T. lun ston(-pa) s. revelation, prophecy, lun ten-nin rin tyola ya the tradition is handed down by revelation.

Jun 4 s. giddiness thro' weakness or the weakness, that ensues from not taking an accustomed stimulant, lun luk vb. to be giddy from weakness; lun di vb. to be attached with weak giddiness.

lun-kŭt 8. kóm lun-kut silverwire.

lut vb. t. to uncover, to strip off, as skin, bark, thatch, to turn over as leaf of book, fyu lut vb. to uncover pot; dam lut vb. to strip off clothes (as off horse), a-fun lut vb. to strip off skin, li čap lut vb. to unroof house. ka-lut adj. bare or bald as head a-fyak ku̸-lut head without tail; uninhabited as country, or as king without subjects, naked, without.

lun seo under lu.

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*le nen T. las nan s. fault in the s. of consequence, pain, grief, sorrow, a-do le nen it is your own fault, you have brought it on yourself. *le te T. las tan s. the gentry, the nobility.

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*le kor (T.) 8. a circle M.

le hin muk s. a plant, Polygonum runcinatum.

le tók-bo adj. good and pure, a plain man G. le mă-tók-num-bo not good or pure, le má-tók-nå a-gyek-ka gyek-lün born impure.

le lỏm s. coaxing, le lóm ryuh khỏi vu. to coax evil spirit to leave.

*le sát T. slob and bsod(-pa) “to attempt to learn" 8. imitation, aspiration, *le sut mat vb. to attempt, to imitate, to aspire to, hŭ kum-dun mâ-ró-să mat-pån soppan le sát mat he apes the ways of others.

lek 1. expletive to fut, seo pa-lek s. u parcel of ground.

(lek 2.) sa-lek hyep see under a-mlem. len ši-lă ace. M. fr. T. blan če “taking" "much" adv. much.

let, a-let s. a substitute, a change as of clothes, a-let a-dyẩm 8. a change of

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lep 2. vb. t. to press down, to flatten; adj. flat, čo-gu lep a sheet of paper. a-lep adj. flat (as plate or board), the leaf of a book, ku a-lep kat a chupatee, cake of bread. — půn-lep, půn-lyă por punlyop 1. adj. flat, 2. an oblong kind of boll. — tà-lep 8. a thin plate of anything, ́a flat piece of, kun tā-lep s. a flat plate of wood; lăn tă-lep s. a flat plate of stone; pùn-jen tā-lep s. a plate of iron; tà-lep tom-bo laminated; a-re lân tă-lep-ka ya nón bam this stone is separating in plates. lep, lyep seo lyåp.

lem vb. to place one above or before (as men) another, to pile, lem diù or lóm vb. n. to stand or march one before another (as soldiers); lem to vb. t. to place one above another, to pile; lem nan vb. n. to sit one before the other; vb. t. to fold up as clothes dum lem. advly, towards, in the direction of, fyan lem nón vb. to march in the direction of or against an enemy, pa-no lem dyй vb. to fight against king, a-do lem towards thee; să-lem advly. in what way, whither, in what direction, lem (c. c. su-lem) affix attached to the end of verb in s. of “whithersoever,” s-lem hỏ nói lem go lå nón-so whithersoever you go I will go. a-lem s.: kyon a-lem rows of houses, one


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behind the another; čo a-lem leaf book.

lem vb. to be fidgety, restless, to skilful, said of boù tiù, muñ zuk-ka lemban lem-bres. increase, lem-bre zuk vb. increase M.

lel and lyel, vb. t. to finish, to complet to end, a-fya lel vb. to take root; affixed to verbs gives a past or final tim e. c. gyek lel created, see fat, 2. pag. 23* lel see lal, lol; kŭ-lel adj. slightly be out, small, ban kà-lel a small knife.

lo 1. affixed to bo, mo etc. form "step"father, "step"mother etc., küpa stepson or daughter; mo-lo also: mother-in-law, bo-lo also: a father-in-law

lo 2 "called" see yót I. advly. "thus “ lo li lo mat he has a right to speak the he serves you right; lo gan i. હ




gan if it be so, then; lo go it is wel= very well, used in assent i. q. lɔ ayam See under a, o; lom see a-lom; là towards, in the direction of, in respe of, kā-sú lol-lă li speak to me, sak-da là-yo tol-là nón to incline to evil, på jům lol-là dy to fight for the enemy is opp. to pă-no lol-là. II. certainly, gopa mat-so I will certainly do it; hã lo má so he will certainly die. lo dyan ve s well.ta-lo for a-lo this, thus, ta-lo! h it is so; ka-yu tu-lo mak-so we would die.

lo 3. vb. to fly at (as hen when it h chickens).

lo 4. vb. to lay out, or spread out, dry as corn, cotton.

lo 5. no lo s. a fish.

*lo 6. 8. T. lo a year, L. nam q. 44 *lo kor 8. a cycle of twelve years, name and order of which are as follo ka-lók; lón; sã-tăñ; kùm-fyóm; sả-dyi bù; on; lăk; sà-hu; hik; ka-ju; món; lo kor (the cycle) klak to come rout lo to zak the end of the old and con mencement of the new cycle of yea if clothes etc. are being made and a. not ready before the commencement the new cycle, it is considered unfortuna

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and the clothes are not worn. lo so dot an intercalary year; lo so zak an unlucky year.

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(lo 7.) a-lo s. a Lepcha title below yuk. *lo 8. T. blo s. the mind, will, pleasure, taste or liking; lo nyi there is a will, to have an inclination to do anything, a-do lo-ka su gat-tún gó what is your will; lo kyok vb. to have equilibrium of mind destroyed (as by grief, anger, in its bad sense, not by pleasure or joy), lo kyok nan-lă un to become restored; lo kyok son to be again at peace, tranquil; — lo 8. pleasure, lo có-ka for pleasure, lo có mat to enjoy one's self; lo fók cot non to be decided; lo dak 8. a pain of your own will, it is your own fault, lo dak mak he has died by his own fault. lo rik correctly, by heart, lo rik nyim-bo a person ready of comprehending or of retractive memory. — lo 20 s. permission, will. lo-ka nyi to know by heart; lo tat ka or lo tyat ka to place confidence in; lo-nun kát vb. to know by heart; lo-nun dot vb. to repeat by heart; di to come to one's liking, to be pleased with.

a-lo affixed to a-fyak q. cfr.


*lo 9. T. slob (to learn, to teach). Compounds: *lo kruk T. slob-jrug s. a scholar, a disciple; the apostles Chr., lo kruk-ka tap vb. to place under tutorship; lo kruk-ku còn vb. to become disciple; *lo-pán s. 1. a teacher, T. slob-dpon, Skt. Tara; 2. the chief of beads in rosary, lo-pán tyán vb. to wait upon teacher; lo-pán won-ñùn-sú lo-kruk keun when the teacher is learned, the disciples become proficient.

*lo gyu (fr. T. lo rgyus?) s. circumstances M.

*lo jon 'T'. fr. lo (year) and yżon i. q. 1. nam a-man a young man.

*lo dam T. glo and L. dams. a girth as of saddle.

*lo-tsó-bo T. lo-tsa-ba s. an interpreter. lok 1. 8. people G. 17, 13. Ex. 14. 5 etc., see luk or fr. aìa.



lok 2. lŭk-kǎ lok-kā or lak-kå lok-kā unsteady, unsettled, fickle, foolish, vain; lak-kā lok-kā mat vb. to be unsteady; fickle, to keep doing and undoing lak-ka lok-la li vb. to be fickle, changeable in speach; lak-kā lok-ků riù foolish talk. lok 3. it may be, perhaps, a-lom lok it may be so. a-lok adj. of the same kind, same description. Caus. lyok (and lyuk) vb. to be like, to resemble, a-kup re a-mo lyok the child is like the mother; ma-lyok-num-bo adj. unlike; adv. likely, probably, mak-san yok likely to die, nyi-šan yok it may be likely so. a-lyok adj. of the same kind, similar, a-lyok mat-lun li vb. to compare one thing with another.

*lok 4 T. log (reverse, contrary, opposition) vb. to return, to give in return, to give back, tion lok mat vb. to give back what you have purchased.

lon 1. see lui 1. s. the eye of hoe, lon sun s. an instrument of making oyo of hoe..

*lon 2 T. la 8. leisure, time, go lon ma-nyin-ne I am not at leisure; sak-čin lon mă-nyin-nc-ba there was no time to think.

lon 3. vb t. 1. to dig up (as plant with earth), to dig; fam-len lon fat. vb. to uproot a plant 2. to educe, elicit?

lot s. a rupture, a swelling, ta-tsup lot vb. to have r. from anus, hernia; a-mik lot to have eye ruptured or distended. -pa-lot-la convex, swelling outwards.

lon 1., a-lon 1. behind, after, gan lon hereafter, lon tsóm to be left behind, to be inferior, to be short of; lon ryak vb. to follow; lon-ka afterwards; in the absence of; lon-nun after, afterwards, ha-yu lon-nun after them Ex.; lon-nùn · mók-să mă-nyin-ne there is no end as of people or words etc.; o-re så lon-nùn hà năm-si-nin hu-su vi là after that his brethren talked with him G. lon(nùn) ryak vb. to follow after; lon-nùn lon-nùn by degrees; lon-ren at last; lon-ba at length, after sometime, afterwards, -

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lon 2 (fr. 1.), fo-lon s. the wisdom-teeth. lop vb. to crawl so as to make one feel, as louse on body.

lom vb. to go off, to be sold as goods. lom i. q. a-lom in this manner. see lo 2.

lom dát see lum dát. lol, lol-lă see lo 2.

lol-lă tyil-lă i. q. tă-gryom see gryo.

*16 1. T. gla s. wages, pay for work, rent as for house. go-nún kă-do-sũ tă-âyŭ vyet-rem ká-sú vo-ka byi-ren rúm-nũn kāsă ló bo fat God has given me my hire, because I haven given my maiden to my husband G.; ló-bo a day-labourer; lomat zo to live on the wages of work; lo mat lyo vb. to hire; ló zóm-bo s. a hireling, ló zóm-bo ná ló zóm-bo_go-ren tyet-lün lük-pan-ka sak mā-cin-ne the hireling fleeth, because he is a hireling, and cares not for the sheep J. ló šók vb. to be neglected (as work), ló šók šók tyol-nón to be fruitless as work M.

(16 2.) a-ló a-šŭ s. a trace (of any one). 16 3. in books for lot.

16 4 s. a screen or curtain W. 65. lók 1.: lúk-lók-la red, written also rúklők-lā.

*lók T. Idag-(pa)2. vb. to lick with tongue. lók 3. vb. to dance, to frisk, lók bam 20 dyap-lă či ka to dance on corn in order to thrash it.

lók 4. to be wasted, to be spoilt, to be injured; lók-nón-bo damaged, lók šum-bo that which may spoilt or injured, as any fragile article; zo lók s. a waste of rice or food; kem lók-yam-bo s. a spendthrift; mů lök-kun injurious.

lók 5. fr. T. lag (hand): mi-lók 8. a person who works for his food.

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*lớn 4. lún T. slui(-ba), sloi(-) vu. t. to lead, to induce, to conduct, to steer, to bring, to bear upon, to direct; to manage, to administer, to control, to influence, to win over, go a-do̟ ik ča lón må-lel-ne i have not yet finished teaching you. lin kya vb. to lead, to bring, go-nun lyan să-re go-nún a.-să i. sà ày.ka ryak mya byin-bo-ka lón ky-lün a-yum 0-1'e rem a-fop mat-bo-šo go ye-ho-ca dyum-ba I will bring you in unto the land concerning the which I did swear to give it to A., to I. and to J.; and I will give it you for an heritage: I am the lord Ex.; lớú hrón id., ùn lyañ v-renun plyȧ-lün lyan a-ryum a-tim ........ -ka lón hrón šāй-ka yŭ and I am come down to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large . . . . Ex. vb. ". to be induced, pă-no-nùn lóñ-nón-ban the king being induced to continue to maintain; vb. t. to bring up, to rear, kip mat lón to adopt and bring up a child; ju lon to bring up as child; val lon to keep up the delusion. lón leading, leading water in bamboo frames; lớn-bo running water. (a-)lón-bo s. a chieftain, a leader, (a-)lón-bo mat-ta-o be a leader; tem-bo lón-bo-pán há-do sú-góñ-ku må-rik-nå gån tem-bo lók-šo if the rulers of the state agree not among themselves



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lón 5. T. blan, lon(-pa), len(-pa) vb. t. to take, gi-có lôi to deprive; lón-lå except, see rón; to have with one, to carry, as kŭ-sú-să ban lón mú-bam-ne I have not my knife with me; lớn nón di 1. to carry away with 2. to lead away; lon fi to take away, mi-zur-ka čók mányin-nă ren hó-nún kŭ-yum a-ba lyan mah-gi-ha lôi ti-vi-d because there were no graves in Egypt, hast thou taken us away to die in the wilderness? Ex. lon di to bring with; also used in the sense of depriving or taking away, as suk lớn to take away life; to preserve as truth, wisdom, justice, word, virtue, also to take care of (as servant a horse, animal or thing) to guard, to keep guard, fin nyo sun lớn bam to preserve the history of lords and ladies. lón i. q. lă in the sense of continuing as hryóp-la nón or kryóp lón nón to go on weeping; – lóù s. desire, will, a-do lón gúm it is your own desire, will; vb. copulare, see mi muñ; a-vo len lỏn vb. to commit adultery, u-ro len lỏi-bo s. an adulteress.

a-lón s. sexual intercourse, a-lón mat vb. to have sexual intercourse, explet. to a-mat and a-tsum sexual intercourse, q. q. v. lốt 1, vl. to return, to come back; lót is used in the s. of the English prefix re- or again, e. c. lót bal repeatedly, again and again, lót kor vb. to circulate and recirculate, as blood etc., lót gán hrón vb. 1. to rise upwards as seasons 2. to renew, as dispute; lót gyek vb. to be relurn, lót nh vb, to review, to look back upon, lit nan vb. 1. to resist, 2. to roost as birds, lot čin vb. to reflect, sak-cin lót yum-bo adj. one susceptible of great feelings, tender-hearted, lót nyắt čin vb. to reconsider, lót fap vb. to put again, a-do kŭ-rem kúr-sák-ka lót fap-på put thine hand into thy bosom again Ex. lót top vb. to recover, lót (yak vb. to recognize, lôt di vh, to return, lót dot vh, to take

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out again e. c. hŭ-nün a-kă-rem kur-săkka tap-lũn lót dot-tüñ-să hù kă re să-nón dum zón dom dak he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow Ex. lót dyй vb. to repel; lót nak vb. to correct; lót plă vb. to come out again; lót nón vb. to go back again, to return, lőt byi vb. to give back, to return a thing, lót tsun vb. to resume, lót zu vb. to revive, to come to life again, lót zuk vb. to remake, lót lat vb. to return, lót li vb. to revise all he has said; rín lót luk q. rin gán hrón vb. to renew dispute; lót lyo vb. to receive again, to recover; lót van vb. to reverse, lót så vb. to recover as from sickness, lót ši vb. to see again; lol-lå lót vb. to return, lót lu vb. to restore. a-lót s. returning.


lyot caus. to cause to return, to set free, to set at liberty, as a captive, to put or turn away as from sin etc., to cease, to abjure, là-vo lyót to abjure one's sins; nyen lyót to cease giving milk; kusum lyót klón-ñå send me away G.; atsóm lyót fo vb. to let hair hang dishevelled; go a-do tóm-la lyót I won't let you off, I'll do for you; a-kú-nin lyót vb. to be out of practise; a-do fón-ka lyót fo you are left to your pleasure; lyót nyon vb. to release, to turn back, or cause to turn back; să-ba-nùn di-ba o-bu lyót nyón or klón vb. to cause him to return from whence he came; a-lit-tun lyst to put away from the heart (as sin etc.); nyiwйn-să tu-tśát suk-čin mă-lyót-tun-o in the time of plenty do not be extravagant or thoughtless; lyót glyót making faints as in fight P.; mù-lyt-na mat-lun iyok zuk vh. to continue work until finished of the English prefix re —, rin lyót li vb. to answer; lyót fap vb. to replace; lyót top vb. to recover; lyót ju fut vb to restore to life; lyót ju luk vb. to rise again to life; lyót blyan vb. to refill; lyst byi vb. to restore, to give back; lyót zuk vh. to repair; vyet tsun lyot to release prisoner, a-dom má-fa-núñ-xă mă-lyót-ne

i. s.

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