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vb. to fling a shower of stones; yúk króp rb. to send off numerous letters; winnow tà-lyun króp, to sift, to separate as corn from chaff or dirt, to knock down as fruit from tree, fam-pót króp to beat grain from head (as sesamum); kün-dap króp vb. to beat out the grain from the kun-dap grass.

*króp rik T. grabs sgrig(-pa) i. q. só mat. króin sec króp vb. 1.-to send in every direction; to spread out in every direction. yuk króm-lun klón to send letters in all directions; advly. (and króm króm) on every side, in every direction; a-tsóm króm króm bả hair to be dishevelled, flying in every direction; 2. to be violent in speach, so as to be heard in every direction. mă-rð króm lík or króm-lún lik or króm-re záù lik to call aloud, to roar. kryān s. a small house or shed as to afford shelter to watchman over fields, li-kry in or nyót- or (redupl.) kůň-kryân or i kün-kryan s. id.

kryáp-pă adv. completely, altogether. kryak vb. to tread with foot, to tread, to tramp; kryak lyan the place where one treads.

kryap vb. to spring upon, to pitch upon, kryap-li ful vb. to spring upon as horse; kryap-lå tsát vb. to quickly spring upon or alight upon as upon horseback, bird upon branch.

kry, a-kryu s. the slough of a snake, the skin of a bird, the scurf, skin, opidermis; bù-nün kryu flón the snake has rast skin.

kryuk vb. to be deprived, emptied of its virtue as comb of bees, after honey is extracted; vót kryuk; má-ró a-fyŭ kryukin the man has become an empty shell. a-kryuk s. the comb of bees after honey extracted; see ti-kryuk and gryuk.

kryup vb. to suck dry as orango etc., ci pu-tiut; kryup-li ni the o. is sucked dry; kryup fat to be sucked dry, kryup bì dried up as skin over sore.


kryok vb. to cry out (fowl).
kryok vb. to hoe, seo tak-tsu.

kryon; kun-kryon-lu erect used in s. of convalescence, kün-kryon-lå tet luk nan to be sufficiently recovered, to rise fit, to get up.

kryon kryon here and there kryon kryon nák vb. to look here and there.

kryom vb. to be moved upwards as roof by wind; as the earth when burrowod by mole; kryom-la or kryom kryom adv. up and down, flapping upward, motion backward and forward motion; kryom kryom tyй vb. to move up and down (as jungle) to flap, to flatter: kru-så tór; kryom kryom tyŭ-bam the sails of the ship are flapping; pŭr-ȧyam-nun fắt kryom-la di the earth is raised by the mole; sun-mut-tun li-cap-mum kryom-la lut the roof of the house is blown off by the wind.

kryol; kryol-lă nearly all, almost all kryol-li non nearly all gone, kryol-la hlat nearly all fallen.

kryók vb. 1. to dash down, to throw down with violence; 2. to go off as gun Tbr. tsun kryók-nyón to lift up and dash down, to glance off, to slide off as bullet.

kryóň p. kryón vb. 1. to praise, to commend, má-ró ká-sům kryón go-run ayep go-run whether men praise or find fault with me, it is all the same. - kryón-lát 8. praise, commendation, eulogy, applause. - kryón-bo one who commends or one who receives commendation.- kryón čok laudable, praiseworthy. - kryón-mů specious, plausible.

Deriv. a-kryón or ta-kryón s. praise commendation, a-kryón top-šán tún-dók ka to obtain praise; tá-kryón sá ̈ ̃vb. to praise, to commend, to laud; mă-ró-nun tä-kryón-så yān jum-bo ton to give alms in order to obtain praise of man.

kryóm vb. to unite, to act in concord, to agree, to accord with; kryóm-lün zuk vb. to act in concert, kryóm mat vb. to

kryul,'a-kryul adj. full, clustered, a-tyum unite in doing anything; - kryóm kryóm or kryóm-lā in union together, in concord,

kryn' full clustered bunches.


at one time; kryóm-lå (kr. kr.) tsun vb. to unite in lifting; kr.-la (kr. kr.) nón to walk in unison (as soldiers); kr.-lă (kr. kr.) myắn to be cooked together or to be all ready cooked at the same time. klǎ vb. to cut in two with one stroke; to cleave; see kla.

klák (plainly, openly, bluntly) klák-la or kluk-ká klák-ká adv. klák-lŭ or klŭk-kā klák-ků li vb. to speak plainly, openly, bluntly; klák-lă ši vb. to see plainly.

klák-tsum s. obligation? yuk-mun čo-bo tsóm-ka vón-nan-ba klák-tsům má-tup-ne when a priest enters into the exercise of ascetism, he does not readily conform to its obligations. M.

kláp, adv. kláp-la nearly closed (as eyes), a-mik klap-la čam to have eyes nearly closed as when sleeping.

klám vb. to move or change position a little, see hải; klim-bù nói vb. to move along or crawl along (as sick person).

kla; adv. kla-la straightly, directly, immediately; kla-la nón to go away straightly; without stopping; kla-la mak vb. to die suddenly or going anywhere else.

kla, a-kla s. a line of matting.

klak vb. 1. to be surrounded with (as fence); 2. to be finished (as work, house); klak-lā adv. directly. 3. to come round, to revolve as years nam šok-klak the year has come round T. Kor etc.

Deriv. ta-klak; tůn-klak; tur-klak 8. circumference, periphery, adj. around, circumambient, circular. tur-klak tŭrnum a perfect periphery. 2. a course, a round, a long compass, a high degree of perfection. co-su tu-klak s. a high degree of learning; čo-sa ti-klak hyup or lel to have completed one's studies to have attained a high degree of knowledge. — tā-kluk kat to have attained one degree of knowledge; tä-klak nyat etc. må-rům-så tå-klak kyŭ vb. to have reached or attained very old age.

klan, udv. klan-la or klan-nā klan-nă very closely together so as not to be able

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to be seen thro'; also gives emphasis to darkness: impenetrable, obstrusely; tyan klan-nā klan-na so dark that you cannot see. klan-nå klañ-ñå or klan-lå tsúp to be quite closed up (as road with jungle); — lă-vo klan tsup-nón the moon is completely hid eather by eclipse or clouds. See also klon.

klan, a-klan adj. like, resembling; klanla resembling; a-kup a-bo klan-là li the son is like the father.

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klal vb. to be stiff; a-čan klal to have stiff back; tuk-tok klal to have stiff neck.

klal-lå klal-lú lóm to walk stiffly and erectly, klól-lå klól-là lóm id.


kä-klal-lå or ká-klól-lå erect, upright, stiff; straight out at length kả-klal-lă din vb. to stand upright; — ká-klól-li da vb. to lie stretched out; (bik-nun) tūk‐šim kä-klól-là dán (cow) to run with outstretched tail.

pun-klal or pŭn-klól adj. straight, erect, p.-klól-là dín to stand erect.

kli-lă adv. straight out; kli-la nak vb. to straighten; a-dyan kli-lå flyen vb. to put legs straight out.

klik vb. to be perverse; to determine; to have one' own way? M.

klin, adv. klin-nā klin-ñā; li klin-ñā klin-nu a house firmly built, well bound together.

klit vb. to polish, to furbish, to clean, to smooth down, to rub as stomach, to cleanse out by rubbing down; ban klit vb. to polish ban; tā-bāk klit to rub stomach; tā-kli klit to cleanse entrails by rubbing the fingers down them. klit-ta klit-ta adv. very smooth, polished. klip vb. to be collapsed as bag or stomach from emptiness tā-bāk klip-lā mat.

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klük reduplic. of klik q. v. klun vb. to slip down.

klun vb. to climb kun klun.

klek vb. to press down or stamp down as earth, to urge, to hurry on, to trouble. klek-lūn li vb. to urge on; klek-lůň zuk kón to force; klek-lůй šů to be importunate in asking.

a-klek s. continuation, protraction, rin a-klek li to be diffuse in speech.

klet i. q. glet to let fall.


klok 1. worn out (cloth), dum klok a rag. tu-klok, tük-klok, tůn-klok s. an old scrap of anything; dům tă-klok a rag. 2. reaching its point klok-la ti to reach its point or come home as post, dùm-pu klok-lă mă-ti-nă gân må-tóm-ne if the post is not sent home, it will not be firm. klok, klok-lå i. q. klák, klák-lá.

klon, adv. klan-nå klon-nă blundering; klan-nă klon-ñå mat vb. to blunder. klop vb. to patch up (clothes), to mend

klen, a-klen adj. whole, complete, a-klen (pots, pans). a-lyok id.

klep vb. to join two bamboos (på-dam etc.) together for the more easy carriage. - klep-lun fo vb. having joined på-dum to place them down. - klep bu vb. to carry bamboos etc. joined together; they are joined together by cane and suspended on the head: tä-klep klep bů.

ta-klep (see un tā-klep) s. 1. the binding articles or loads together for the more easy carriage, 2. the bandage with which they are bound.

klep vb. to echo the words of another as of great man; to chime in with, to repeat the words of another klep-lún li. a-klep adj. repeating a-klep rin li. a-klep adj. thin (applied to insects); see klip.

klo (see glo, klet; glet) vb. to fall, part. klo-lun; klom-bo falling; neg. klon: klon mi-kun-ne cannot fall; klóm-lŭ mánner of falling.

klo vb. to be regular, to be of one kind. klo-la of one kind, one side; li kaa-nún a-lon klo-là cap first thatch this side; a-lon-nŭn pyil-lon klo-lá čap afterwards thatch the other side; klo-lā sakcin of one mind, settled in purpose. un kyn a-bón klo-la lóm to walk on this side (a-pin on that side) of river. klo-la fo vb. to place on one side. a-bán a-yûk klo-là fo vb. to place evenly regularly.-hú kón or hŭ lem klo-là mă mat nu, don't favour him.—klo-lā li vb. to speak decidedly.—rin klo-là li vb. to side with. - kat lon kón klo-li li vb. to be partial.

klop vb. to fado as flower.
klop s. a piece of cloth.

klón vb. to groan, a-klón s. groaning; rùm-năn hà-yu a-klón tyo-lün God heard their groaning Ex. 2. 24.


klón vb. i. q. flon to be grazed.


klóń (cfr. T. zlog-pa) klón-bo adj. vb. 1. to send M. 43. klón gắn ná klóú-nú-pa we may send it if we like; klón-nŭñ-ka mă-nón-nă găù if she will not go when sent; klón-lóm way of sending; 2. to permit, to allow på-ón-ka mat-ka måklón-ne was not allowed to go out; 3. to remit, to exhibit, to grant, to bestow; júm-bo klón to bestow charity; 4. to transform into, no kat klón to t. into a fish.

klót vb. 1. to be stiff as from cold or as corpse, coarse as cloth, to be stupid, dull of comprehension; to be dead Tbr. klót-nón dead; klót-bo id. 2. to be plain, of one colour.

Deriv. a-klót adj. plain, of one colour; stupid. rin klót prosy; lyan klót flat. tuk-klót adj. lazy má-ró tűk-klót a lazy, useless fellow.

pun-klót or pun-klót adj. stiff; plain, unvarnished, uncoloured (cloth), punklót-så má-ró s. a clunisy, useless person, who does not know how to work.

klóp vb. to cut; ban klop a piece as large as may be cut out by two or three strokes of ban.

with redupl. advly.: ka-klóp beating with hand as when punishing children, blow, slap; used in sense of a wound,


ka-klóp zuk to be struck by bullet or by sword as in action. hù a-dyút-så kå-klóp zák-ban mik čam-nón being wounded in a fight he died.

Deriv. a-klóp. as much as is cut out by stroke of ban. — pun-klóp a cut, an incision, ban p.-klớp kat a c. with knife. klóp (broad; clumsey) klóp-là broad flat, klop-là bù vb. to carry a broad load or with broad throng.

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with redupl. klup-på klóp-på clumsy forcibly in any direction; lóm klyot vb. as workmanship.

klóp s. edge; banks of river: un klóp; mik klóp s. edge of eye, rim of eye.

klóm vb. to place between, to spread as carpet, to lay down as bords, planks, bamboo-flooring.

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klyóm caus. of klóm to cause to spread out, klyóm bu-non to walk among and tread down low jungle as when out shooting; with reduplic. advly.: kumklyóm-la or kun-klyóm-la wide, spread out; li kŭm-klyóm-la a house with a roof wide spreading, almost flat not sloping downwards.

klón vb. to affix, to apply. klól see klal.

klyǎ vb. to be even, klyå-là eveu, level, everywhere alike, regularly, uniform; klya-la ti said of river in the rains when it has risen to its utmost height. klyǎk, ka-klyak-la straight, flat. klyap seo klip, klep and fran. klyán see klyon.

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to beat road; món klyot vb. to pound món (as with a pestle); klyot ši a beater for roads.

klyon; klyon-li adv. rapidly, suddenly; fyån klyon-lá plá-lat the enemy came rapidly; sun-mut klyon-la di the wind sprang up suddenly; un klyon-lå tỉ the water has risen rapidly.

klyop, klyop-la i. q. kláp-la nearly shut. a-mik klyop-la čam i. q. a-nyi klyáp-lá cam.

klyom vb. to be insipid as food without salt, to have bad flavour; bi klyom-bam vóm mu-nyin-ne the vegetables are insipid, there is no salt; a-boù klyom there is a bad flavour in my mouth.

a-klyom adj. insipid; -kun-klyom-lå insipid; unpleasant taste.

klyók (from kả hand and lyók: the palm of h.) see lan-klyók.

klyón s. a scaffolding for corn not threshed or a sort of hut for it.


klyót vb. to leap over, M. 78. a-tón klyöt ma-ku-ne I cannot leap over the top of that.

klyóp, a-klyóp adj. flat, póù klyóp a sod, turf. -s. a flat piece of any thing; a plate, a board or plank; a-klyóp zuk vb. to make flat. ká-klyóp-lá or kún-klyóp-li or hip-hlyip-là i. q. lip-lyip-li flat, level.

kuk-klyóp-la oblong-shaped. kup-klyóp-lá zo rice before it forms into stalks.

klyóm see klóm.

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ki the second letter of the L. alphabet T., aspirated 4.

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2. mouth, opening, orifice. 3. front, side, face Ka-dya T. Ka-dů fronting,

ka vb. (T. Ka mouth?) to ask, to in- opposite, hon. the presence of king; quire M.

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ka vb. to wind skeins of cotton; see a. ka num. twenty M. 115f.: ka kat; ka kat-su kat twenty one and so on; ka kat-ski-kyót twenty nine; ka kat-sȧ ki-ti thirty; ka kat-så kå-ti kat tap thirty one; ka kat-så kà-ti kà-kyót tấp thirty nine; ka nyat forty; ka nyặt-så kat forty one; ka nyat-så kå-ti fifty; ka nyatså kå-ti kat fập fifty one. ka sam sixty; ka sam-sā kat sixty one; ka sam-sā kā-ti seventy; ka sam-så kå-ti kat tập seventy one; Ka fa-li eighty; ka fa-li-sa kat eighty one; ka fa-li-si ka-ti ninety; ka fü-li-sü kü-ti kat fap ninety one; fi-no one hundred: gyó kat; ka fa-no-sà kat one h. and one; ka fa-no-så ka kat or ka tā-rúk one h. and twenty; ka ka-ti two hundred: gyó nyát; ka kȧ-ti fa-o fap three hundred: gyó sam. Ka ka four hundred.


4. sheet ko nyat two sheets of paper or cloth etc.

6. sharpness.

5. surface, outside.

Comp. Ka-, Kó-, Ra-p-; ka-m-. *ka-kyan or kap-kyan T, ka-bkyón s. hon. reprove, reproach, rebuke, anger; kap-kyȧn mămat-tun do not be angry; kap-kyán zák vb. to fall under displeasure. "Ka-Kyóm T. ka-kyam s., K. K. rin s. a rumour. *ka kró T. Ka brag s. a fork. 8. anything given in exchange for meat. *ka-čun s. a locket. *Kap-cón T. Ka


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Ka gye

dsun s. a lie, a falsehood: M. 95; Kapčón-sú a-půr 8. a great liar; Kap-čón li vb. to lie; Kap-cón lin-bo or kap-¿ón mat-bo or kap-čón gyu-bo s. a liar; kapcon bi mat vb. to bring a false tale; kapcón-sú yảm-bo a proficient in lying. *ka-čá T. Ka-čos s. hypocrisy, foolishness; Ka-ča lin-bo s. a hypocrite. — *Ka-ču T. Ka-ču s. spittle, saliva. — *kam-ču T. Kumeu s. quarrelling, contention, brawl, dispute, litigation; Kam-ču lūk vb. to altercate, to quarrel, to dispute, a-lŭt-ka kam-ču túk vb. 1. to revolve in mind, 2. to practise selfdenial; kam-ču kyóp-ba lánka ryak-vyat in an altercation to test the truth by holding heated stone in hand.

- kaka-če T. Ka-če s. a large mouth, boasting, bragging; ka-če kyóp vb. to boast, to brag, to vaunt; ka-če kyop-bo s. a boaster, a braggart. *ka-čet T. Ku-čad 8. a contract, agreement, promise; Ka-čet mat vb. to promise, to contract. *Kačem T. Ka-čem s. will, testament; Ka-čem fo vb. to make a will. —- ka-ján obscene ka-jún riù: uk-kün-să rin 8. obscene talk; hó-nun ka-jân-lă li gan go uk-so if you talk obscenely, I shall be ashamed. Kanyát s. importunity, teazing, solicitation, ka nyát ši vb. to be importunate; —— Ka

*ka or kỏ T. Ka s. 1. mouth; ka sup b. to shut the mouth; la sup byi vb. to give a bribe; Kó di vb. to be eloquent, to be loquacious; Kó di-bo an eloquent person; o di-wan s. loquacity, garrulity;

Ka-ka čûk vb. to instruct, to admonish.

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